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The Great War Infantry is a Gunpowder unit available in the Modern era.


As the 20th century opened, the world experienced two of the deadliest and most destructive wars in human history. It was a time of remarkable advancement in the technology of killing, and the infantrymen of World War I faced every conceivable terror the world's scientists and engineers could throw at them. Typically armed with little more than a bolt action rifle and simple uniform, these troops braved the horrors of trench warfare to defend their homes and families.


The Great War Infantry is the basic combat unit of the Modern Era, representative of the new tendencies of modern trench warfare. With so many exploding shells on the battlefield it becomes increasingly dangerous for battalions to maintain formation, and so modern infantry exchange organisation for mobility on the field, seeking as much cover as possible, while also firing at enemies. The invention of modern forms of communication also allows commanders to stay in touch while their troops are dispersed - something impossible before.

The Great War Infantry are significantly more efficient than earlier units, capable of dealing with sustained enemy fire while also delivering serious damage themselves. Use them at the front lines to soak up enemy attacks.

Unique Unit Replacements[]

Icon Unit Civilization Abilities
IconPNG Aizsargi
Flag aizsargi
Latvia (Karlis Ulmanis)
  • May be expended to "Root Out Opposition", destroying a Great Person Tile Improvement and spawning a copy of the appropriate Great Person
Unitflag alpini
Italy (Victor Emmanuel III)
  • +20 Production Production cost.
  • Ignores terrain cost.
  • Can cross Mountains.
Assyrian Levy Iraq (Faisal I)
  • Slightly weaker and cheaper.
  • No movement or combat penalty across Rivers.
  • Heals faster when adjacent to Rivers.
Unitflag anzac
New Zealand (Seddon)
  • Heals more damage the further it is from the capital when outside borders (up to 30 damage)
  • Slight combat bonus when fighting outside home borders
Dian Corps Yunnan (Long Yun)
  • -17% Production Production Cost (270 vs. 320).
  • May build Roads, Railroads, and Mines.
  • Heals +5HP for each non-pillaged improvement, Road, or Railroad on its tile when beginning a turn.
Unitflag digger
Australia (Henry Parkes)
  • +15% Combat Strength on land adjacent to Coast and in foreign lands
  • Starts with Cover I
  • May be upgraded from Workers, upgrades to Mechanized Infantry, and does not obsolete at Plastics
Dobrovoljac Serbia (Peter I)
  • +20% Strength Combat Strength when attacking in rough terrain.
  • +2 Moves Movement when starting a turn in non-hostile foreign borders.
  • Costs no maintenance.
Unitflag BEF
Expeditionary Force
United Kingdom (George V)
  • -30 Production Production cost.
  • Begins with Medic if trained during a 'We Love the King Day.'
Armenia (Andranik)
  • Produced 20% faster per Specialist slot filled in its city.
  • When stationed on a Greatperson Great Person tile improvement, heals faster and ignores enemy Zone of Control.
Unitflag grenzer
Austria-Hungary (Franz Joseph)
  • Unlocked at Steam Power
  • -22% Production Production Cost (250 vs 320)
  • -6% Strength Combat Strength (47 vs 50)
  • +1 Strength Combat Strength per Promotion
Guerrillero Cuba (Fidel Castro)
  • May enter the territory of Civilizations generating Revolutionary Fervour
  • May be expended to create a Rebel Camp in enemy territory
  • When next to another Guerrillero, causes attacking units to retreat
Guatacòn Cuba (Fulgencio Batista)
  • Much weaker than the Great War Infantry.
  • Suffers a penalty for XP gain.
  • May purchase Promotions for the Guatacon with Gold Gold.
  • Enemy Units ending their turn adjacent to a Guatacon yield Gold Gold for Cuba.
Unitflag gurkha
India (Gandhi)

(When the India Civilization Pack is installed)

