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JFD and Janboruta's Civilizations is a modding project primarily contributed to by JFD, who who contributes code and writing, and Janboruta, who contributes artwork. The two generally tend to focus on monarchies, although there are many exceptions.


Civilization Ability Unique Component 1 Unique Component 2
Papal states
Papal States

(Pius IX)

Apostolic See

Tourism is increased by 50% with civilizations that share your Religion. Spend Faith on Disciples which can be used to create unique Great Works. Begin with +1 Faith instead of Culture.

Swiss Guard (Landsneckht)

Can only be purchased with Gold or Faith (with the Holy Warriors belief). Has additional Strength when defending and heals 50 damage if it defeats an enemy adjacent to the Capital. Does not obsolete. Generates +2 Tourism after Radio.

Chapel (Temple)

Up to three Chapels may be built per City, each with a unique Great Work slot that yields +2 Faith when filled. The second may only be built whilst a city has at least 7 followers of your main Religion, and the third with 14 followers. Each Chapel requires the previous.

JFD VandalsAtlas 256 - Copy
The Vandals


Mediterranean Pirates

All melee naval units gain a bonus against cities (+40%), and earn Gold when attacking cities. Raze coastal cities instantly.

Alan Cavalry (Horseman)

Ignores Terrain Movement Penalties. +2 Movement to stacked Settlers.

Trihemiolia (Trireme)

Prize Ships (can capture defeated Ships). Targeting I (+15% Combat Strength vs. Naval Units)



Konigratzer March

Military buildings possess unique General specialist slots that yield Experience and increases the generation of Great Generals. High level Melee and Gun units earn Golden Age points from kills.

Landwehr (Rifleman)

Can move after attacking. +10% Combat Strength when adjacent to an allied Military Unit.

Death's Head Hussar (Cavalry)

50% chance of automatically dealing 5HP to adjacent enemy Units. Enemy Units within two tiles have -10%  Combat Strength. Ignores enemy zones of control.



Carolingian Piety

Earn Faith from conquering cities based upon your faith per turn and the size of the city conquered. Whenever a Great Prophet is born through Faith, you may choose instead a free Social Policy. 

Francisca (Swordsman)

+33% Combat Strength vs. Melee units. Does not require Iron. 

Paladin (Great General)

May build Siege Units on unimproved Forest or Jungle tiles in neutral or friendly territory after discovering Mathematics. +2 Movement.


(Stephen I)

Apostolic Majesty

Whilst the majority of your cities follow the same Religion as that in your Capital, 33% of your Faith per turn contributes toward Golden Ages and conquered cities slowly convert to your Religion.

Hussar (Cavalry)

+1 Movement. +1 Sight. +50% Flanking bonus. +6% Production Cost.

Vegvar (Castle)

So long as the city follows your main Religion, increases religious pressure by 25% and Faith output by +1 for every defensive building in the city. If a city with a Vegvar is occupied by an enemy civilization, that city will continuously take 30 damage per turn until the city is retaken or peace is brokered. +16% Production Cost.


(Haakon Haakonsson)

The Northward Route

Begin with nearby Coastal tiles visible and receive double quantity from ocean Luxuries. +1 Gold from Fish.

Birkebeiner (Swordsman)

Double Movement in Snow, Tundra and Hills. +20% Combat Strength in Hills.

Stave Church (Temple)

Stores Food whenever a new Citizen is born equal to the city's Faith output (up to 15%). Does not require a Shrine.



Swiss Neutrality

Receive 10% of the Gold income of met civilizations who are not at war against you, denouncing you, or part of a Declaration of Friendship with you. City-States will never declare war upon you unprovoked.

Combat Medic

Unlocked at Biology; replaces no standard Unit, costs 240 Production. Adjacent Land Units heal 10 damage per turn. Cannot attack, but has 28 Combat Strength for Defense.

Kaserne (Armory)

Provides +2 Manpower, which may be kept for a 10% boost in military unit Production in the empire, or sold to other civilizations for a 20% boost to their military unit Production (up to 80%).


(Tiridates III)

The Illumination of Tiridates

 After the first Religion is founded, your Capital converts to that religion and you gain 33% of the Faith produced by the founder. Converting conquered cities to this religion eliminates occupied Unhappiness. 

Mamikonian (Great General and Great Prophet)

Mounted units within two tiles gain the Nakharar promotion, granting them a 33% bonus when attacking cities and allowing them to earn additional Gold from plundering cities following a different Religion than the first religion founded. This unit also replaces the Great Prophet, though it cannot found its own religion. 

