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For Curlysnail's Moshoeshoe I, see Lesotho (Moshoeshoe I) (Curlysnail).

Lesotho led by Moshoshoe I is a custom civilization mod by TranquilSilence, with contributions from JFD, DMS, DarthKyofu, Senshi, RawSasquatch, Alga and others.

This mod requires Brave New World.



The history of people living in the area now known as Lesotho goes back as many as 400 years. The present Lesotho (then called Basotholand) emerged as a single polity under King Moshoeshoe I in 1822. Under Moshoeshoe I, Basotho joined other clans in their struggle against the Lifaqane associated with famine and the reign of Shaka Zulu from 1818 to 1828.

Subsequent evolution of the state was shaped by contact with the British and Dutch colonists from Cape Colony. Missionaries invited by Moshoeshoe I developed orthography and printed works in the Sesotho language between 1837 and 1855. The country set up diplomatic channels and acquired guns for use against the encroaching Europeans and the Korana people. Territorial conflicts with both British and Boer settlers arose periodically, including Moshoeshoe's notable victory over the Boers in the Free State–Basotho War, but the final war in 1867 with an appeal to Queen Victoria, who agreed to make Basotholand a British suzerainty. In 1869, the British signed a treaty at Aliwal with the Boers that defined the boundaries of Basotholand and later Lesotho, which by ceding the western territories effectively reduced Moshoeshoe's kingdom to half its previous size.

The extent to which the British exerted direct control over Basotholand waxed and waned until Basotholand’s independence in 1966, when it became the Kingdom of Lesotho. However, when the ruling Basotho National Party (BNP) lost the first post-independence general elections to the Basotho Congress Party (BCP), Leabua Jonathan refused to cede and declared himself Tona Kholo (Sesotho translation of prime minister). The BCP began an insurrection that culminated in a January 1986 military coup forced the BNP out of office. Power was transferred to King Moshoeshoe II, until then a ceremonial monarch, but forced into exile when he lost favour with the military the following year. His son was installed as King Letsie III. Conditions remained tumultuous, including an August 1994 self-coup by Letsie III, until 1998 when the Lesotho Congress for Democracy (LCD) came to power in elections which were deemed fair by international observers. Despite protests from opposition parties, the country has remained relatively stable since.

Moshoeshoe I[]

Moshoeshoe, original name Lepoqo, was the founder and first paramount chief of the Sotho (Basuto, Basotho) nation. One of the most successful Southern African leaders of the 19th century, Moshoeshoe combined aggressive military counteraction and adroit diplomacy against colonial invasions. He created a large African state in the face of attacks by the Boers and the British, raiders from the south east coastal lowlands of Africa, and local African rivals.

Moshoeshoe led his people south to the nearly impregnable stronghold of Thaba Bosiu (“Mountain at Night”) in the western Maloti Mountains, where his following expanded to other African peoples attracted by the protection he was able to provide. He eventually united the various small groups to form the Sotho nation, called Basutoland by English-speaking persons. He strengthened his new nation by raiding local Tembu and Xhosa groups for cattle and adopting the use of horses and firearms.

Dawn of Man[]

The Night is long and dark, oh great Moshoeshoe, but your radiance shines all the brighter for this. Born to a minor chief, you would help your father consolidate his realm and assert the dominance of the Crocodile over surrounding clans, before striking out on your own, eager to start your own legend. From your new home atop the Mountain of the Night you would slowly build the kingdom that so honours you today. Unlike many of your contemporaries, you were conciliatory towards the various Europeans and eagerly accepted their weaponry, tactics, and most importantly missionaries. This would prove important in providing your people with important advantages that would help them navigate the time of troubles - resisting the expansion of both the Zulu Kingdom and the various Boer Republics. Whilst you may have ceded territory to invaders, you never lost a military engagement in your reign and thus preserved the sanctity of your people, nestled amid the great mountain.


Leaderscreen by Grant

Times are once more uncertain though, and the tramp of enemy footfall can be heard from all directions. Your people cry out for their razor king and his magnificent attire, they yearn for your foresight and guidance to lead them through this new time of troubles. Can you forge a great mountain refuge, impenetrable to all invaders? Can you acquire the knowledge and aid required to keep your people safe? Can you build a civilisation that will stand the test of time?

Introduction: "Kena ka Kgotso stranger! I am Moshoeshoe, the dapper razer king who fortified these hills. If you have weapons, words, or tools to trade you are welcome in my court."

Defeat: "You have defeated me, and I must now begin the walk along the white road. My people however will survive me, and will people the mountains long after you and your stain have been cleansed from it - and no, you can’t have my hat."

Unique Attributes[]

Lesotho (Moshoeshoe I)

Art by DMS

Atop the Mountain of the Night

Declarations of Friendship provide additional building production in the Capital Capital, and Science Science generation across the empire when signed with more advanced civilisations.


Art by DMS and Alga

Kololo (Gatling Gun)
  • If defeated in battle, a ‘Legendary’ version of the unit will appear in the Capital Capital provided it has a Greatwork Great Work of Literature, which has greatly reduced strength but can heal surrounding units.

Art by DMS

Translator's Mission (Observatory)
  • When expended for a Greatwork Great Work of Literature in the Capital Capital during wartime; the units of defensive partners and Citystate City-State allies will be partially healed.
City List
  1. Thaba Bosiu
  2. Morija
  3. Buthe-Buthe
  4. Teyateyaneng
  5. Hlotse
  6. Maseru
  7. Mafeteng
  8. Mohale's Hoek
  9. Maputsoe
  10. Mokhotlong
  11. Qacha's Nek
  12. Quthing
  13. Thaba-Tseka
  14. Libono
  15. Matsieng
  16. Marakabei
  17. Semonkong
  18. Peka
  19. Tlokoeng
  20. Pitseng
  21. Mapoteng
  22. Sehonghong
  23. Sehlabathebe
  24. Mount Moorosi
  25. Oxbow
  26. Molimo Nthuse
  27. Moyeni
  28. Roma
Spy List
  • Joshua
  • Ace
  • Mosiuoa
  • 'Makarabo
  • 'Maseeiso
  • Senate
  • Eugene
  • Mohaneng
  • Kholu
  • Mokhacheng



Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 3
Last Updated: 30 January 2021


  • TranquilSilence: Author, Research, Text, Design
  • JFD: Code
  • DMS: Art (LS, Leader Icon)
  • DarthKyofu: Art (Civ Icon, UU Icon)
  • RawSasquatch: Art (UB Icon)
  • Senshi: Art (Map)
  • Alga: Art (UU Icon)
  • Zharques: Civilopedia, Text
  • Hugh Tracey: Music (Peace Theme)
  • Kea Tsamaea: Music (War Theme)
  • Whoward: Lua utilities
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