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Liberia under Joseph Jenkins Roberts is a custom civilization made by JakeWalrusWhale, with contributions from DarthKyofu, TPangolin, EmeraldRange, TopHatPaladin and Hobonatir

This mod requires Brave New World.



Liberia was established after there was a movement in the United States to settle free-born blacks and freed slaves in Africa. Formed in 1816, the American Colonization Society was made up mostly of Quakers and slaveholders. Quakers believed blacks would face better chances for freedom in Africa than in the U.S. In 1822 the American Colonization Society began sending black volunteers to the Pepper Coast, the closest point of Africa and therefore the least expensive to reach, to establish a colony for freed blacks. Although mortality from tropical diseases was horrendous — of the 4,571 emigrants who arrived in Liberia between 1820 and 1843, only 1,819 were alive in 1843 — by 1867 the ACS (and state-related chapters) had assisted in the migration of more than 13,000 blacks to Liberia.

These free African-Americans and their descendants married within their community and came to identify as Americo-Liberians. Many were of mixed race and educated in American culture; they did not identify with the indigenous natives of the tribes they encountered. They intermarried largely within the colonial community, developing an ethnic group that had a cultural tradition infused with American notions of political republicanism and Protestant Christianity. The ACS, supported by prominent American politicians such as Abraham Lincoln, Henry Clay, and James Monroe, believed "repatriation" of free African Americans — sending them to Africa — was preferable to having emancipated slaves remain in the United States. Similar state-based organizations established colonies in Mississippi-in-Africa, Kentucky in Africa, and the Republic of Maryland, which Liberia later annexed.

Joseph Jenkins Roberts[]

Joseph Jenkins Roberts was the first president of Liberia. Born in America, Roberts emigrated to Liberia in 1829, thanks in part to the American Colonisation Society, where he would serve in several positions in the government before being a key role in declaring the nation’s independence in 1847. As president, he would strengthen the young country’s economy, attempt to convert many of the indigenous people to Christianity, and work tirelessly to gain recognition of his fledgling country’s independence from other nations. After leaving the office in 1856, Roberts would retake the office in 1872, though economic factors would hamper his second presidency. As a leader, his leadership and diplomatic skills would serve him, not only him, but the young country of Liberia.

Dawn of Man[]

"President Joseph Jenkins Roberts, founder and leader of Liberia! Despite strong discrimination and racism to free African American back home in the United States, you held your head high. You treked across the Atlantic alongside other African Americans with the American Colonization Society, against all odds. The people of the newly founded colony of Liberia looked to you, the high sheriff and vice governor, in their times of need. You were elected by your people, the Americo-Liberians, to stand strong as the leader of the new Republic of Liberia: for all the world to see! You were successful in putting Liberia along the right track for years to come, by establishing foreign relations, being granted recognition from other countries, and establishing infrastructure in the forms of trade, education, and production.


Leaderscene by TPangolin

Great President, your people look to you again to build Liberia from the ground up. They wish for your judgement to stand out among other civilizations. Can you grant those wishes and be an outstanding diplomat? Can you make Liberia's presence know in the international community once again? Can you build a civilization to stand the test of time?"

Introduction: "Hello, my name is Joseph Jenkins Roberts, and I am the president of this new nation of Liberia! I hope that we can coexist freely together."

Defeat: "I hope you realize what you've done. You've taken away our freedom, which we've sought to protect for all of our years... I hope that whatever you desire is worth taking away a simple right."

Unique Attributes[]

Liberia (Joseph Jenkins Roberts)

Art by TPangolin

American Colonization Society

Expending Great People or Civilian Units next to settlers gives the city they settle bonuses based on the type of civilian. For each DOF, 5% of your unit and building maintenance cost is covered.


Art by JakeWalrusWhale

Recaptive (Musketman)
  • +1 Moves Movement and +25% Strength Combat Strength when stacked with a settler
  • Recieves doubled Strength Combat Strength and Moves Movement when embarked

Art by JakeWalrusWhale

Congau Shipyard (Harbor)
  • When trading with foreign cities with higher populations, transfer Citizen Population near the end of the trade route duration.
  • Increased Production Production and Greatperson Great Person Generation for each trade route
City List
  1. Monrovia
  2. Bassa Cove
  3. Greenville
  4. Harper
  5. Caldwell
  6. Millsburg
  7. New Georgia
  8. Marshall
  9. Bexley
  10. Edina
  11. Crozierville
  12. Careysburg
  13. Clay-Ashland
  14. Perserverance
  15. Cape Mesurado
  16. Cape Palmas
  17. Louisiana
  18. Cestos
  19. Trade Town
  20. Cape Mount
  21. Garraway
  22. Careysburg
  23. Settra Kroo
  24. Grand Sesters
  25. King Williams Town
  26. Baffou
  27. Grand Bootoo
  28. Zapi
  29. Nitton
  30. Baddoo
  31. St. Paul
  32. Nefoo
  33. Sinou
  34. St. John
  35. Careysburg
  36. Wela
  37. Tembo
  38. Butu
  39. Culloh
  40. Rock Cess
  41. Katu
  42. Virginia
  43. Baddu
  44. Hening
  45. Tebo
  46. Grand Taba
  47. Bereby
Spy List
  • Stephen
  • Daniel
  • James
  • Edward
  • Anthony
  • Alfred
  • William
  • Garretson
  • Arthur
  • Thomas



Peace Theme War Theme

Mod Support[]

Unique Cultural Influence[]

"Our people are now crossing the Atlantic and claiming that the lands they settle are theirs. I worry the rest of the world will also succumb to the influence of your culture."

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 12 July 2020


  • JakeWalrusWhale: UB and UU Icons, Map, Text (All Except Pedias), Research, Design, Code (Database and Lua)
  • DarthKyofu: Civ Icon
  • TPangolin: Leaderscene, Leader Icon, Design
  • TophatPaladin: Lua
  • Hobonatir: Text (Pedias)
  • EmeraldRange: UU Model help

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