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The Great Writer is a Great Person acquired through Specialists or Wonders.


"Great Writers" are those gifted men and women who express our desires, insights, fancies, foibles, fears and joys in the written word. Whether in poetry, in novels and stories, for the stage or screen, these are the artists who have defined their civilizations and cultures. Some write prose and poetry about imaginary worlds; others write tracts of philosophy, politics, religion and science about how our world is or should be. Their words echo through time, binding us all together.

Great Writer Names
  1. Aesop
  2. Vittorio Alfieri
  3. Dante Alighieri
  4. Ludovico Ariosto
  5. Aristophanes
  6. Jane Austen
  7. Bertrand de Bar-sur-Aube
  8. Bhāsa
  9. L. Frank Baum
  10. Harriet Beecher Stowe
  11. Cao Xueqin
  12. Lewis Carroll
  13. Miguel de Cervantes
  14. Geoffrey Chaucer
  15. Anton Chekhov
  16. Chikamatsu Monzaemon
  17. James Fenimore Cooper
  18. Stephen Crane
  19. Emperor Daigo
  20. Rubén Darío
  21. Charles Dickens
  22. Emily Dickenson
  23. Fyodor Dostoyevsky
  24. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
  25. Alexandre Dumas
  26. F. Scott Fitzgerald
  27. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  28. Nikolay Gogol
  29. Maksim Gorky
  30. Nathaniel Hawthorne
  31. José Hernández
  32. Homer
  33. Victor Hugo
  34. Washington Irving
  35. Jorge Isaacs
  36. Kālidāsa
  37. Omar Khayyám
  38. Ki no Tsurayuki
  39. Rudyard Kipling
  40. Langling Xiaoxiao Sheng
  41. D. H. Lawrence
  42. Lucian of Samosata
  43. Thomas Mallory
  44. Herman Melville
  45. Murasaki Shikibu
  46. Natsume Soseki
  47. Ovid
  48. Petrarch
  49. Edgar Allen Poe
  50. Marcel Proust
  51. Qu Yuan
  52. François Rabelais
  53. Jalal al-Din Muhammad Rumi
  54. Johann Friedrich von Schiller
  55. William Shakespeare
  56. Mary Shelley
  57. Shi Naian
  58. Sophocles
  59. Edmund Spencer
  60. Henry David Thoreau
  61. Leo Tolstoy
  62. Mark Twain
  63. Ueda Akinari
  64. Valmiki
  65. Jules Verne
  66. Virgil
  67. Voltaire
  68. Vyasa
  69. H. G. Wells
  70. Walt Whitman
  71. Yoshida Kenkō


As with the other Great People, the Great Writer has two uses: one for a more permanent benefit, and one for an immediate boost. Both of these abilities consume him.

Creating a Great Work of Writing and placing it into an appropriate building generates a permanent boost to Tourism and Culture. Writing a political treatise, on the other hand, will immediately boost Culture by a set amount (depending on your current Culture output). Use this if you don't care too much about your Tourism, and want to speed up the acquisition of your next Social Policy.

Unique Unit Replacements[]

Icon Unit Civilization Abilities
Chàa Chii The Mixtecs (Eight Deer)
  • May be expended to build an Academy or a Holy Site.
  • Cannot be expended for a Political Treatise.
Cynfierdd Rheged (Urien)
  • When expended for a Greatwork Great Work of Literature in the Capital Capital during wartime; the units of defensive partners and Citystate City-State allies will be partially healed.
Eccentric America (Norton I)
  • When used to create a Great Work of Writting, triggers a CultureIcon Culture Bomb to occur in the city.
  • Randomly produces Cultural Greatperson Great People Points when expended.

Fili Ireland (Brian Boru)
  • Produces unique Great Works of Writing, which yield +2 Great Musician Points per turn.
  • Receive a free Fili with each Great General spawned.
IconPNG Gabyaga
Flag gabyaga
Somalia (Siad Barre)
  • Provides an extra Traderoute Trade Route slot when garrisoned in a city

Unitflag ghostofmufasa
Ghost of Mufasa
The Pridelands (Simba)
  • Creates unique Greatwork Great Works of Literature that yield additional Goldenage Golden Age points

Unitflag greatfilmmaker
Great Filmmaker
California (Ide/Muir)
  • Creates unique Great Works that provide +1 Happy Global Happiness to the owner
  • Political Treatises provide +50% CultureIcon Culture
Attlee uu

Great Reformer United Kingdom (Clement Attlee)
  • Creates unique Acts of Parliament as Great Works of Writing, which provide extra CultureIcon Culture and Tourism Tourism, the amount scaled to your civ's Happy Happiness.
Kitabdar Khiva (Abu al-Ghazi Bahadur)
  • When expended, tiles you own that once held Barbarian encampments generate +1 of a random yield, and up to 3 new Barbarian encampments spawn near your borders.
Kyk-over-al Writer Guyana (Cheddi Jagan)
  • Great Works provide +2 Happy Local Happiness.
  • May Inspire Independence one time when in the territory of a city-state allied to another civilization, causing the city state's Influence influence with you and their ally to swap. The action does not consume the unit.

Poeta Modernista Nicaragua (Sandino)
  • +25% CultureIcon Culture from Political Treatises
  • +15HP healed to all units upon expenditure

Unitflag primeminister
Prime Minister
Australia (Henry Parkes)
  • Provides political quotes as Greatwork Great Works of Writing
  • Upon birth, all non-puppeted coastal cities yield +1 Tourism Tourism per owned land tile outside workable limits
Rengashi Imagawa (Imagawa Yoshimoto)
  • No Gold Maintenance cost.
  • Creates unique Greatwork Great Works of Writing.
  • When expended, provides a burst of 50 CultureIcon Culture for each Great Person previously expended on the same turn.
Unitflag skald
Iceland (Ingolfur Arnarson)
  • May embark and cross deep Ocean
  • Double Moves Movement and Defense when embarked
  • May found cities on foreign continents
  • Produces unique Greatwork Great Works
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