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Map by ExplosiveWatermelon
Map by ExplosiveWatermelon
Ukki Väinämöinen
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Karelia led by Ukki Väinämöinen is a custom civilization mod by ExplosiveWatermelon.



The period this mod explores is the period of the East Karelian Uprising, an attempt by the Metsäsissi (otherwise known as Forest Guerrillas) to either create a Karelian state or to unite with Finland. The Bolshevik regime of Russia at the time had not respected Karelia's wish for autonomy, and food shortages were widespread. After the Treaty of Tartu, where Finland first recognized the Russian SFSR, a plan was put in place with the silent approval of Finnish authorities to acquire weapons for a revolt. The plan was titled 'Karhunpesäsuunnitelma', or Project Bear's Den in English. Following this, a council meeting of the Metsäsissi had decided to secede from Russia under the ideological leadership of Vaseli Levonen, otherwise known as Ukki Väinämöinen. The uprising spread throughout most of Russian Karelia, and Finnish volunteers joined in on the side of the Metsäsissi. Forces captured the cities of Aunus (Olonets) at the uprising's greatest extent. However, the uprising ultimately crumbled after winter, as Russian forces overwhelmed the uprising with sheer numbers. Many of the Metsäsissi fled Eastern Karelia into Finland, including Levonen.

Ukki Väinämöinen[]

Vaseli Levonen, born Vasily Leontievich Sidorov, was born in 1855 in the Karelian village of Tunguda. A zealous Christian and staunch anti-communist, Levonen was elected to the position as ideological leader of the Metsäsissi upon the outbreak of the East Karelian Uprising. Known for his stocky stature and long white beard, he earned the name 'Ukki Väinämöinen' due to his resemblance to the demigod from the Finnish Epic, the Kalevala. Under Ukki Väinämöinen's leadership, the uprising controlled a significant part of Northern Karelia, before ultimately the uprising ended in the Spring of 1922. Ukki Väinämöinen later died in exile in the Finnish city of Vuokatti.

Dawn of Man[]

Vainamoinen LS

Art by ExplosiveWatermelon

May the lord grace you, Ukki Väinämöinen. During the East Karelian uprising, the Metsäsissi looked towards you for ideological leadership. Your faith in the Lord, as well as faith in companions such as Jalmari 'Ilmarinen' Takkinen, influenced your decision to accept this position. Your resemblance to the great hero Väinämöinen greatly inspired your followers, and though your resistance was quite fierce, it ultimately ended with the incoming spring. Forced into exile in Finland, you died in 1942.

Yet, all is not lost. The Karelian peoples still look to you for leadership! Who are you to deny them? With courteous nature and great faith, do you accept this position? Can you steel your forces against the tides of war? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?

Introduction: "Hello there, my name is Vaseli Levonen. Have you come to join our stalwart resistance?"

Introduction: "Greetings, my name is Vaseli Levonen. Though, my followers call me Ukki Vainamoinen."

Defeat: "Curses! I will never understand those of false faiths. You've tarnished my homelands, now leave me be."

Unique Attributes[]

The Karelia (Ukki Väinämöinen)
EW Ukki 256

Art by ExplosiveWatermelon


Influence does not degrade with Citystate City-States with which you share a common enemy. While in Allied City-State territory, your Units have their Moves }}< Movement restored.

EW Metsasissi 256

Art by ExplosiveWatermelon

Metsäsissi (Machine Gun)

Replaces the Machine Gun. +25% Combat Strength in Forest or Jungle. May move after combat.

EW Kulkukauppias 256

Art by ExplosiveWatermelon

Kulkukauppias (Standalone)

Once, may conduct a Trade Mission in City-State territory for a small burst of Gold and Influence. Returning to one of your Cities afterwards restores this ability and grants a We Love the King Day.

City List
  1. Kiimasjärvi
  2. Uhtua
  3. Aunus
  4. Kiestinka
  5. Rugarvi
  6. Porarvi
  7. Rebol'a
  8. Karhumägi
  9. Koivuniemi
  10. Poadenen
  11. Kokkosalmi
  12. Kostamus
  13. Suojärvi
  14. Sortavala
  15. Uskela
  16. Pitkyrandu
  17. Ohto
  18. Hirvisalmi
  19. Jyskyjärvi
  20. Piepäjärvi
  21. Meru
  22. Suopassalmi
  23. Kuusivaara
  24. Kevättämäjärvi
  25. Nikonselka
  26. Kellovaara
  27. Lietma
  28. Pistojärvi
  29. Ontrosenvaara
  30. Ruukajärvi
  31. Paanajärvi
  32. Suvanot
  33. Kananainen
  34. Maasjärvi
  35. Lieksa
  36. Hiisjärvi
  37. Jyvälahti
  38. Luusalmi
  39. Kenttijärvi
  40. Käpäli
  41. Pääkönniemi
  42. Malvianen
  43. Sorokka
  44. Kompakka
  45. Miinoa
  46. Oulanka
  47. Soukelo
  48. Ruva
  49. Kananen
  50. Markkisenvaara
  51. Suikujärvi
  52. Voinki
  53. Ontajärvi
  54. Kuusiniemi
  55. Tiiksjärvi
  56. Suontale
  57. Saarenpää
  58. Segeža
  59. Viipuri
  60. Kantalahti
  61. Louhi
  62. Lusma
  63. Tuulivaara
  64. Koroppi
Spy List
  • Ilmarinen
  • Bobi
  • Ossippa
  • Paavo
  • Erik
  • Aynikki
  • Louhi
  • Ylevä
  • Vassi
  • Sinaida


EW Karelia


Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 1 December 2023

  • ExplosiveWatermelon: Lead Author, Design, Code, Art
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