Vank (Temple)

If the Great Work of Art slot is filled, converts 20% of your Citizen every turn to the first Religion founded. If the Vank is built in a city with a Mountain within its borders, that city produces an additional +2 Faith.



The Old Gods

If at least half of your cities follow only your pantheon belief, foreign religions cannot convert them, besides your  Capital. Melee units trained in these cities may capture defeated enemies from combat.

Samogitian Warrior (Swordsman)

Does not require Iron. Double Movement and +1 Sight in Forest. Can passively convert Cities to your Pantheon Belief if Garrisoned inside; doubled with an adjacent Missionary or Great Prophet. Can still be trained after it obsoletes at Steel, but only in Cities following your Pantheon. -4 Combat Strength.

Sacred Grove (Shrine)

Unlocked at Agriculture. If the City follows your Pantheon, adds +1 Faith to Forest tiles, and +1 Local Happiness for every 10 Faith produced in the City.


(Albert I)

Treaty of London

Civilizations with whom you have a Declaration of Friendship gift military units when war is declared on you. May build Plantations in neutral territory.

Chasseur (Gatling Gun)

+1 Movement. Gains March when fighting in a war involving a friend. -4 Combat & Ranged Strength.

Chocolaterie (Zoo)

Grants 1 copy of the Praline luxury resource. No base Happiness.



Khazar Correspondence

When a city is conquered, the followers of your main Religion from that city emigrate to your Capital. Enemy cities with followers from your religion have reduced Combat Strength.

Khagan Bek (Great General)

Enemy cities within two tiles of this unit convert to your main Religion. +10XP for new mounted units when stationed in a city.

Shul (Temple)

Unlocked at Currency. +1 Gold for outgoing Trade Routes for every two followers of your Religion in this city. No maintenance cost.


(Ludwig II)

The Swan King

Culture yields from Wonders are added to the city during construction. Cities with a Wonder receive a free Great Work of Music slot.

Hartschier (Lancer)

+50% Defense and +2 Gold whilst stationed on a Schloss. Cannot upgrade, but does not obsolete. -11% Production Cost. -3 Combat Strength.

Schloss  Requires Architecture. Must be built on a Hill, and may not be built adjacent to another Schloss. Grants Great Musician points to the Capital upon construction (equal to three times the current Culture output). +1 Culture. +1 additional Culture for each adjacent Mountain tile. Improves mined Resources.

(James VI)

Reulis and Cautelis

Earn Golden Age points whenever a Great Person is born. Each Engineer, Merchant, and Scientist specialist generates points towards  Great Writers during Golden Ages.

Highlander (Rifleman)

Double movement in Hills. +7XP for every Great Work of Writing in the city in which it was trained (max 30XP).

College (University)

Has a slot for a Great Work of Writing, which when filled increases the length of Golden Ages by 10% (max. 40%).


(Ingolfur Arnarson)

Age of Settlement

Cities founded with Skalds or on terrain types different than the Capital begin with a free Great Work of Writing slot. Earn Great Writer points from discovering Civilizations, or from winning Naval battles.

Skald (Great Writer)

Can embark and cross deep Ocean. Double Movement and Defense when embarked. May found cities on foreign continents. Produces unique Great Works.

Thingstead (Amphitheater)

-20% Production Cost. +2 Happiness if Connected to the Capital. Can form Water Connections to the Capital.



The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle

Golden Age progress is impeded by 33% less Unhappiness. Social Policy costs are reduced by 20% during Golden Ages

Huscarl (Longswordsman)

Unlocked at Metal Casting. +33% Defense adjacent to Coast or River.

Shire Court (Constabulary)

Unlocked at Civil Service. +2 Happiness. +2 Culture in the Capital.


(Vaclav II)

The Hussite Wars

City-States following your major Religion provide a Delegate to the World Congress and have doubled Religious Pressure. Religious Units entering Bohemian lands have a chance to become Military Units for Bohemia.

Tabor (Great General)

+100% Defensive Strength for stacked Military Units. Allows stacked Ranged Units to attack twice. May be purchased with Gold after Metal Casting. +1 Defense for adjacent cities. Costs 1Gold maintenance. Cannot build Citadels; does not have the Leadership Promotion.

Hrad (Castle)

+1 Gold on Cattle, Sheep, Stone and Wheat. +5% Gold for each type of these Resources improved and worked by the City.

