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Republic of Libertatia
Map by Vanadius
Map by Vanadius
James Misson
Île Sainte-Marie
Start Bias
req. mod

Traits req. mod
Diplomatic, Seafaring

The Republic of Libertatia (also Libertalia) led by James Misson is a custom civilization by PorkBean, with contributions from DuskJockey and Vanadius. It is part of the Rebellions and Failed States series.

This mod requires Brave New World.



Libertatia was a legendary pirate haven, allegedly founded by one Captain James Misson in the late 17th century on the eastern coast of Madagascar. The colony is described in Volume II of A General History of the Pyrates as a peaceful, communal settlement heavily influenced by an early form of socialism, in particular the idea that "No Hedge may Bound Any Man's Particular Property". All farmland was jointly owned by the settlers, and all plunder taken at sea was put into a single treasury. Although generally treated as apocryphal by modern historians, the seas and trade routes of the Indian Ocean were a hotspot for piracy and many real pirates did indeed make Madagascar their base of operations.

James Misson[]

Captain James Misson was, according to Pyrates, a French musketeer and officer born in Provence to a wealthy family. He was enlisted aboard the man-of-war Victoire, during which time he encountered a 'lewd priest' by the name of Caraccioli. While he was quickly becoming a distinguished officer, Misson listened intently to Caraccioli's preachings about equality, liberty and freedom. By the time he was captain of the Victoire, Misson had decided to throw off the "yoke of tyrrany" and took his men to establish Libertatia. He was a generally peaceful leader who took only what he needed, often sparing the lives of the crew when plundering vessels at sea. In the words of Byron, he was "The mildest-manner'd man that ever scuttled ship or cut a throat."

Dawn of Man[]

Avast, Monsieur James Misson, Captain of the Victoire and Lord Conservator of the ideal colony of Libertatia! You were born to an ancient French family in Provence, receiving a good education and showing exceptional command of logic and the humanities. After completing your studies you were accepted as a volunteer on the Man-of-war Victoire, where at the urging of the priest Caraccioli you worked your way up to Captain and earned the respect of your men. After several adventures at sea and the expansion of your pirate fleet, you set sail for Madagascar and there established the pirate haven of Libertatia.

Scene Misson

Leaderscene by PorkBean

Captain Misson, Libertatia is free from the yoke of tyranny, and no hedge may bound any man's particular property. The pirates that live full and free lives call upon you again to protect their home! Can you inspire them to raise the flag and take their prizes with honor and gallantry? Can you nurture the age of "Piracy without tears"? Can you build a Civilization that will stand the test of time?

Introduction: My name is James Misson. A Frenchman by birth, yes, but now I live a free life as the leader of Libertatia.

Introduction: Ah, I do not think we have been introduced? I am Capitaine James Misson, of Libertatia.

Introduction: We saw your sails, so I have come to greet the capitaine. James Misson of Libertatia, at your service.

Defeat: We were not pirates, monsieur, but free men. Now our fate is in your hands.

Defeat: Terrible. Libertatia was to be a land free of such brutality.

Unique Attributes[]

Libertatia (James Misson)
Misson Icon

Art by PorkBean

The Pirate Round

Worked Farms adjacent to another Farm provide Great Admiral Points. Defeating enemy Naval Units may create civilian "Plunder" ships, which yield large amounts of Gold Gold and CultureIcon Culture if returned to a City.

Man-of-war Icon

Art by PorkBean

Man-of-war (Privateer)
  • +30% Strength Combat Strength in unowned Ocean tiles
  • Grants double Moves Movement to stacked civilian units
Session House Icon

Art by PorkBean

Session House (Harbor)
  • +1 CultureIcon Culture from sea resources
  • +1% Production Naval Production per Social Policy unlocked (max 20%)
City List
  1. Île Sainte-Marie
  2. Ranter Bay
  3. Fort Dauphine
  4. Antongil Bay
  5. Johanna
  6. Saint-Augustin Bay
  7. Tamatave
  8. Port Chorseul
  9. Cap Saint-André
  10. Andrava Bay
  11. Cap Kimby
  12. Tulear
  13. Diego-Suarez
  14. Cap Saint-Vincent
  15. Mananjary
  16. Fénérive
  17. Vohémar
  18. Maintirano
  19. Cap Namakia
  20. Foulepointe
  21. Port Saint-Felix
  22. Managuara
  23. Lahefonti
  24. Île Sainte-Claire
  25. Didan
  26. Morigambo
  27. Île Sainte-Luce
  28. Cap de l'Est
  29. Île aux Prunes
Spy List
  • Caraccioli
  • Thomas Tew
  • Mathew le Tondu
  • Abraham Samuel
  • James Plantain
  • Edward England
  • Adam Baldridge
  • John Avery
  • Samuel Burgess
  • John Halsey


Libertalia Icon

Libertatia is a strong naval civ that is geared towards a Domination or Cultural victory. Their Unique Ability, The Pirate Round, is a two-part ability that provides powerful and consistent bonuses throughout the whole game. The first part grants Libertatia extra Great Admiral points from worked Farms, as long as they have at least one other Farm in the surrounding tiles. If you open tall and build a lot of Farms, the first major fleet you send out into the world will already be supported by Admirals for extra combat strength and free repair. An early Liberi fleet can be by far one of the deadliest threats in the Classical or Medieval eras.

Getting these fleets out is important, as the second half of Libertatia's UA relies on your engagement in naval combat. Any time you destroy an enemy ship, there is a one in five chance that a civilian 'Plunder' unit will be created under your control. Although it is slow, guiding this unit back to one of your cities will grant huge rewards in Gold and Culture (half the Gold cost of a contemporary unit, and one eighth of the way towards your next social policy in Culture). However, it is also possible for enemy units to recapture Plunder vessels and return them to their own ports, therefore reaping the rewards themselves. Be especially careful when destroying naval units with ranged attacks, as any Plunder ships that are created will not immediately have one of your units there to protect it.

Libertatia's Unique Unit is the Man-of-war. This replacement for the Privateer excels in open, unowned Ocean tiles - making it a great tool for intercepting and disabling enemy fleets mid-transport. The Man-of-war also doubles the movement of any civilian units that begin their turn stacked with it; it can be used to give your Great Admirals unmatched mobility and quickly get them to the front line, or it can be used to speed up your Plunder ships and help guide them to a safe port.

The Session House, a Unique Building that replaces the Harbor, grants extra Culture from sea resources as a basic bonus. In addition, for every Social Policy unlocked by Libertatia, the Session House grants an extra +1% Naval Production for units built in the city. Maintaining a strong navy, returning plenty of Plunder and reaping the Culture rewards will improve your capacity to build and replace lost ships in cities with this building.


Peace Theme War Theme

Sea of Thieves Tavern Tunes Maiden Voyage


Sea of Thieves OST ● On the Warpath Theme Song (SoT Music Soundtrack)

"Tavern Tunes Maiden Voyage" by Robin Beanland for the soundtrack of Sea of Thieves "On the Warpath Theme Song" by Robin Beanland for the soundtrack of Sea of Thieves

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence

Unique Cultural Influence[]

"Our people are now plundering trade routes and burning their hedges. I worry the rest of the world will also succumb to the influence of your culture."

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 3
Last Updated: 24 February 2021


  • PorkBean: Author
  • DuskJockey: Civ icon
  • Vanadius: Civ cartograph
  • JFD: Lua assets
  • Techpriest: Lua support
  • Mescalelf: Lua support

Notes and References[]

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