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Hot Bakery
Hoto Cocoa
Hot Bakery
Eastern Orthodox
req. mod
Eastern (Not yet Implemented)

Traits req. mod
Expansive, Diplomatic

Hot Bakery led by Hoto Cocoa is a civilization by Mathetes tou Megalou Alexandrou. It is based on the Is the Order a Rabbit series.

Hot Bakery is tested only on Brave New World. It is best played with Divine Yuri's Rabbit House Civilization that comes from the same universe.


Dawn of Man[]

May all the little sisters of the world look towards you, Cocoa! You are the youngest of the Hoto family. Coddled you were, you wish to show affection to cute things, and immediately wanted to cuddle Tippy and Kafuu Chino at first sight. They treated you with suspicion at first, but they warmed up to you, even if the visual signs were few and far between.

Cocoa, the little sisters of the world wait for you to embrace them. With your bread bring them over and stand as the greatest elder sister ever to be remembered. Are you ready to take on the journey to bring all the little sisters under your care, Cocoa? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?


Cocoa leads an early-game powerhouse of a civilization: All of Cocoa's unique bonuses provide a consistent and powerful bonus that grants Cocoa some sort of benefit to any sort of victory: While Cocoa doesn't have a direct bonus to a Cultural Victory, Cocoa's high population and the resulting high science and production allows Cocoa some edge over civilizations with no bonus to cultural victory.

Cocoa's earliest bonus is the free granary, and it is a powerful bonus by itself: +2 Food immediately without requiring any investment in production or maintenance allows Cocoa to raise the population of Artocopial cities in the early game far faster than almost any other civilization, while also allowing Cocoa to expand faster as extra food translates into production for Settlers. In addition, Cocoa's City-State bonus isn't as useful in keeping allies as that of Megas Alexandros, but manages to be powerful enough to be relevant especially when combined with Cocoa's other bonuses. Making Allies of city-states will make Cocoa a powerhouse: making a few city-state allies will add to Cocoa's capital, and 4 city-states will provide enough production to match a manufactory.

Cocoa's UU and the UB are the most iconic aspect of Cocoa's gameplay: the Artopolion makes Wine and Sugar starts or settles useful, while potentially making room for a maximum of 12 Global Happiness. Not only that, the Artopolion often becomes better than the Indonesia's Unique Ability, since the Indonesians are limited to 1 extra copy of the luxury to sell to neighbors, while Cocoa can have more copies of the unique resources depending on the the cities and resource positions, all while contributing to Cocoa's already venerable population game spurred by the free Granary.

Lastly, the Unique Merchant Replacement is a very versatile unit that encourages Cocoa to take advantage of Wonders that give Merchant Points, as well as employing Merchants once Artopolia are completed: The Unique Merchant plants into Academies while also having the ability to hurry production, making it a mix of a Great Scientist and Great Engineer early game with each GP's abilities that are most relevant in the early game. In addition to their ability to boost Cocoa's development, they also have a remarkable sight range, as well as the ability to speed healing of nearby units, making them also great military assets as well. The healing bonus that the Elder Sisters provide makes Bombers even better, allowing Cocoa to engage in bombing attacks longer than most other civilizations.

Because Cocoa can grow very quickly in the early game especially with the Civilization IV Trait mod, Cocoa tends to suffer from unhappiness. To compensate for the early unhappiness problem, the player is recommended to prioritize Meritocracy or Monarchy. Should the player be fortunate enough to found a religion, prioritizing Pagodas and Religious Centers will help to control unhappiness.

With the August 22 patch, Cocoa has become less reliant on resources, but also less able to control the luxury market. Artopolion no longer gives luxury resources depending on the surrounding resources, but rather gives only one of the 3 luxury resources available (Souvlaki renamed to Cafe Cocoa in the process). However, the luxury resources provided prioritizes the resource that Cocoa doesn't have, meaning 3 of Cocoa's cities do not cost any happiness to found once the cities have built the Artopolion, nor does it lose the Food Growth bonus associated with the resources.

However, the Artopolion now grants 1 Production Production to all the Monuments in the empire. Because of this new change, Cocoa has become even more expansion-oriented than before. While Artopolia must be built before Cocoa can receive the new bonuses, the ability to get a significant boost to production means Cocoa is given a strong late Classical to Medieval game as long as there's luxury resources to back up Cocoa's expansion.

Unique Trait and Components[]

Hot Bakery (Hoto Cocoa)[]

Mathalx Hoto Cocoa Icon
Are the Little Sisters at the City-States?

Influence Influence with City-States decay 25% slower and recover 50% faster. All founded cities start with a free Granary. Every Allied City-States increase the Capital Capital's Production Production and Science Science by 1.