Holy Rome
Holy Roman Empire

(Charles V)

Patchwork Empire

Cannot gain settlers nor annex cities. Friendly and allied City-States contribute their Gold and Faith output. May purchase Rathaus' to turn cities into Free Imperial Cities with added trade bonuses. May purchase in puppeted cities.

Doppelsoldner (Pikeman)

+100%  Attack against Spearmen, Pikemen, and Lancers. Grants +20% Combat Strength to any adjacent Landsneckht. Costs 2 extra Gold maintenance.

Ambassador (Great Merchant)

Although less effective at Diplomatic Missions and without the ability to construct a Customs House, the Ambassador may be trained just as any regular unit. With enough Gold, it may be upgraded into a Great Ambassador, which is twice as effective at performing Diplomatic Missions as a regular Great Merchant. Great Ambassadors may also be used to acquire a City-State outright, bringing them under Holy Roman control as a puppet.

The Germans


Legacy of Teutoburg Forest

Begin at peace with Barbarians. When war is declared, gain ownership of Barbarians spawned from Tribal Encampments. These Barbarians may disband at lower levels. Land units cost 25% less maintenance.

Slaganz (Warrior)

-37.5% Production Cost. +50% Combat Strength when near to a Barbarian Unit. -2 Combat Strength.

Tribal EncampmentUnlocked at Agriculture. Can only be built on Flat land, and not Desert or Snow. +1 Gold. +1 Gold after Economics. Periodically spawns weak Barbarians. May be upgraded into a Tribal Village which acts as a source of your choosing of either Deer, Horse, or Iron. These Villages spawn Military Units when war is declared against you, the type depending upon the resource. These units disband once peace is restored.

(Gian Galeazzo)

House of Visconti

Friendly and Allied City-States reduce the cost of purchasing items with Gold (up to 30%). During war, City-State Influence degrades 20% slower.

Ribault (Gatling Gun)

Unlocked at Economics. May attack twice per turn. +33% Combat Strength vs Siege units. +8%  Production Cost. -10 Combat Strength, -10  Ranged Strength.

Palazzo (Bank)

Generates Great Merchant points equal to 10% of the city's Gold output. +4  City Strength. Grants double  Gold to City Plunder if the City is captured.


(Victor Emmanuel II)


City-States under siege have a chance each turn to surrender without incurring a warmonger penalty from their capture. Accumulate Tourism in annexed City-States to spend on Military Units and Great People.

Bersagliari (Rifleman)

+1 Movement and has +15% Combat Strength in Friendly Territory. May upgrade into a Garibaldino unit after earning at least 5 levels. -4 Combat Strength.

Piazza (Garden)

15% of the Culture from World Wonders, Natural Wonders, and Improvements is added to the Tourism output of the city.


(Ivan IV)

Tsar of All the Russias

Capturing enemy cities deals damage to all cities in the enemy's empire and instantly heals 25 damage for nearby friendly units. Receive Golden Age points for every turn a city is being razed.

Streltsy (Musketman)

-13% Production Cost. -4 Combat Strength. May use enemy roads. Can attack twice when beginning its turn adjacent to another Streltsy.

Sobor (Temple)

Eliminates extra Unhappiness from an Occupied City. Reduces cost of acquiring new tiles with Gold or Culture based upon the city's Faith output (up to -30%)


(Aleksandr Nevsky)

Golden Peace

No war with civilizations with whom you have at least three Trade Routes. Incoming Trade Routes provide extra Defense equal to 33% of the Defense of the city with which it is trading. Begin with an extra Trade Route.

Boyar (Great General)

When garrisoned, grants +15% Production of Buildings during Peace, and +30% Production of Units during War. May construct Customs Houses.

Pogost (Caravansary)

Incoming Trade Routes will generate an extra 2 Gold and 1 Production for the city. +50% Production of Caravans and Cargo Ships.

Alternate Leaders[]

Civilization Ability Unique Component 1

Unique Component 2

JFD RussiaNicholasAtlas 256 - Copy

(Nicholas II)

Third Rome

Wonder Production increased in your Capital by its Faith output (up to 30%). Increased Faith in the Capital for every city celebrating We Love the King Day.

Opolcheniye (Great War Infantry)

-10  Combat Strength, -33%  Combat Strength vs. Cities. Produces two for every one trained. +15%  Combat Strength in Friendly territory.

Guberniya's Office (Constabulary)

+5% Production to the Capital when connected via Domestic Trade Route. +10% Growth in this city if connected to the Capital via Railroads.

