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Greenland led by Hans Egede is a custom civilization by Senshi, with contributions from JFD, Alga, DarthKyofu, and Zharques.

This mod requires Brave New World.



Greenland is considered to be the world’s largest island, although there is debate around the inclusion or exclusion of Australia and Antarctica from this. It is located between the Arctic and Atlantic oceans, east of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. In prehistoric times, Greenland was home to several successive Paleo-Inuit cultures known today primarily through archaeological finds. The earliest entry of the Paleo-Inuit into Greenland is thought to have occurred about 2500 BC. From around 2500 BC to 800 BC, southern and western Greenland were inhabited by the Saqqaq culture. From 2400 BC to 1300 BC, the Independence I culture existed in northern Greenland. It was a part of the Arctic small tool tradition. Towns, including Deltaterrasserne, started to appear. Around 800 BC, the Saqqaq culture disappeared and the Early Dorset culture emerged in western Greenland and the Independence II culture in northern Greenland. The Dorset culture was the first culture to extend throughout the Greenlandic coastal areas, both on the west and east coasts. It lasted until the total onset of the Thule culture in 1500 AD. The Dorset culture population lived primarily from hunting of whales and caribou.

Hans Egede[]

Hans Egede was born into the home of a civil servant in Harstad, Norway, nearly 150 miles north of the Arctic Circle. His paternal grandfather had been a vicar in Vester Egede on southern Zealand, Denmark. Educated by an uncle who was a clergyman in the local Lutheran Church. In 1704 he travelled to Copenhagen to enter the University of Copenhagen, where he earned a Bachelor’s in Theology. He returned to Hinnøya Island after graduation, and in April 1707 he was ordained and assigned to a parish on the remote archipelago of Lofoten. It was in this same year that he married Gertrud Rask, with whom he had four children – two boys and two girls.

Dawn of Man[]

"Trust in the power of the Lord, oh Holy Hans Egede, Apostle of Greenland. Let his power guide you as you lead Greenland through its rebirth. For the seas are stormy, the Winters cold. Trained in the Lutheran faith in Denmark, you were inspired by the stories of the old Norse and sought to administer your faith to those who may inhabit it. Carried by the Hope, you, your wife, and four children, established what would become modern Greenland. Through trials and tribulations, you were guided by the Lord, and set Greenland on a righteous path that would see it become a unique and prosperous society in the years to come.


By DarthKyofu and Senshi

But your people once again cry out for you, oh Hans Egede, for the Heavenly Lads are cold and empty. They have been abandoned. Scurvy has turned back those who would help you on your mission. They cry for the guidance of the Lord. You must once again sail the seas of the Sagas, avoiding the sea serpents and the storms. You must once again stand as the shining beacon amongst the hardships that life presents, and lead Greenland by the example you set. Will you be up to the task? Can you build a civilization that stands in defiance of the chilly grip of entropy? A civilization to stand the test of time?"

Introduction: "Well met. I am Hans Egede, and I have traveled to bring holy light to this land, the coldest reaches of God's earth."

Defeat: "Taming this land was a fruitless endeavour to begin with. You've gained nothing from this warfare."

Unique Attributes[]

Greenland (Hans Egede)

Art by DarthKyofu

Give Us This Day Our Daily Seal

Settlers and Great People may quickly Embark after founding a Religion, and spawn a Missionary in their place when expended. Converting a friendly city to your Religion for the first time spawns up to three Sea Resources in nearby tiles.


Art by Alga (adapted from Janboruta)

Apostle (Great Prophet)
  • May found Cities on foreign continents.
  • Cities founded by an Apostle begin with two extra Citizens, and exert double Religious pressure.

Art by Alga

Missionshus (Temple)
  • Spawns a Work Boat when completed in a Coastal City.
  • Stores 5% Food Food for each incoming and outgoing Trade Route.
City List
  1. Godthåb
  2. Godhavn
  3. Jakobshavn
  4. Holsteinsborg
  5. Julianehåb
  6. Egedesminde
  7. Christianshåb
  8. Frederikshåb
  9. Hunde Ejlande
  10. Sukkertoppen
  11. Upernavik
  12. Nennortalik
  13. Fiskernæs
  14. Claushavn
  15. Rodebay
  16. Solsiden
  17. Ammassalik
  18. Frederiksdal
  19. Øen
  20. Nordprøven
  21. Sydprøven
  22. Omenak
  23. Igaliko
  24. Søndre Upernavik
  25. Kap Dan
  26. Scoresbysund
  27. Sletten
  28. Kraulshavn
  29. Prøven
  30. Diskofjord
Spy List
  • Paul
  • Gertrud
  • Jacob
  • Eske
  • Hinrich
  • Claus
  • Christian
  • Børge
  • Johannes
  • Niels



Peace Theme War Theme
'The Snow Is Coming' from Europa Universalis IV, by Andreas Waldetoft 'Birth of a Global Empire' from Europa Universalis IV: Golden Century, by Andreas Waldetoft

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 23 December 2020


  • Senshi: Design, Code, Art (Civ Icon & Alpha, Map, Leaderscene), Auxiliary
  • JFD: Lua
  • Agla: Art (Unit and Building Icons) {some base art adapted from Janboruta}
  • DarthKyofu: Art (Leaderscene)
  • Zharques: Text (Pedias and Dawn of Man)
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