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The Great Scientist is a Great Person acquired through Specialists or Wonders.


"Great Scientists" figure out how the world works. They discover that the earth orbits the sun. They sequence DNA and invent quantum mechanics. They cure polio and predict eclipses. They make a civilization smarter. They invent the future.


In Gods & Kings and Brave New World, the Great Scientist may use the "Boost Science" ability, which lets you immediately gain a large number of science points based on the science output of your civilization. It is usually enough to finish researching the current technology, and even boost another one! Use this if you need an immediate result.

Alternatively, the Great Scientist can construct an Academy for a long-term  Science boost in a city. In the early game, constructing Academies is recommended, as the long-term science gains will surpass the instant gain of Boost Science. In the later game, Boost Science may be worth many tens of turns' worth of Academy science. Since you can see how much science Boost Science is worth by mousing over the button, you can judge its worth based on how many turns you expect are left in the game (or until you get enough tech to go for your desired victory). Since the Academy affects the science output of an individual city, its gains are augmented by all science buildings with a percentage bonus, like the Research Lab.

Unique Unit Replacements[]

Icon Unit Civilization Abilities
Andalusian Polymath
Córdoba (Abd-ar-Rahman III)
  • May construct any Great Person Improvement, except Holy Sites
  • Increased Science Science when used to discover a Technology, based on the number of Cities owned
Mathalx Faust Doctor Icon
Benevolent Mad Doctor Asklepieia (Faust)
  • Garrisoning the Doctor inside a city causes it to gain experience whenever the city grows to its largest size ever, which in turn allows the Doctor to receive promotions that further boosts its ability.
  • Consuming the doctor causes the nearest owned city within 3 tile's range to gain a sum of Food Food.
  • Constructs a Medical Lab instead of an Academy, which yields +2 Food Food and +6 Science Science. In addition to the Science yield bonus from discovery of Scientific Theory and Atomic Theory, it also gains +1 Food Food and Science Science from the discovery of Biology and Ecology. Planting a Medical Lab near one's own city causes the nearest city within 3 tile's range to enter a We Love the King Day, triggered once per city.
  • Medical Labs may be planted in City-State territories, which grants Faust 80 Influence Influence with the City-State by default, and also causes all current cities that Faust owns to generate Greatperson Great People 15% Faster if it is the first Medical Lab that Faust has planted in that city-state.
Svalbard (Odd Olsen Ingerø)
  • After researching Ecology, Climatologists can Promote Renewables when on fossil fuel tiles (Oil Oil and Coal Coal), converting them to the Biofuel resource, which grants a Science science boost.
  • Can be expended to found Weather Stations and discover technologies.
Cosmographer Portugal (Manuel I)
  • Can be used to found new cities, granting bonus Science Science in the process.
  • The amount of Science Science received increases with the city's distance from the Capital Capital.
Galim Khwarezmia (Jalal al-Din)
  • Generated from every type of Specialist.
  • When expended, receive the FaithIcon Faith output of foreign capitals of civilizations which have a Research Agreement with you.
IconPNG Physician
Physician Abbasids (Harun al-Rashid)
  • Discover Technology reveals a Technology known by the original owner of a Greatwork Great Work stored in the city.
Yoshimune uu
Rangakusha Japan (Tokugawa Yoshimune)
  • When activated in a city with a Traderoute Trade Route to a technologically advanced civ, automatically discover one of its techs that you do not already have.
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