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The Ionian Islands (also known as the Septinsular Republic) led by Antonios Komoutos is a custom civilization by PorkBean, with contributions from JakeWalrusWhale and DarthKyofu.

This mod requires Brave New World.


Ionian Islands[]

The Ionian Islands are a group of islands in the Ionian Sea, west of mainland Greece. Their history as a distinct region dates back to their centuries-long rule by the Republic of Venice, while the rest of the country was absorbed by the Ottoman Empire. When Venice fell to Napoleon in 1797, the islands briefly came under French rule before being held by the Russians, who supervised the islanders in setting up their own "Septinsular Republic" - the first Greek territory to be governed by Greeks in almost 350 years.

Antonios Komoutos[]

After the death of Count Spyridion Georgios Theotokis, the "Prince" of the Septinsular Republic in 1803, a new head of state of the Republic was to be elected. Under the new constitution, the election was for the president of the senate, who would take the title of Prince. A noble from the island of Zakynthos, Antonios Komoutos was elected at the age of 55. His tenure as Ionian leader saw a flurry of legislative and administrative activity: between January and March 1804, laws concerning local administration, shipping, rural communes, and education were passed, the ecclesiastical administration was reformed, and the ministries were established. The Republic now became truly a proper state, and aroused the expectations and hopes of the Greek intelligentsia.

Dawn of Man[]

May the days of your reign be peaceful, Antonios Komoutos, Prince of these Ionian Islands and President of the Senate of the Septinsular Republic! Since ancient times the islands have been the gateway to the Adriatic, the seven beating hearts of Greek trade, commerce, and conflict. Never successfully held by the Ottoman state, the islands instead remained for centuries under the rule of Venice, cultivating their own distinct culture and insulating the European seas against the Turkish tide. During the upheaval in Europe brought about by Napoleon's conquests, the islands were brought under Russian control and granted self-government - a first for the Greek people in more than 300 years.

Scene Komoutos

Leaderscene by PorkBean

Prince Antonios, the islands of the Republic look to you for leadership! Can you again hold on to your independent spirit and defy the great empires that would see it destroyed? Can you build a civlization that will stand the test of time?

Introduction: Welcome to the Septinsular Republic. I am Antonios Komoutos, Prince and President of these islands.

Defeat: If this is what it takes for the return of peace, so be it.

Unique Attributes[]

Ionian Islands (Antonios Komoutos)
Komoutos Icon

Art by PorkBean


Cities have extra Naval Trade Route range based on the number of adjacent water tiles. Foreign Trade Units passing through your territory grant Food Food to Cities below 10 Population, and CultureIcon Culture thereafter.

Greek Legion Icon

Art by PorkBean

Light Jäger (Rifleman)
  • Slightly weaker (29 Strength vs 34)
  • +1 Moves Movement
  • For 10 turns after disembarking, gains double Strength Offensive Strength and may pillage without spending Movement points.
Angelokastro Icon

Art by PorkBean

Angelokastro (Castle)
  • 2 City Defense and 20 City HP for every adjacent water tile
  • +1 XP for newly trained Naval Units for each water tile worked by the city
  • Requires Walls
City List
  1. Corfu
  2. Argostoli
  3. Kythira
  4. Zakynthos
  5. Lefkada
  6. Vathy
  7. Gaios
  8. Kavos
  9. Lixouri
  10. Potamos
  11. Roda
  12. Katastari
  13. Lygia
  14. Gouvia
  15. Stavros
  16. Lakka
  17. Sidari
  18. Sami
  19. Agia Pelagia
  20. Vanato
  21. Nikiana
  22. Marmaka
  23. Lagos
  24. Arillas
  25. Fiskardo
  26. Ano Livadi
  27. Machairado
  28. Apolpaina
  29. Exogi
  30. Ozias
Spy List
  • Spyridon Georgios Theotokis
  • Antonio Kapodistrias
  • Nikolai Tiesenhausen
  • Dimitrios Armenos
  • Stamos Chalikiopoulos
  • Ioannis Kapadokas
  • Giorgio Mocenigo
  • Eugenios Voulgaris
  • Amadantios Korais
  • Emmanouil Papadopoulos


Ionian Icon


Peace Theme War Theme

Piano Concerto No. 1000 - Europa Universalis IV- Republican Music


The Siege - Europa Universalis IV- Songs of War

"Piano Concerto No. 1000" by Paradox Interactive for the soundtrack of Europa Universalis IV "The Siege" by Paradox Interactive for the soundtrack of Europa Universalis IV

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence

Unique Cultural Influence[]

"Our people are now enjoying your operas and attending your academies. I worry the rest of the world will also succumb to the influence of your culture."

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 30 December 2021

  • PorkBean: Design, Code, Text, Art
  • JakeWalrusWhale: Map
  • DarthKyofu: Civ icon, Colors

Notes and References[]

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