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Honma led by Honma Yoshihisa is a custom civilization by Grant

This mod requires Brave New World.



The Honma clan was a Japanese feudal clan that ruled the province of Sado between the 12th and 16th century. Yoshihisa Honma was appointed shugodai of Sado in 1185. The clan established its rule from Sawata Castle. The clan gave birth to two new branches, the Hamochi-Honma and the Kawaharada-Honma. Those two branches eventually prevailed over the head clan and opposed each other. By the Warring States period on the mainland, the original Honma clan was functionally extinct.

Uesugi Kenshin, ruler of the Echigo Province at the time, settled the ongoing conflicts between Hamochi-Honma and Kawaharada-Honma. His death sparked a new rows of hostilities between the two branches, but Uesugi Kagekatsu invaded Sado in 1589, putting an end to the ruling of the clan. The dynasty, however, survived as magistrates and wealthy landowners across Japan: the current head of the Honma clan is Makiko Homma, as of 2012.

Honma Yoshihisa[]

Honma Yoshihisa was an imperial official, or shugodai, appointed to rule the island of Sado on behalf of the shugo, or military governor, Osragi, tnghe court regent for Emperor Hojo. Prior to this, Sado island had been a loosely controlled possession of the emperor, a separate province from the mainland province of Echigo since the eighth century CE. Yoshihisa, however, was not content with ruling the island for another dynasty, and quickly established his own, the Honma dynasty, constructing the castle of Sawatajo, in modern-day Sawata. The dynasty continued to rule the island for several centuries, establishing a relationship with the imperial court whereby disloyal subjects and political enemies were exiled there. The dynasty soon divided into two cadet branches, the Hamochi and Karawada, which intermittently fought with each other, and in time defeated the representatives of Yoshihisa's original Honma clan.

Dawn of Man[]

Noble lord of Sawata, samurai and statesmen of all nations are humbled in your presence. A loyal courtier of the Kamakura Shogun, you were dispatched to the windswept, wild island by the imperial regent, along with the exiled commander Shibuya Aihara, tasked with governing the unruly province with your steady hand. You proved a model ruler, but being the puppet of a distant official could not, and did not, satisfy you. You chose to found your own dynasty, and raised a castle of immense size and wealth from the fields of Sawata. Your descendants turned the island from a political backwater to an economic powerhouse, ordering extensive mines to be dug by well-paid workers to extract rich seams of gold and silver. Alas, your progeny turned on each other, and when the mainland descedent into chaos the daiymo of Echigo, Uesegi Kenshin, cast the Honma clans from power.


Leaderscreen by Grant

Though there are many more noble and proud clans, Yoshihisa, none have founders as industrious and intelligent as you. As warlords once again engulf the world from east to west, your iron will can wrestle and island of calm within the storm, an oasis of good governance amid a sea of tyranny. Can you accept the challenge? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of Time?

Introduction: "Welcome. I am the shugodai of the island of Sado, but you will bow to me as Daimyo."

Defeat: "My clan is one forged through and defined by exile. In time, we will recover, and sail from the north to retake our rightful wealth."

Unique Attributes[]

Honma (Honma Yoshihisa)

Art by Grant

Arrows of Mercy

Capturing civilians rewards CultureIcon Culture dependent on the unit's distance from its owner's Capital Capital. During a Goldenage Golden Age, naval units trained in cities with access to GoldRes Icon Gold or Silver Icon Silver may conduct Trade Missions towards major civilizations.


Art by Grant

Mishihasebune (Trireme)
  • More expensive to train.
  • Gain additional experience from combat along river deltas.
  • May freely explore the ocean north of where it was trained.
  • Does not obsolete.

Art by Grant

Kinzan (Forge)
  • Enables GoldRes Icon Gold and Silver Icon Silver to be discovered in nearby mountains.
  • Mined mountains yield Goldenage Golden Age Points.
City List
  1. Sawata
  2. Niibo
  3. Aikawa
  4. Ogi
  5. Daimyojin
  6. Takachi
  7. Hanesama
  8. Onogame
  9. Mano
  10. Hamochi
  11. Ryotsu
  12. Akadomari
  13. Hanato
  14. Tsuruko
  15. Hamoshiro
  16. Zotajo
  17. Sawane
  18. Yawata
  19. Thinae
  20. Kanaizumi
  21. Futami
  22. Ninomiya
  23. Hiraizumi
  24. Misaki
  25. Sotokaifu
  26. Kamo Kayo
  27. Yoshii
  28. Katagami
  29. Noda
  30. Nagaune
  31. Tanosawa
  32. Iwao
Spy List
  • Suketada
  • Oyo Hozumi
  • Mutsumi
  • Yunao
  • Noriyasu
  • Daikichi
  • Yuju
  • Yasunori
  • Munetada
  • Yasuhide




Peace Theme War Theme
"Ibuki", by Kodo ft. Isao Tomita "Honoka", by Kodo

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 30 December 2021
  • Grant: Code, Research, Art, Text, Design, Mod Support
  • Senshidenshi: Art (Civilization Icon)
  • Kodo: Music (Peace & War Themes)
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