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For DJSHenninger's Tigranes II, see Armenia (Tigranes II).
Greater Armenia
Map by Poom
Map by Poom
Tigranes II
Start Bias
req. mod

Traits req. mod
Aggressive, Defensive
Map Labels Language req. mod
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Greater Armenia led by Tigranes II is a custom civilization mod by JFD, with contributions from Leugi, Poom, and Darth_Kyofu. This mod requires Brave New World.


Greater Armenia[]

After the defeat of the Seleucid king Antiochus III (the Great) by Rome at the Battle of Magnesia (winter 190–189 bce), his two Armenian satraps, Artaxias (Artashes) and Zariadres (Zareh), established themselves, with Roman consent, as kings of Greater Armenia and Sophene, respectively, thus becoming the creators of an independent Armenia. Artaxias built his capital, Artashat (Artaxata), on the Aras River near modern Yerevan. The Greek geographer Strabo refers to the capital of Sophene as Carcathiocerta. An attempt to end the division of Armenia into an eastern and a western part was made about 165 bce when the Artaxiad ruler sought to suppress his rival, but it was left to his descendant Tigranes II (the Great; 95–55 bce) to establish, by his conquest of Sophene, a unity that was to last almost 500 years. Under Tigranes, Armenia ascended to a pinnacle of power unique in its history and became, albeit briefly, the strongest state in the Roman east. Extensive territories were taken from the kingdom of Parthia in Iran, which was compelled to sign a treaty of alliance. Iberia (Georgia), Albania, and Atropatene had already accepted Tigranes’ suzerainty when the Syrians, tired of anarchy, offered him their crown (83 bce). Tigranes penetrated as far south as Ptolemais (modern ʿAkko, Israel). Although Armenian culture at the time of Tigranes was Iranian, as it had been and as it was fundamentally to remain for many centuries, Hellenic scholars and actors found a welcome at the Armenian court. The Armenian empire lasted until Tigranes became involved in the struggle between his father-in-law, Mithradates VI Eupator of Pontus, and Rome. The Roman general Lucius Licinius Lucullus captured Tigranocerta, Tigranes’ new capital, in 69 bce. He failed to reach Artashat, but in 66 bce the legions of Pompey, aided by one of Tigranes’ sons, succeeded, compelling the king to renounce Syria and other conquests in the south and to become an ally of Rome. Armenia became a buffer state, and often a battlefield, between Rome and Parthia. Maneuvering between larger neighbours, the Armenians gained a reputation for deviousness; the Roman historian Tacitus called them an ambigua gens (“ambiguous people”).

Tigranes II []

Tigranes II or Tigranes the Great ruled as the king of Armenia from c. 95 to c. 56 BCE. Expanding in all directions, at its peak, Tigranes’ Armenian Empire stretched from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean. Not before or since would Armenians control such a huge swathe of Asia. Tigranes would only be checked once his kingdom became enmeshed in the ambitions of the two regional superpowers, Parthia and Rome, when his alliance with Mithridates VI, king of Pontus, proved his undoing.

Dawn of Man[]

"Great Tigranes, King of Kings, you tower over the lands of Greater Armenia. It was under your rule that Armenia's ancient dynasties would finally be put to heel and, at your command, would give rise to a powerful kingdom like no other. So great was Armenia's strength that no army could overcome it. From Rome to Parthia, neighbouring empires trembled in fear. It is upon your example that future Armenian kings would look in both awe and envy. Mighty Tigranes Magnus, Armenia is faced once again with great foes. These are the greatest empires of the world, and Armenia stands at their cross-roads. Can you lead the defense of your realm? Can you unite your bickering nobles to ensure Armenia remains free and strong? Can you build a civilization that can stand the test of time?"  

JFD Tigranes Diplo

Leaderscene by Leugi

Introduction: "Who comes before the great Tigranes, King of Kings? These lands belong to the kingdom of Greater Armenia, and they bend to no will but my own. Speak quickly and leave this place."

Defeat: "My armies have been defeated, and I have been cast down. I hand to you the crown of the King of Kings."

Unique Attributes[]

Greater Armenia (Tigranes II)
JFD GreaterArmenia IconAtlas Leader
Artaxiad Shahanshah

Walls and Castles provide Horses and increase Mounted Unit Production (+10%). Cities garrisoned with a Mounted Unit do not enter Resistance.

