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The Khwarezmian Empire led by Jalal ad-Din is a custom civilization mod by Grant, with contributions from Regalman, Darthkyofu, Arilasqueto, Porkbean and others

This mod requires Brave New World. It was released as part of the Crossroads of the World event.



The Khwarezmian Empire was a Turco-Persian empire which existed from 1077 to 1231, with Urgench serving as its capital. It was founded by the Mameluke commander Anush Tigin Gharchai, a Turkic slave general and Governor of Khwarazm who broke away from the Seljuk Empire and founded the Khwarazmian Empire. As the Seljuk state fell into chaos, the Shahs of Khwarazm expanded southward, and the last Great Seljuk sultan, Toghrul III, was killed in battle with the Khwarazmian ruler Ala ad-Din Tekish in 1194, and Khwarazm conquered parts of Khorasan and western Iran. The Khwarazmians also went to war with the Ghurids during the early 13th century, and, starting in 1218, the Mongol Empire invaded Khwarazm and destroyed its major cities of Bukhara, Urgench, and Samarkand in retaliation for the Khwarazmian murder of Mongol envoys.

Jalal ad-Din Mingburnu, the last Khwarazmian shah, attempted to flee to India, but he was defeated by the Mongols at Indus, chased out of India by the Delhi Sultanate, and forced to flee back to Central Asia, where he initiated a massive uprising against the Mongols. His resurgent state was destroyed by the Sultanate of Rum at the Battle of Yassicemen in 1230, and he was murdered in 1231 by Kurdish highwaymen, destroying Khwarazm. Several Khwarezmians moved to the Levant to serve as Ayyubid mercenaries, capturing Jerusalem in 1244 and later defeating a crusader army at the Battle of La Forbie that same year. The Khwarezmians in Egypt remained Ayyubid mercenaries until Sultan al-Mansur Ibrahim suppressed them, while the Khwarezmians taken captive by the Mongols were assimilated as the Sartuul clan.

Jalal ad-Din Mangburni[]

Jalal al-Din Mangburni was the last Khwarazmshah of the Anushtegin dynasty. The eldest son and successor of Ala ad-Din Muhammad II of the Khwarazmian Empire, Jalal al-Din was brought up at Gurganj, the wealthy capital of the Khwarezmid homeland. An able general, he served as second-in-command to his father in at least one battle; however, since he was the son of a concubine, he was challenged as successor by a younger brother, whose cause was supported by the powerful Queen Mother, Turken Khatun. Nevertheless, after the Mongol conquest of the Khwarazmian Empire led to his father's flight and death on an island in the Caspian Sea, Jalal-al Din gained the loyalty of the majority of Khwarazmian loyalists.

The new Shah moved to Gurganj, but departed eastwards after Terken Khatun moved against him; evading Mongol patrols, he gathered a substantial army at Ghazni. He managed to inflict an excellent defeat on Shigi Qutuqu at the Battle of Parwan, but soon lost a good portion of his army in a dispute over spoils. He was defeated by a vengeful Genghis Khan at the Battle of the Indus, and fled across the river. Now essentially a warlord, Jalal al-Din managed to establish a succession of short-lived states: first in the Punjab, from 1222–24, and then in northwest Iran and Georgia, after 1225. In politics, Jalal al-Din did not have the ability which underpinned his martial exploits, and he was forced to combat several large revolts and increasing pressure from Mongol forces. Eventually, he was killed by a Kurd in August 1231. The army he had gathered would continue to terrorize the Levant as the mercenary Khwarazmiyya until its final defeat in 1246.

Dawn of Man[]

Welcome, Jalal ad-Din, born with the skill of a warrior worth one thousand men! You inherited the vaunted throne of Khwarezm, a land of peace and honor since the legendary ages of Rostam and Kay Khosrow. It was a vast and sprawling empire, and you extended it to its greatest in the south and east, capturing the beasts of India to your splendid courts. The hordes of Tartary, led by their supreme lord Chinggis Khan, initially bore you no evil but soon brought their full might to bear on your people and their livelihood. Torn between the pressures of war, the ambitions of your concubine mother and your various governors, the shield of Khwarezm crumbled under a hundred thousand hooves. Samarkand, Gurganj, Ortrar and Bukhara all fell to their depravity, and soon the old strongholds of Balkh and Merv were theirs to plunder. You would not give up, however, despite coups, mutinies and setbacks, and you created an insurgent empire, without borders and without lawss other than the will of Allah, extending deep into Persia and Mesopotamia. Only in 1231 did your valient regime finally collapse, and your loyal soldiers carried on the fight against the hordes for three decades more. Some even say you lived, and thrived for twenty years more.


Leaderscreen by Grant

Mingirini! The crossworlds of the world are in turmoil once again. Can you pick up the fight, shake off hordes from the north, east and south, and resurrect the glory of the Khwarazmshah? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of Time?

Introduction: "A messenger, then! This isn't the best time to be passing each other letters, I'm afraid. My enemies won't slaughter themselves."

Defeat: "The Khwarezmids fade back into submission. Though we may be now just another desert tribe subject to your authority, we have a knack for keeping empires dependent on us. So watch your step."

Unique Attributes[]

Khwarezmia (Jalal ad-Din)

Art by Grant

Battle of Parwan

Specialist slots may be bought with FaithIcon Faith. Units purchased with Gold Gold heal faster in friendly territory per type of specialist in the nearest city.


Art by DarthKyofu

Khwarezmiyya (Pikeman)
  • Any civilization following your Religion Religion or currently in a research or trade agreement with you may purchase the Khwarezmiyya.
  • Occupying citadels with a Khwarezmiyya rewards Gold Gold to Khwarezm and removes one follower from the nearest enemy city.


Art by Grant

Galim (Great Scientist)
  • Generated from every type of Specialist.
  • When expended, receive the FaithIcon aith output of foreign capitals of civilizations which have a Research Agreement with you.
City List
  1. Gurganj
  2. Samarqand
  3. Bukhara
  4. Merw
  5. Nishapur
  6. Tabriz
  7. Birjand
  8. Rayy
  9. Sari
  10. Mashhad
  11. Balkh
  12. Kunduz
  13. Herat
  14. Khitab
  15. Khavakand
  16. Zaranj
  17. Tabwiz
  18. Maragha
  19. Tehran
  20. Shiraz
  21. Kath
  22. Amul
  23. Qarshi
  24. Sheberghan
  25. Maymana
  26. Kabul
  27. Kapisi
  28. Kost
  29. Bam
  30. Jiroft
  31. Fahrej
  32. Panjgur
  33. Hormuz
  34. Kerman
  35. Tabas
  36. Qayan
  37. Sarakhs
  38. Tejen
  39. Astarabad
  40. Damghan
Spy List
  • Anushtegin
  • Muzaffar
  • Qutuz
  • Erboz
  • Hitan
  • ad-Dunya
  • Aysi
  • Terken
  • Chichek



Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 11 August 2022


  • Grant : Core, Art, Design, Lua, Text, Research
  • RegalmanEmperor: Art (Map)
  • DarthKyofu: Art (Khwarezmiyya UU Icon, Civilization Icon)
  • Arilasqueto: Civ icon / colors help
  • Porkbean: Khwarezmiyya mercenary purchase code
  • Duskjockey, Chrisy15, JFD: Lua utils
  • Cem Öget, Nodir Umarov & Aziz Xolmurodov: Peace Theme (Bozkir Arsalani Jaloliddin Müzikleri)
  • Dirilis Ertugrul: War Theme
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