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The Khanate of Kokand led by Nodira is a custom civilization by GPuzzle, with contributions from Arilasqueto, DarthKyofu and JakeWalrusWhale.

This mod requires Brave New World.



The town of Kokand is one of the oldest towns in Uzbekistan and is situated in the western part of Fergana Valley. In the chronicles of the 10th century, the first written documents concerning town of Hukande, Havokande (old names of the town). In the 13th century, like most of Central Asian towns, the Mongols ruined the city. The town is a significant hub for trading on the Silk Route.

Kokand has existed since at least the 10th century, under the name of Khavakand, and was frequently mentioned in traveler's accounts of the caravan route between South Asia and East Asia. The Han Dynasty of China conquered the entire city in the 1st Century B.C. Later, the Arabs conquered the region from Tang Empire. The Mongols destroyed Kokand in the 13th century.

The present city began as a fort in 1732 on the site of another older fortress called Eski-Kurgan. In 1740, it became the capital of an Uzbek kingdom, the Khanate of Kokand, which reached as far as Kyzylorda to the west and Bishkek to the northeast. Kokand was also the major religious center of the Fergana Valley, boasting more than 300 mosques.

The Khanate of Kokand was established in 1709 when the Shaybanid emir Shahrukh, of the Ming Tribe of Uzbeks, declared independence from the Khanate of Bukhara, establishing a state in the eastern part of the Fergana Valley. He built a citadel as his capital in the small town of Kokand, thus starting the Khanate of Kokand. His son, Abdul Kahrim Bey, and grandson, Narbuta Bey, enlarged the citadel, but both were forced to submit as a protectorate, and pay tribute to, the Qing dynasty between 1774 and 1798.

In 1868, a treaty turned Kokand into a Russian vassal state. The powerless Khudayar Khan spent his energies improving his lavish palace. Western visitors were impressed by the city of 80,000 people, which contained some 600 mosques and 15 madrasahs. Insurrections against Russian rule and Khudayar’s oppressive taxes forced him into exile in 1875. He was succeeded by his son, Nasruddin Khan, whose anti-Russian stance provoked the annexation of Kokand (after six months of fierce fighting) by Generals Konstantin von Kaufman and Mikhail Skobelev. In January 1876, Tsar Alexander II stated that he had been forced to "... yield to the wishes of the Kokandi people to become Russian subjects." The Khanate of Kokand was declared abolished, and incorporated into the Fergana Oblast of Russian Turkestan.


Mohlaroyim, most commonly known by her pen name Nodira, was an Uzbek poet and stateswoman. She functioned as regent of the Khanate of Kokand during the minority of her son from 1822.

Nodira is generally regarded as one of the most outstanding Uzbek poets. She wrote poetry in Uzbek and Persian. Nodira also used other pennames, such as Komila and Maknuna. Many of her diwans have survived and consist of more than 10,000 lines of poetry.

Long after her death in 1842 Nodira was promoted in the Soviet era as a national heroine of the Uzbek SSR and enjoyed a status similar to other murdered women such as Nurkhon Yuldasheva. In the public eye she is a martyr and national heroine, and 200 years after her birth, the first national postage stamp of newly independent Uzbekistan featured her portrait.

Dawn of Man[]

"Hail, Mohlaroyim, also known as Nodira, Regent of the Khanate of Kokand and Poet of the Uzbek and Persian languages. Wife of Muhammad Umar Khan, upon his death you assumed the regency, becoming the de facto ruler of Kokand. Known for both your liberality and beauty, you attempted to guide society and your son towards somewhat more socially liberal values. However, your son rejected your vision of society, instead opting for expansionist policies, and the ulama decried both you and your work as inappropriate, as your work never shied away from your experience as a woman. You and your magnificent works drew the lust of others, and you were hanged by Nasrullah Khan for refusing to marry him, upholding your independence and philosophy until your last breath, and in the process becoming a martyr and national heroine.


Art by Arilasqueto

Expressive Nodira, the time has come for you to once again share the words of your works with the world. The themes you once shared are still relevant today, and your wise counsel must be heeded in this time of great uncertainty. Can you combine statesmanship and poetic works to offer an alternative view of society? Will you build a civilization that can stand the test of time?"

Introduction: "Welcome to Kokand, what are your thoughts?"

Defeat: "My soul leaves this ephemeral world."

Unique Attributes[]

Kokand (Nodira)

Art by Arilasqueto

Nightingale of Ferghana

Great Scientists contribute points towards Great Writers, and Great Works of Writing yield +2 Science Science. Science Science from Traderoute Trade Routes is doubled.


Art by Arilasqueto

Kuhiston (Cavalry)
  • While garrisoned in a city, grants +1 Gold Gold from incoming and outgoing Traderoute Trade Routes per level it has.

Art by JakeWalrusWhale

Khazira (Temple)
  • Contains 2 Great Works of Writing slots, that, when filled by Kokandi Great Works of the same area, provide +25% Greatperson Great Person generation.
City List
  1. Kokand
  2. Namangan
  3. Khujand
  4. Ush
  5. Shymkent
  6. Sayram
  7. Andijan
  8. Margilan
  9. Tashkent
  10. Kashgar
  11. Turkestan
  12. Bishkek
  13. Khojend
  14. Julek
  15. Ak-Mechet
  16. Uroteppa
  17. Kamyshkurgan
  18. Zhanakurgan
  19. Kushkurgan
  20. Jizzak
Spy List
  • Nurkhon
  • Tursunoy
  • Kamil
  • Rashit
  • Said
  • Chingiz
  • Nikolai
  • Ural
  • Tamara
  • Hamza



Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 21 June 2022


  • GPuzzle: Creator, SQL, Lua, Text, Design
  • DarthKyofu: Art
  • Arilasqueto: Art
  • JakeWalrusWhale: Art
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