JFD GreaterArmenia IconAtlas Unit
Azatavrear (Knight)
  •  Heals an extra +10 Damage per major Civilization that Greater Armenia is at war with
  • +1 Strength Combat Strength
JFD GreaterArmenia IconAtlas Building
Siege Workshop (Caravansary)
  • Allows Production Production to be moved from this city along trade routes inside your civilization. 
  • +10% Production Production toward Siege Units and an additional +10% Production Production toward Siege Units in cities receiving a  Trade Route from a city with a Siege Workshop.
City List
  1. Tigranocerta
  2. Artashat
  3. Vagharshapat
  4. Nakhchivan
  5. Van
  6. Kumayri
  7. Paytakaran
  8. Her
  9. Yervandashat
  10. Amaras
  11. Bagaran
  12. Armavir
  13. Karin
  14. Mtsbin
  15. Karkatiokert
  16. Samosata
  17. Edessa
  18. Arbela
  19. Ganzak
  20. Artahan
  21. Manzikert
  22. Antioch
  23. Beroea
  24. Tigranakert of Artsakh
  25. Adana
  26. Adamakert
  27. Seleucia Pieria
  28. Sisian
  29. Yerevan
  30. Arsamosata
Spy List
  • Xepharnuges
  • Amazasp
  • Mihrdat
  • Pharasmanes
  • Arshak
  • Kartam
  • Mirian
  • Erato
  • Artaxias
  • Tigranes
  • Artavasdes
  • Zariadres
JFD GreaterArmenia IconAtlas 256



Mod Support[]

Additional Achievements[]

A Great King for a Greater Armenia

  • Beat the game on any difficulty setting as Tigranes II of Greater Armenia.

Tigranes Magnus

  • As Tigranes II of Greater Armenia, be fighting three wars with Civilizations with more Cities than you at once.

Events and Decisions[]

Consolidate Power over the Nakharars
The feudal privileges of the Armenian nobility is an impediment to the power of the state. They - the Nakharar - must be brought to heel before us, their {1_Title}.
  • Must be Greater Armenia.
  • Must have at least 3 Horses.
  • Must have at least 3 Great Generals.
  • May be enacted once per game.
  • 2 Magistrates
  • 2_iGold Gold Gold.
  • All current Great Generals are converted into Azatavrear. These Azatavrear begin with +15 XP.
Patron Greek Theatre
Rightly, we are known for our great love of Greek culture. It is a source of not only the enlightenment of our people but also of their entertainment. Rightly, then, we must become a patron of that most Greek of past-times - the theatre and its drama.
  • Must be Greater Armenia
  • Must control at least one foreign Capital.
  • May only be enacted from the beginning of the Classical Era.
  • May only be enacted once per game.
  • 3_costCultureCultureIcon Culture.
  • 2_iGold Gold Gold.
  • Amphitheatres yield +1 Happy Happiness. Construct Amphitheatres 10% faster.


  1. Ashot
  2. Smbat
  3. Bakur
  4. Artavasdes Mamikonian
  5. Vache Mamikonian
  6. Hamazasp
  7. Hovhan Mamikonyan
  8. Mushegh Mamikonian
  9. Shushanik
  10. Vardandukht
  11. Papas
  12. Vassak Mamikonian
  13. Vardan Mamikonian
  14. Hovsep Abgari Orbeli
  15. Leon Abgarovich Orbeli
  16. Sohaemus
  17. Hasan-Jalal Dawla
  18. David I Anhoghin
  19. Gregory Taronites
  20. John Taronites
  21. Michael Taronites
  22. Abu Ghanim
  23. Katranide
  24. Hovhannes-Smbat
  25. Varaztirots Bagratuni
Political Parties
  1. National Military Council (Militarists)
  2. Dignity, Democracy, Motherland (Nationalists)
  3. Civic Contract (Populists)
  4. Azats (Burghers)
  5. Catholicoi (Clergy)
  6. Nakharars (Nobility)
  7. Dashnaktsutyun (Revolutionaries)
  8. Law and Unity (Conservatives)
  9. My Step Alliance (Liberals)
  10. Greater Armenia (Reactionaries)
  11. All-Armenian Labour Party (Socialists)
  12. Armenian Communist Party (Communists)
  13. Mighty Fatherland (Fascists)
  14. Prosperous Armenia (Libertarians)

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop
Steam Workshop Downloader
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 26 November 2018


  • JFD: Design, Code.
  • Leugi: Art (Leaderscene)
  • Poom: Art (Map)
  • Darth_Kyofu: Art (Icons)
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