Soviet Union


Proletariat Revolution

Stone Works, Windmills, Forges, and Factories may be built in any city regardless of terrain or resource requirements and yield +2 Tourism. Worker improvement speed increased by 20%.

Levy (Great War Infantry)

-16% Production Cost. -2 Combat Strength. May use enemy Roads.

Commissariat (Constabulary)

Stores 1% Food after a new Citizen is born for every 2 Production output of the city (up to 15%).


(Louis XIV)

The Sun King

During We Love the King Day, the Capital generates points towards your choice of cultural Great Person equal to the number of Wonders and Puppets in the empire. Great Work theming bonus doubled in the Capital.

Musketeer (Musketman)

+4 Combat Strength.

Chateau Requires Chivalry. Must be built adjacent to a Luxury Resource, but not adjacent to each other. +1 Gold, +2 Culture. After researching Flight, yields increase to +3 Gold and +3 Culture. When built, begins a 5-turn We Love the King Day in the Capital.
JFD RussiaNicholasAtlas 256 - Copy - Copy

(Peter I)

Petrine Reformation

Research Technologies known by civilizations with whom you are friends faster. New cities increase Social Policy costs by 50% less.

Two-Decker (Frigate)

+5XP for every Declaration of Friendship (up to 20XP). +25% Combat Strength vs. Land Units.

Krepost (Barracks)

-1% Culture costs for new tiles per every tile away from the Capital this City is. +4 City Strength. +33%  Production Cost.

Civsymbolscolor civilwar256 expansion


A House Divided

 Choose a unique wartime bonus upon the outbreak of war with a major civilization. Cities construct Gold buildings automatically.

Monitor (Ironclad)

May be built as either a Melee or Ranged unit. Ranged Monitors are effective against cities. Melee Monitors heal nearby units.

Parrott Rifle (Cannon)

Not as effective against cities, but deadly against land units. Increases Defense of adjacent units when stationed in a Fort or Citadel.

JFD CarthageHannibalAtlas 256


The Hundred and Four

During peacetime, Military Units increase Production when garrisoned. Units may cross mountains after the first Shophet is earned, taking 50 HP damage if they end a turn on a mountain. 

African Forest Elephant (Horseman)

+2 Combat Strength. -10% Combat Strength for nearby enemies. Great Generals II. Does not require Horses. +33%Production Cost. -1 Movement.

Shophet (Great General)

Disembarks onto water tiles as a Great Admiral. Causes friendly units in the same tile or adjacent to heal 20 damage after defeating an enemy and enemy cities within two tiles to take extra damage.

Great Britain
Great Britain


Sun Never Sets

Gain Gold from founding new cities. The amount received is greater the further the city is from your Capital. Every city increases the Science rate in your Capital by 5% of their Production.

Ship-of-the-Line (Frigate)

+5 Combat Strength, +7  Ranged Strength. +1 Sight. -8%  Production Cost.

Redcoat (Rifleman)

Ignores Terrain Cost and can move through foreign lands without Open Borders. Offsets  Production penalties from Unhappiness when garrisoned.

Civ icons - Copy

(Christian IV)

Dominium Maris Baltici

Coastal cities are automatically connected to the Capital after researching the Wheel and begin with a free Merchant specialist. Gain Kontreadmiral points from conquering or settling coastal cities.

Kontreadmiral (Great Admiral)

May create a Citadel on water tiles, becoming a free Naval Combat Unit with 30 XP afterwards.

Ski Infantry (Rifleman)

+2 Movement and a +20% Combat Strength bonus if turn begins on a Hill.

Icon poland-lithuania1 256-0

(Sigismund II)

Noble Republic

Happiness contributes 33% more toward Golden Age progress. During Golden Ages, City-State Influence gained from gifting Gold or from completing quests are doubled.

Winged Hussar (Lancer)

This unit is faster and more powerful than the Lancer, which it replaces. Forces defenders to retreat when it inflicts more damage than it receives.

Estate (Bank)

Each source of Horses, Sheep and Cattle worked by this City produce +1 Gold. +1 Local Happiness for each different type of these resources improved and worked by the city.

City must have a Market. Trade routes other players make to a city with an Estate will generate an extra 1 Gold for the city owner and the trade route owner gains an additional 1 Gold for the trade route.

Icon england henry 256

(Henry VIII)

Dieu et Mon Droit

A We Love the King Day begins in all cities whenever you capture an enemy city or adopt a new Social Policy. Celebrating cities always follow your Religion and have increased (+20%) Great People generation.

Longbowman (Crossbowman)

+1 Range.

