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The Kalmar Union
Map by Viregel
Map by Viregel
Margarethe I
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Mercantile, Seafaring

Kalmar Union led by Margarethe I is a custom civilization mod by JFD and Janboruta, and Greater Europe, with contributions from Wolfdog.

This mod requires Brave New World, and works best with Gazebo's Community Patch.


Kalmar Union

The Kalmar Union was a personal union between the kingdoms of Norway, Denmark and Sweden that presevered throughout the 15th century; in effect, a pan-Scandinavian union. Though it had many opponents, the Kalmar Union was successful in its origanal purpose of destroying the influence of the Hanseatic Leauge; after this, it was able to start on its way to Baltic domination, an aim not achieved by the Kalmar Union, but by the breakaway Swedish Empire instead. Many pan-Nordic nationalists look to the Kalmar Union as an ideal to repeat, as a remarkable collection of kingdoms bonded together in an effort to defeat all foes.

Margarethe I

JFD DenmarkMargaret Diplo-0

Art by Janboruta

The founder of the Kalmar Union, Queen Margaret defied the custom in Europe, and became the queen of Denmark - and soon Sweden and Norway as well. This was the creation of the most successful pan-Scandinavian union to date, covering territories in Finland to Iceland. With the treaty signed in Kalmar Castle, Margaret solidified an ever-closer Scandinavian union, which was well able to provide defence and security from the influence of their Germanic and Livonian neighbours. Margaret's leadership was probably able to prevent the Hanse from becoming all to dominant in the North, robbing them of their sovereignty altogether; not even Margaret proposed the union of parliament of all three Scandinavian states. All in all, Margaret is described as one of the best leaders Denmark ever had - as the harbringer of Scandinavian power, it is no suprise she is well respected.

Dawn of Man

"God be with you, O' great and wise Margaret, fairest queen of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. During your reign, you would accomplish what the many kings before you had failed - to create a state that would unite the wayward Norse. Seeking to check the power of the Hanseatic League, you engineered a political masterpiece that would unite the three crowns of Scandinavia. And though your union would barely outlast your death, its prosperity under your hand would remain an inspiration to the north for centuries.

Stern Queen, the north calls your name to rebuild her precious union. Can you take up this task once more? Can you unite the Scandinavian kingdoms and bring them wealth and influence? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?"

Introduction: "You stand before Margarethe I, the queen of the united norse. Speak."

Introduction: "I am Margarethe I, Queen of the Kalmar Union. What is it that you want with me?"

Defeat: "You will not take me from my home. I will return with a fleet like you've never seen."

Defeat: "I am not dismayed. I will return and restore what I had created."

Unique Attributes

Kalmar Union (Margarethe I)

Art by Janboruta

The Nordic Crowns

Gain an extra Traderoute Trade Route at Guilds and Trade Routes from the Capital have doubled length. City-States connected via Traderoute Trade Route may join you.


Art by Janboruta

Gun Holk (Galleass)
  • -2 Strength Combat Strength.
  • Double Moves movement through Coast.
  • Unlocks at Guilds.
  • Receive one everytime you build a Cargo Ship.

Art by Janboruta

Kobstad (Market)
  • +20 Production Production cost.
  • +1 Gold Gold on Trading Posts and Customs Houses (and Towns, and Villages[1]).
  • +1 CultureIcon Culture.




Peace Theme War Theme

ANNO 1404- Soundtrack - Our daily Bread VAR


ANNO 1404- Soundtrack - Inferstation

"Our Daily Bread" from the soundtrack of Anno 1404. "Inferstation" from the soundtrack of Anno 1404.

Mod Support

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Events and Decisions

Issue Market Rights
It would be a great boon to not only our wealth, but also to our friendships, to extend those rights accorded to Danish merchants to those that flock to our towns with foreign goods to trade.
  • Player must must be Kalmar Union.
  • Must have at least one allied City-State.
  • May only be enacted from the beginning of the Medieval Era.
  • May only be enacted once per game.
  • 500 CultureIcon Culture.
  • 1 Magistrates Magistrate.
  • 1 Dignitary Dignitary.
  • Gifts of Gold Gold yield +20% more Influence Influence with City-States.
Dispatch a Magnate
The noble lords of our privy council have little to do all day than to question our authority. So, let us send them on a diplomatic mission and perhaps they will finally be of some use to the realm.
  • Player must be the Kalmar Union.
  • May only be enacted from the beginning of the Medieval Era.
  • May only be enacted once per era.
  • 300 CultureIcon Culture (increases w/ era).
  • 2 Magistrates Magistrate/Dignitary Dignitaries
  • Receive a free Magnate, a unit that can be sent to a City-State to generate Influence Influence. It ignores borders.

Unique Cultural Influence

"Our people are now eating your pastries and reading your children's tales! We're worried the rest of the world will also succumb to the influence of your culture."

Full Credits List

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 2
Last Updated: 15 October 2016

  • JFD: Author.
  • Viregel: Original Author, Art (Map), Research (City/Spy List).
  • Janboruta: Art (Civ Icon, Leader Icon, Unique Component Icons, Leaderscene).
  • Wolfdog: Graphics (UU).[2]
  • Whoward: Utilities.[3]
  • Pierre Langer and Tilman Sillescu: Music (Peace/War).[4][5]

Notes and References

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