Mathalx Reliable Elder Sister Icon
Reliable Elder Sister

(Replaces Great Merchant)

Can be trained in a city with the National Epic once Education is researched. Costs 1000 Production . Trade Missions produce 50% less Influence Influence and Gold Gold until Printing Press is discovered, and plants into an Academy instead of the Customs House. Can hurry a city's production in a manner identical to the Great Engineer. Has +2 Vision, and all adjacent units (but not the unit sharing the tile) gain 15 HP more when healing.

Mathalx Artopolion Icon

(Replaces Market)

Costs 125 Production Production instead of 100. However, it provides +2 Gold , Food and Production while increasing the Food Food yield of Wine, Cocoa, Citrus, Sugar, Sheep, Cattle, and Bison by 1.

Artopolia yield 1 copy of either Bread, Jam, or Cafe Cocoa, prioritizing the luxury resource that Cocoa doesn't have.

City List
  1. Hot Bakery
  2. Artopoleion
  3. Dominique Ansel
  4. Tatte
  5. Pattiserie Sadaharu Aoki
  6. Demel
  7. Conditori la Glace
  8. du Pain et Des Idees
  9. Taillevent
  10. Pasticceria Machesi
  11. Ble Sucre
  12. Paris Baguette
Spy List
  1. Hoto Mocha
  2. Cocoa's Eldest Brother
  3. Cocoa's Elder Brother
  4. Tippy
  5. Aoyama Blue Mountain
  6. Rize's Father
  7. Chiya's Grandmother
  8. Chino's Mother
  9. Cocoa's Mother
  10. Cocoa's Father
  11. Mate Rin
Dialogue List
  • First Greetings
    • Hello, and welcome to Hot Bakery! I am the youngest of the hosts, and my name is Hoto Cocoa.
    • Oh, a newcomer! Come on in, we'll treat you to the finest of our wares. Name's Hoto Cocoa.
    • Hello, customer! Ah, a new one? Welcome! I am Hoto Cocoa, your host.
  • Defeat
    • Aaaahhhhhh... Well, can I at least have that fluffy bunny?
    • Aaaaannnnnngggg! Now no little sister's going to call me a elegant and awesome older sister~
  • Special First Greeting for Kafuu Chino
    • Uh hello... wait, Chino, is that you? Come on in! Feel free to hug your big sister right here.
    • Make yourself at home and call me big sister, Chino. OK? Uh? You don't want to call me a big sister? Pleeaaaaase?
    • Chino? I'm going to cuddle~ Tippy, you're welcome to join in.
  • Friendly Greeting for Kafuu Chino
    • Hello- Oh, Chino, it's you! Come here! Big sister's waiting for you!
    • Chino! Welcome back! Would you mind lending Tippy for a minute?
    • Chino, you've come in a good time! What brings you to your older sister's abode?


Peace Theme War Theme

Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? OST - 13 Onee chan」ソ


Europa Barbarorum Soundtrack Eastern Greek Battle Theme

Peace Theme: Elder Sister (Is the Order a Rabbit OST Track 13) War Theme: Europa Barbarorum Eastern Greek Battle Theme by Nick Wylie


Victory Competitiveness 4 (2-6)
Wonder Competitiveness 5 (3-7)
City-State Competitiveness 3 (1-5)
Boldness 6 (4-8)
DiploBalance 4 (2-6)
Warmonger Hate 5 (3-7)
Denounce Willingness 4 (2-6)
Declaration of Friendship 9 (7-10)
Loyalty 7 (5-9)
Neediness 6 (4-8)
Forgiveness 7 (5-9)
Chattiness 7 (5-9)
Meanness 2 (1-4)

War 4 (2-6)
Hostile 2 (1-4)
Deceptive 2 (1-4)
Guarded 4 (2-6)
Afraid 7 (5-9)
Friendly 9 (7-10)
Neutral 4 (2-6)

Ignore 4 (2-6)
Friendly 8 (6-10)
Protective 7 (5-9)
Conquest 3 (1-5)
Bully 3 (1-5)

Offense 4 (2-6)
Defense 4 (2-6)
City Defense 5 (1-5)
Military Training 3 (1-5)
Recon 5 (1-5)
Ranged 6 (4-8)
Mobile 6 (4-8)
Naval 5 (1-5)
Naval Recon 6 (4-8)
Naval Growth 6 (4-8)
Naval Tile Improvement 7 (5-9)
Air 5 (1-5)
Expansion 5 (1-5)
Growth 7 (5-9)
Tile Improvement 6 (4-8)
Infrastructure 5 (1-5)
Production 5 (7-3)
Gold 7 (5-9)
Science 7 (5-9)
Culture 5 (7-3)
Happiness 6 (4-8)
Great People 5 (7-3)
Wonder 5 (7-3)
Religion 3 (1-5)
Diplomacy 8 (6-10)
Spaceship 5 (7-3)
Water Connection 6 (4-8)
Nuke 5 (3-7)
Use Nuke 1 (1-3)
Espionage 3 (1-5)
Antiair 6 (4-8)
Air Carrier 6 (4-8)
Trade Destination 6 (4-8)
Trade Origin 6 (4-8)
Sea Trade Route 7 (5-9)
Land Trade Route 5 (3-7)
Archeology 5 (3-7)
Airlift 5 (3-7)