Jousting Grounds (Armory)

+5 additional XP for Mounted units. Gain Culture whenever a Mounted unit is trained, equal to its starting Experience.



Imperial Reverance

Culture and Production bonuses from Golden Ages are doubled. Military Units trained in a Golden Age begin with 15 more XP.

Daimyo (Great General)

This unit can be stationed in a city to increase the starting experience and Production of Melee Units. It can also be expended to begin a Golden Age.

Mikasa (Battleship)

This unit comes earlier than the Battleship, at Replaceable Parts, and has increased Combat Strength in friendly territory. During construction, this unit generates points toward your next Golden Age, equal to the Production output during construction.

JFD SwdenOscarIconAtlas 256 - Copy - Copy - Copy

(Oscar II)

Nobel Prize

Gain 90 Influence when gifting Great People to City-States. When declaring friendship, Sweden-Norway and their friend gain a +10% boost to Great Person generation empire-wide.

Tordenskjold (Battleship)

May be used to build and repair Offshore Platforms and Fishing Boats (this does not consume the unit). It also possesses a 25% bonus to Defense, but suffers a 25% penalty to Attack.

Royal Academy (Public School)

The Royal Academy costs slightly less maintenance than the Public School and, in addition to the Scientist Specialist slot a Public School ordinary possesses, contains a slot for both an Artist and a Writer Specialist.

World War II Civilizations[]

Civilization Ability Unique Component 1

Unique Component 2

Soviet Union


Warsaw Pact

Enemy units may take extra damage inside your borders, or in the borders of allied City-States or civilizations that share your Ideology. Earn Influence per turn with City-States from which you could demand tribute.

IS-2 (Tank)

May attack twice whilst in friendly territory, or in territory belonging to allied City-States or civilizations that share your Ideology. -3% Production Cost.

Commissariat (Constabulary)

+10% Production towards Land units for every City-State Connection (up to 30%).

Uk churchill
United Kingdom


Pax Britannica

Air and Naval Unit Production is increased +5% for every Pledge of Protection that you have with City-States (max +50%). Lighthouses, Harbors, and Seaports yield +1 Production.

Dreadnought (Battleship)

Unlocked at Replaceable Parts. +8 Combat Strength, +8 Ranged Strength. Ignores Zones of Control. Costs 1 additional Gold maintenance.

Spitfire (Fighter)

+20%  Combat Strength in Friendly Territory. Heals 25 damage after destroying an enemy.



The New Deal

Choose from either Great Merchant points and a Gold boost or Great Engineer points and a Production boost every time you adopt a new Social Policy. +2 Culture from Great Person tile improvements.

B17 (Bomber)

This unit has a chance of evading interception, and does additional damage to Cities.

Assembly Plant(Factory)

+10% Production towards mechanized Land and Air units. +50% embarked Defense for Armor and Siege units. Only one Assembly Plant is required to unlock an Ideology.

JFD Italy 256


Mare Nostrum 

Earn Golden Age points from settling or conquering coastal cities. +15% Production towards buildings that already exist in the Capital during Golden Ages.

Caio Duilio Class (Ironclad)

Starts with the Coastal Raider I promotion.

Carabinieri (Infantry)

+15%  Combat Strength vs. Gun Units. Speeds assimilation of cities in Resistance while garrisoned.

WW2 - Copy


Das Vaterland

Great Generals grant the Blitz promotion to adjacent Infantry units and may be expended for Science. +10% Great General generation for each war and denunciation with a major civilization (up to 100%)

Panzer (Tank)

+1 Movement. +10  Combat Strength. No movement cost to pillage.

Wehrmacht (Infantry)

Gain a free Wehrmacht whenever you capture an enemy city (after discovering Plastics). Starts with the Great Generals I promotion.

JFD JapanTojoAtlas 256 - Copy


Empire of the Pacific

Gain Science for each new Coast or Ocean Tile acquired; doubled in conquered cities. Produce Naval Units 50% faster in conquered cities.

Yamato (Battleship)

+50% Combat Strength vs. Cities. Can carry two Fighter units. -1 Movement.

Zero (Fighter)

+33% Combat Strength vs. Fighters. Does not require Oil.

France de gaulle

(Charles de Gaulle)

La France Libre

Great Generals grant the Amphibious promotion to adjacent units and can be expended for Culture. +10% Great General generation for every original French city captured by an enemy (up to 50%).

Char B1 (Landship)

Begins with +20% Defense and has a Ranged attack (65 Ranged Strength).