  • Stronger, but slightly more expensive
  • Receives a bonus when fighting outside of friendly territory
Nepal (Tribhuvan)
  • Unlocked earlier at Steampower.
  • +25% Strength Combat Strength when fighting in friendly territory.
  • If trained in the Capital Capital with a garrisoned Rana, gains +25% Strength Combat Strength when fighting outside of friendly territory instead.
Manchukuo uu
Kantogun Manchukuo (Nobusuke Kishi)
  • For the first three turns after declaring an offensive war on another major civ, all Kantogun units can use enemy routes and ignore Zone of Control.
  • Earns Science Science from kills, with kills earned further away from the nearest Manchukuo city yielding more Science Science.
Kuva-Yi Milliye
Kuva-yi Milliye Turkey (Ataturk)
  • -10% Strength Combat Strength (45 vs. 50).
  • Starts with Drill I.
  • Benefits 50% more from Great Generals.
  • Upgrades to Infantry for Free.
Latviesu Strelnieki Latvia (Janis Cakste)
  • Increased strength on rivers or coasts
Legie Czechoslovakia (Tomáš Masaryk)
  • +1 Moves Movement outside of Czechoslovak territory.
  • Heals faster outside of Czechoslovak territory.
  • Earns Goldenage Golden Age points from kills.
IconPNG MiliciaPopular
Flag miliciapopular
Milicia Popular
Bolivia (Victor Paz)
  • 12.5% cheaper
  • May build Mines
  • Provides Greatperson Great Person points when promoted (either Writer or Merchant, based on your current Treatise bonus)
Unitflag opolcheniye
Russia (Nicholas II)
  • -10 Strength Combat Strength (40 vs 50).
  • -33% Strength Combat Strength vs. Cities.
  • Produces two for every one trained.
  • +15% Strength Combat Strength in Friendly territory.
Óglaigh na hÉireann Ireland (Éamon de Valera)
  • Heals +5 HP for every civilization Ireland has denounced.
  • Generates CultureIcon Culture equal to its level for every active Peace Treaty.
JFD GreatQing UU
Peking Field Force Great Qing (Cixi)
  • -5 Strength Combat Strength (45 vs 50).
  • Unlocked earlier at Steam Power.
  • Trained in half the usual time in the Capital Capital.
  • Earns promotions 15% faster if it was upgraded from a Rifleman.
Unitflag levy
Popular Levy
Soviet Russia (Vladimir Lenin)
  • -16% Production Production Cost (270 vs 320).
  • -2 Strength Combat Strength (48 vs 50).
  • May use enemy Roads.
  • When war is declared between you and a Civilization following a different Ideology, every city receives a Production Production boost towards training their next Popular Levy.
Royal Gendarmerie Albania (Zog I)
  • Earns XP 50% faster if built in the Capital Capital (or upgraded from a unit built in the Capital).
  • May extend WLTKD in a city by 3 turns when starting garrisoned (once per level, must be promoted to regain this ability).
Sandinista Nicaragua (Sandino)
  • Ignores rough terrain
  • No Moves Movement cost to pillage
  • Gains Greatperson Great Writer points when beginning a turn on a pillaged tile
  • Upgrades to Paratrooper
  • Immune to Jungle Attrition (with ExCE)
Sarbaz Bukhara (Shah Murad)
  • Trained 50% faster if an enemy unit is nearby.
  • Gains an "Army of the Emir" promotion upon being trained in a city with Bukhara's religion being the majority; giving the unit FaithIcon Faith from kills and a +25% Strength combat bonus in friendly territory.
Schutzbund Austria (Karl Renner)
  • Heals +10 HP when starting adjacent to an enemy of a different ideology, or +15 if in friendly territory.
  • Raises the Strength Strength and HP of the city it is garrisoned in according to local Happy Happiness and this unit's level.
Sharifian Army Hejaz (Hussein bin Ali)
  • +1 Moves Movement
  • Double Movement on Desert
  • +10% Strength Combat Strength and no Movement Cost to Pillage when beginning a turn adjacent to no enemy units
Sich Rifleman Ukraine (Mykhailo Hrushevsky)
  • Trained 20% faster in cities with a World Wonder, and starts with +15 XP in those with 3 or more.
  • Provides +25 Greatperson Great Person Points of a random type in the Capital Capital upon being leveled up.
Stormtrooper Germany (Wilhelm II)
  • +40% Strength Combat Strength against fortified units
  • +25% Strength Combat Strength vs. Gun units
  • +33% Strength Defense vs. Ranged attacks in Open Terrain
Territorial Force Burma (U Nu)
  • Cheaper and weaker.
  • When within 2 tiles of a city following your capital's religion, gain +30% Strength stength when fighting in rough terrain.
  • When stationed in a city not following your religion, gain +3 Happy local happiness.
Tongmenghui China (Sun Yat-sen)
  • Can be expended near foreign cities to gain Goldenage Golden Age points, and give friendly units a permanent combat boost against that city.
  • Stronger the more Unhappiness Unhappy or Happy Happy China is.
Ulster Battalion Northern Ireland (Basil Brooke)
  • +40% Strength Combat Strength against Fortified Units and gives this bonus to adjacent friendly Units
  • Receive CultureIcon Culture when this unit is killed or promoted, more so when outside your borders
Uyghur Division East Turkestan (Sabit Damolla)
  • While garrisoned in a city, may destroy a FaithIcon Faith building to spawn another Uyghur Division. Doing this provides Great Merchant points.
  • Generates Great Merchant points from kills.
Agla UkraineUU
Zaporizshka Division Ukraine (Pavlo Skoropadskyi)
  • +10% Strength Combat Strength when starting its turn adjacent to a Great General.
  • Ignores Zone of Control if stacked with a Great General.
Zelenasi Montenegro (Nikola I)
  • While in a Goldenage Golden Age, ignores terrain Moves Movement costs and may enter mountains.
  • +50% Strength Combat Strength from rough terrain, Fort, and Citadel bonuses.
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