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The Holy Roman Empire led by Frederick II is a custom civilization by TopHatPaladin, with contributions from TarcisioCM, DarthKyofu, and Nutty. It was released as part of the Civ V 10th Anniversary event.

This mod requires Brave New World.


Hohenstaufen Dynasty[]

The Hohenstaufen dynasty was a family that initially rose to prominence in the Duchy of Swabia in 1079, and went on to rule the Holy Roman Empire from 1138 to 1254. The first Hohenstaufen duke, Frederick I of Swabia, married a daughter of Emperor Henry IV. Thus, his two sons - Frederick and Conrad - came to be considered for the imperial throne after Henry V died heirless in 1125. These bids for the crown were initially unsuccessful; despite the Hohenstaufens' efforts, the next emperor would be Lothair of Supplinburg. However, after Lothair died in 1137, Conrad (then the Duke of Franconia) managed to ascend to the throne himself.

Conrad died without any adult heirs of his own, so he was succeeded by his nephew, Frederick - the emperor who came to be known as Frederick Barbarossa. Frederick presided over eastward expansion and war in Italy, as well as a florescence of Middle High German literature. Frederick struggled with finances throughout his reign, but his successor Henry VI married into the royal family of Sicily, providing new revenue to the crown. However, Henry died when his son - Frederick II - was only a few years old. Frederick's uncle, Philip of Swabia, was selected to serve as regent, but a rival faction backed the Welf Otto IV as regent, and civil war ensued. This war led the Hohenstaufen authority to degrade in Germany; Frederick II was more interested in Sicilian affairs once he came of age, further alienating the Hohenstaufen from the German princes. Centralization continued to degrade in Germany, and after Frederick's son Conrad IV died in 1254, there ensued a period called the "Great Interregnum" where no contender could attain unanimous recognition as the new emperor.

Conradin, the son of Conrad IV, was put forward as a royal candidate in 1261. However, he was unsuccessful, and he was eventually executed in 1268 - at just sixteen years of age. The death of Conradin ended the direct line of the Hohenstaufen dynasty, although many later emperors would be descended from them indirectly.

Frederick II[]

(excerpted from the full Frederick II civilopedia)

Frederick II was the Holy Roman Emperor and the King of Sicily throughout the first half of the thirteenth century, ruling both domains at the apogee of the Hohenstaufen dynasty. He was an intellectually curious and active king, although his religious skepticism and his political interests in Italy made him a frequent enemy of the papacy; during his lifetime, he would be excommunicated three times.

Although he was busy with many military affairs throughout his life, Frederick's greatest interests were intellectual. He patronized the Sicilian School of poetry, one of the first institutions in the post-Roman West to publish vernacular literature; he also commissioned translations of Greek and Arabic works. He also conducted various human experiments, hosted prominent astronomers at his court in Palermo, and corresponded with leading scholars about scientific and mathematical questions. Frederick's greatest interest, however, was falconry, and he personally wrote the first treatise on the subject: The Art of Hunting with Birds.

Dawn of Man[]

LS PNG Frederick

Art by TopHatPaladin

"Hail, Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II, king of Sicily, Germany, Italy, and Jerusalem! One of the most intellectually curious figures of the Middle Ages, your reign was commissioned by the production of a wide range of knowledge and literature. You patronized Sicilian-language poetry and translations of Greek and Arabic text, and even wrote a text yourself: The Art of Hunting with Birds, the world's first treatise on falconry. You also hosted many astronomers at your court, and issued sweeping reforms of Sicilian law that would last for centuries beyond your death. Politically, you would bring the Holy Roman Empire to its territorial apex: it was united with Sicily during your rule, as well as briefly Jerusalem, and your expansion into northern Italy and resistance of the Mongols helped ensure the size of the heartland as well.

Frederick, scholars and laypeople alike reminisce about the vibrant court you maintained, and its many intellectual accomplishments. Can you create an empire that amasses and refines all of the human knowledge in the world? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?"

Introduction: "Welcome to Sicily! Oh, and the Holy Roman Empire, as well. I am known as Frederick. Care to go for a hunt?"

Defeat: "Well, that's that for my reign. I don't suppose you'd let me stay on as your court falconer?"

Unique Attributes[]

Holy Roman Empire (Frederick II)
IconPNG Frederick

Art by TopHatPaladin

Astonishment of the World

Constructing a Great Person Tile Improvement creates a Greatwork Great Work of Writing, if possible, in the nearest city. Constructing a building with Specialist slots provides a sum of points toward the relevant Greatperson Great Person.

IconPNG Ministerialis

Art by TarcisioCM

Ministerialis (Knight)
  • Yields Science Science when promoted
  • If garrisoned in a city, increases the rate of building production in that city
IconPNG Menagerie

Art by TarcisioCM

Imperial Menagerie (Zoo)
  • Boosts Greatperson Great People generation by 20%
  • +1 Science Science for every Great Work in its city
City List
  1. Palermo
  2. Mainz
  3. Frankfurt
  4. Aachen
  5. Cologne
  6. Heidelberg
  7. Magdeburg
  8. Braunschweig
  9. Regensburg
  10. Freiburg
  11. Vienna
  12. Augsburg
  13. Trier
  14. Nuremberg
  15. Messina
  16. Goslar
  17. Koblenz
  18. Worms
  19. Munich
  20. Speyer
  21. Leipzig
  22. Ulm
  23. Gelnhausen
  24. Salerno
  25. Kiel
  26. Erfurt
  27. Konstanz
  28. Marburg
  29. Reutlingen
  30. Göppingen
  31. Brindisi
  32. Hanover
  33. Münster
  34. Kassel
  35. Bonn
  36. Rimini
  37. Lucera
Spy List
  • Conrad
  • Roger
  • Otto
  • Henry
  • Manfred
  • Agnes
  • Margaret
  • Yolande
  • Isabella
  • Constance


Peace Theme War Theme
Link Link
Rorate Caeli from the Crusader Kings 2 soundtrack Armed Combat A from the Kingdom Come: Deliverance soundtrack
Icon Hohenstaufen

Mod Support[]

Additional Achievements[]

Astonished Yet?

  • Win the game on any difficulty setting as the Hohenstaufen Dynasty.

The Glassed Menagerie

  • As the Hohenstaufen, complete the Manhattan Project in a desert city with an Imperial Menagerie.

Unique Cultural Influence[]

"Our people are now raising your falcons and reading your vernacular poetry. I worry that the rest of the world will also succumb to the influence of your culture."

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 21 September 2020


  • TopHatPaladin: Design, Code, Text, Leaderscreen
  • DarthKyofu: Civ Icon
  • TarcisioCM: Other Art
  • Nutty: Unit Model
  • Robin Birner and Yannick Süß: Peace Theme
  • Jan Valta and Adam Sporka: War Theme
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