Café (Broadcast Tower)

Two  Music Slots. When both Great Work slots are filled, Infantry units trained in this city gain +1 Sight and earn 20% more Experience from combat. Reveals tiles adjacent to the city if under the control of another civilization.

JFD PolandPilsudskiAtlas 256


Miracle of the Vistula

Units are trained faster and earn more Experience from combat when fighting an enemy with a greater military force. After Industrialization, Workers may build weaker Manufactories and Customs Houses.

Legionary Uhlan (Cavalry)

+1 Movement. +10% Combat Strength vs. Armour units. +4 Combat Strength upon discovering Combustion. If it defeats an enemy, may attack again and automatically deals damage to surrounding enemies.

PZL.23 (Fighter)

+2 Range. +40% Combat Strength vs Land units.


Civilization Ability Unique Component 1

Unique Component 2


(Ali ibn al-Hassan)

Swahili Traders 

Increased Gold bonus for meeting a City-State (bonus enhanced if first and after discovering Guilds). +1 Food from Merchant specialists.

Dhow (Caravel)

Unlocked at Compass. +1  Movement. Heals +15 HP per turn outside Friendly Territory (Supply). -16%  Production Cost. -4  Combat Strength. 

Coral Port (Harbor)

+5% (up to +15%)  Food per International Trade Route leaving the City. +1 Merchant Specialist Slot. Kilwa and the Trade Route owner each receive +2  Gold for every International Trade Route made to this City.

More Civs,




The Ayyubids


Amir al-Mu'minin 

Receive free Mounted Units whenever a Great Prophet is born. These units earn Faith from kills, require no Horses and cost no Gold maintenance. Conquered cities immediately convert to your Religion on capture. 

Mamluk (Knight)

Prevents enemy Great Prophets and Missionaries from converting a city whilst it is stationed inside. In addition, it also ignores terrain penalties when moving through desert and does not have a penalty when attacking cities.

Madrasah (University)

Provides additional Science equal to 10% of the Faith generated by the city.

More Civs

(Saif bin Sultan)

Chain of the Earth Domestic Sea Trade Routes yield Gold when connected to a conquered city. Naval Units gain a 10% combat bonus against cities for every 10 Gold Per Turn, up to 40%.  Baghlah (Caravel)

Gains additional movement and sight and begins with 1 additional experience for every 3 net Gold produced by the empire, to a max of 30 XP.

Minaa' (Harbor)

Any enemy naval unit ending its turn next to this city takes a small amount of damage. In addition, the Minaa' increases Production toward Naval Units for every Trade Route departing the city.

More Civs


Harmony of Ani

No war with civilizations that share your Religion until the Industrial Era. During peacetime, may spend Faith to influence City-States which share your Religion. Receive a free Mburichi after your Pantheon is founded.

Mburichi (Great Merchant)

Can be used to spread your Religion up to 3 times. It will also convert any Barbarian unit to Faith when it moves into an adjacent tile, damaging the Mburichi.

Bronze Caster (Forge)

Can be constructed anywhere. When constructed, coverts all Iron sources within two tiles to Copper. Has a Merchant specialist slot. Does not increase Land Unit Production.


(Robrecht III)

Broadcloth Traders

Each Trade Route departing cities with an improved source of Sheep increase Building Production by 10% (max 30%). Begin near a source of Sheep.

Goedendag (Pikeman)

Can be instantly recruited from your population and returned (including to other cities). +25% Combat Strength vs. Melee Units.

Belfort (Castle)

Unlocked at Guilds. Does not require Walls. -25% Production Cost. Three may be built per City - the first requires a Market, the second a Temple, and the third a University. Upon completion, each rewards a lump of Culture equal to thrice the City's Gold output. Also, its prerequisite Building will produce +1 Gold. -6 City Strength, -15 City HP.

New Zealand


Britain of the South Seas

City Growth increased by 10% for each Trade Route with a different civ or City-State (max 30% per city). With at least one defensive pact, New Zealand gains two additional Trade Routes whilst their partner gains one.

ANZAC (Great War Infantry)

When beginning its turn outside your borders, this unit heals more damage the further it is from the capital (up to 30 damage). It also possesses a slight combat bonus when fighting outside your borders.

Defender (Ironclad)

Ignores enemy zones of control and gains +25% additional combat strength whenever it is within 3 tiles of a friendly city (including those belonging to civilizations with whom you have a Defensive Pact). It also possesses an additional sight, making it an effective defense force for your coasts. However, it does not begin with a bonus to attacking cities.

More Civs