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Japan led by Hirohito is a custom civilization by JFD and Janboruta, with contributions from Alga, DarthKyofu, DuskJockey, and Zharques.

This mod requires Brave New World.



Japan is an island nation located in East Asia. For centuries, Japanese culture and faith has flourished with much independence from foreign influence and today it remains fiercely unique. Since the assumption of imperial power over the feudal shogunates in the late 1800s by the Emperor Meiji, Japan has rapidly become a highly modern, prosperous, and powerful country.


Hirohito's reign as emperor of Japan—the longest of any monarch in modern times—was a period of great turmoil and change. Although he chose as the name for his reign the word "Showa," which means "Enlightened Peace," he ruled during one of the least peaceful periods in history. Hirohito's enemies considered him the head of a brutal, militaristic country and felt that he should be punished as a war criminal for atrocities (extreme cruelty and violence) committed by the Japanese military against Chinese citizens during World War II. But others now argue that Hirohito was powerless to prevent the war with the Allies, that he was not in charge of the military campaigns, and that he personally opposed the war. He was a shy, self-conscious person whose life had been devoted not to governing a country but to playing the mainly symbolic role of emperor.

Dawn of Man[]

"We are graced with your presence, O' Emperor Hirohito. Appointed as regent of the Imperial throne in 1921, your reign would span the greater part of a century. Although contested for your part in overseeing Japan's violent claim to empire over the Asia-Pacific during the second world war, it was your role as a symbol of peace and unity for which you are best remembered by your people. An advocate of diplomacy, science, and the peaceful co-existence of nations, you would ultimately pave the way for the transition of the Imperial household into the modern world.

JFD JapanHirohito Diplo

Art by JFD and DarthKyofu

A new age of empire has dawned, and the people of Japan look to you for the direction in which they must step. Can you lead Japan through war into a greater peace? Can you transform your ancient role into one to withstand a modern era? Can you build a civilization to stand the test of time?"

Introduction: "I humbly greet you as Japan's Emperor. May our two nations co-exist in peace."

Defeat: "My people must now endure the unendurable."

Unique Attributes[]

Japan (Hirohito)

Art by DarthKyofu

Reign of Enlightened Peace

Returning to peace after war with a major Civilization triggers a 'We Love the King Day' in all non-conquered cities. During a WLTKD, city CultureIcon Culture and Science Science output contributes to Building Production Production.

JFD Gensui

Art by Janboruta and Alga

Gensui (Great General)
  • When stationed in a city, transports newly trained Combat Units to the furthest occupied or puppet city.
  • Units transported in this way can move immediately and receive +5 XP for the number of cities under occupation or puppeted (up to +15).
JFD MemorialShrine

Art by DarthKyofu

Memorial Shrine (Shrine)
  • Half of this city's FaithIcon Faith output contributes towards Military Unit Production Production.
  • If this city is not actively training a Military Unit, this FaithIcon Faith contributes to the Capital Capital's Military Unit Production Production instead.
City List
  1. Tokyo
  2. Osaka
  3. Kyoto
  4. Nagoya
  5. Kanazawa
  6. Hiroshima
  7. Yokohama
  8. Wakayama
  9. Sendai
  10. Tokushima
  11. Hagi
  12. Shuri
  13. Toyama
  14. Kumamoto
  15. Fukuoka
  16. Kobe
  17. Fukui
  18. Kochi
  19. Sakai
  20. Akita
  21. Matsue
  22. Niigata
  23. Takamatsu
  24. Okayama
  25. Shizuoka
  26. Nagasaki
  27. Hakodate
  28. Kagoshima
  29. Akamazeki
  30. Amagasaki
  31. Otaru
  32. Kawasaki
  33. Yokosuka
  34. Sapporo
  35. Sasebo
  36. Kokura
  37. Miyahara
  38. Yahata
Spy List
  • Amleto
  • Wellington Koo
  • Kinoaki
  • Ma
  • Itagaki
  • Masahiko
  • Kenji
  • Sadao
  • Kingoro
  • Yasuhito


Japan (Hirohito)


Peace Theme War Theme
Unknown. "Empire of the Sun" from the soundtrack of Hearts of Iron 4: Waking the Tiger.

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 12 December 2021
  • JFD: Author, Art (Leaderscene) Coding, Design, Research, Writing
  • Alga: Art (Unique Unit Icon)
  • DarthKyofu: Art (Leaderscene; Unique Building Icon)
  • DuskJockey: Art (Civ Icon)
  • Janboruta: Art (Unique Unit Icon)
  • Zharques: Art (Map)
  • Whoward: Utilities (PlotIterators.lua)
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