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The Guided Missile is a Bomb unit available in the Information Era.


Special one-time use unit of the Information Era.

Common abilities:

  • Evasion (50)


  • Rebase Mode: Order the air unit to rebase to another city, Missile Cruiser, or Nuclear Submarine


The Guided Missile is a one-shot unit which is destroyed when it attacks an enemy target. The Guided Missile may be based in a player-owned friendly city, or aboard a Nuclear Submarine or Missile Cruiser. They may move from base to base or attack an enemy unit or city within their range of 8. See the rules on Missiles for more information.

Guided Missiles don't cost Maintenance, but count towards the supply limit. It is a good idea to fill the entire unused capacity in Cities with them, then Rebase to front-line Cities and ships as needed. When used defensively, a city can kill 1 enemy unit with 2-4 missiles, until the supplies are depleted. It is even better to use Guided Missiles to kill Land and Naval Units that can Intercept, then perform Air Strikes with relative impunity.

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