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The Jet Fighter is a fighter unit available in the Information Era.


The jet fighter is extremely similar in role to its ancestor, the World War II propeller-driven fighter, but there are huge differences in the planes' power, armament, weaponry, and computer and communications equipment. The best World War II aircraft could fly at best 650 kilometers per hour (400 mph), while a modern jet fighter can fly three times that fast. A World War II aircraft could carry one or two machine guns and possibly one or two bombs. A modern fighter can carry a 20mm Gatling gun, 10 or so air-to-air missiles, and dozens of different rockets and air-to-ground missiles. The vehicle is equipped with sophisticated computers, radar, and communications equipment far exceeding anything available anywhere before in history. Like other aircraft, jet fighters are vulnerable to surface-to-air missiles, but their largest threat comes from enemy fighters. Whichever side achieves air superiority will gain a nearly unbeatable advantage in combat.


The Jet Fighter is a powerful air unit. It can be based in any city you own or aboard an aircraft carrier. It can move from base to base and can perform "missions" within its range of "10". Use Jet Fighters to attack enemy aircraft and ground units, to scout enemy positions, and to defend against enemy air attacks. Jet Fighters are especially effective against enemy helicopters. The Jet Fighter has the "air recon" ability, which means that everything within 6 tiles of its starting location is visible at the beginning of the turn. See the rules on Aircraft for more information.

Unique Unit Replacements[]


Icon Unit Civilization Abilities
F-86 Sabre America (Harry S. Truman)
  • -10 Strength Combat Strength (65 vs 75).
  • Unlocked earlier at Rocketry.
  • Begins with Interception I.
  • F-86s operated by City-States do not require Aluminum Aluminum and grant America Gold Gold when promoted.
Kdj uu
KAI T-50 South Korea (Kim Dae-Jung)
  • Stronger than the regular Jet Fighter.
  • Civilisations that share South Korea's Ideology can also build KAI T-50s in their cities.
  • South Korea's Capital Capital receives an extra 1 CultureIcon Culture per turn for every KAI T-50 operated by someone other than themselves.


Icon Unit Civilization Abilities
Unitflag Garuda
Emmeria (Aurelius II)
  • Available at Computers
  • +6% Strength Combat Strength (80 vs. 75)
  • Starts with the Evasion Promotion.
  • Gain Goldenage Golden Age points equal to double the Strength Combat Strength of the unit killed by this unit.
Unitflag Strigon
Estovakia (Victor Voychek)
  • Available at Computers
  • +6% Strength Combat Strength (80 vs. 75)
  • +33% Strength Combat Strength against Wounded Units.
  • +20% Strength Combat Strength while Intercepting.
Unitflag Wardog
Osea (Vincent Harling)
  • Available at Computers
  • +6% Strength Combat Strength (80 vs. 75)
  • Starts with Evasion & Air Repair Promotions
Yellow Squadron
Unitflag Yellow Squadron
Yellow Squadron
Erusea (Rosa D'Elise)
  • Available at Computers
  • +6% Strength Combat Strength (80 vs. 75)
  • Can intercept twice per turn.
  • +33% Strength Combat Strength while intercepting.
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