Mercenaries 3
Religious Intolerance 3

Cocoa is a capable opponent if not checked by a more aggressive neighbor. Cocoa might not have the Science potential of Korea or Babylon, but makes up for that with a wide variety of early game bonuses that allows Cocoa to snowball well, and the AI takes advantage of its Happiness bonus. Cocoa will prove to be expansionist if Civ IV Traits is enabled, and Cocoa will focus Science and Gold, prioritizing Diplomatic victory. With an almost guaranteed higher population that most neighboring civilizations, Cocoa will often come out on top of the science and production demographics if left unchecked. Cocoa also sometimes plant the unique Merchants into Academies, further accentuating the science advantages through population.

Mod Supports[]


Eratosthenes' Legacy

A certain lunar princess of the East has accepted the glory that is Hellenism, and we too are in the borders of the great Greek culture's influence. The lunar princess seemed to be interested in adopting Hellenic social policies, while you, Cocoa, were more interested in something you're more talented in, namely mathematics.
Option 1: Excellent! It is time to learn the best language that ever existed!
  • Costs 250 Gold Gold and CultureIcon Culture in Standard Speed.
  • Free Great Scientist
  • Academies produce 2 Science and Culture.
Option 2: Guess we'll provide some place for them to teach. Some people's bound to learn.
  • Costs 200 Gold Gold.
  • Instant university in the Capital Capital.
Option 3: Too much bother, don't want to learn another language~
  • Nothing


Make Koulourakia
The koulourakia is a delicacy of the Hellenes, who make the treat at Easter to be eaten after the Holy Saturday. The vanilla flavored butter treat is usually ring-shaped, and your little sisters will find these treats to be delicious.
  • Player must be Hot Bakery's Hoto Cocoa.
  • Player must be in the Renaissance Era or beyond.
  • Player must have a state religion.
  • Can be enacted once per era.
  • 600 (+75 for each allied City-State) Gold Gold in Standard Speed
  • 10 (+15 per era) Food Food for all of the player's cities.
  • 15 Influence Influence with all met city-states.
  • Fully converts all the player's cities and the allied city-states into the player's state religion. However, the holy city of the player's state religion and the religion that the player founded if it isn't the state religion are exceptions.
Make Loukoumades
This sweet delicacy of the Anatolian and the Balkan Peninsulas had what could be considered an ancestor in the Classical Era. The Enkris (pl. Enkrides), a dough fried in olive oil, was described extensively by authors like Archestratos of Trinakrie, Kallimachos of Kyrene, and even in the He Metaphrasis ton Hebdomekonta. Of the 3 mentioned, Kallimachos mentions of cakes served in honey which would be very similar to the Loukoumades. The modern variant is called lokma by the Tourkoi and the Loukoumades by the Hellenes, of which the earliest mentions is found in the works of Al-Baghdadi. You wish to serve this sweet treat to your little sisters, especially your favorite Kafuu Chino.
  • Player must be Hot Bakery's Hoto Cocoa.
  • Player must be in the Renaissance Era or beyond.
  • Can be enacted only once per game.
  • 750 Gold Gold and CultureIcon Culture in Standard Speed
  • All the players' cities receive the Loukoumades Shop.

Art by Firaxis

Loukoumades Shop
  • 2 Local Happy Happiness, +2 Gold and Food .

Implant Molang Population
When it has been found out that Tippy, the fluffy angora rabbit, is the host to the spirit of Chino's Grandfather, your dream of fluffing and cuddling the daylights out of Tippy in the sleep became an impossibility. Nevertheless, you sought to find a equally cuddly, round, soft bunny, and found a suitable replacement in a certain peninsula.
  • Player must be Hot Bakery's Hoto Cocoa.
  • Player must be in the Modern Era or beyond.
  • Can be enacted only once per game.
  • 1000 Gold Gold and CultureIcon Culture in Standard Speed
  • Capital Capital receives the Molang Enclave building.
Molang Enclave
  • 1 Extra Vote in the World Congress. Unhappiness Unhappiness from non-occupied citizens reduced by 15%.
  • The extra vote scales with the number of City-States when Community Patch is enabled.

Unique Cultural Influence[]

"Our people are eating rabbit-shaped bread, while the elder sisters are cuddling younger sisters. I fear that the world will be overtaken by the influence of your culture."

Full Credits[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 4
Last Updated: December 19, 2016

  • Mathetes tou Alexandrou: LUA, XML
  • Europa Barbarorum Team: War Theme
  • Koi: Intellectual property (Cocoa, Mocha), Art sources
  • Yoon Hye-Ji: Intellectual property (Molang)
  • White Fox: Animation (art source), Music

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