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The Great Prophet is a Great Person acquired through Faith purchasing.


"Great Prophets" explore the boundaries of religious belief, conveying their unique insights to guide the moral and ethical decisions of a civilization. They found religions, spread the word of god, and bring faith to the people. They provide hope to the nation during even the direst of times.


Great Prophets are in the center of the new Religion system. Great Prophets are earned as the result of collecting  Faith, and are the only unit that can found or enhance a religion. Once you've accumulated enough Faith (at least 200 in a standard speed game), you have a chance to spawn a Great Prophet. You first use them to Found and Enhance a Religion, and then you may choose either to Spread it, or to create a Holy Site. As with other Great People, one will provide an immediate benefit, while the other will provide a long-term benefit. Be warned that once you start spreading religion with a Great Prophet, it can't create a holy site anymore.

  • The Great Prophet, besides being able to spread religion more times than a Missionary, is able to remove existing religions from a city when converting, despite having the same strength (1000). Sometimes it's good to use it instead of Missionaries, when you need to spread your religion to a particularly resistant city.
  • The Pathfinder (the Shoshone replacement for Scout) is able to generate a Great Prophet when uncovering an Ancient Ruins after turn 20 (on standard speed). If you have not yet founded a religion you will receive a large amount of  Faith.

Unique Unit Replacements[]

Icon Unit Civilization Abilities
Abiiru Rwanda (Rwabugiri)
  • When expended, +10% increase for a random yield (except Tourism) in the Capital Capital
Apostle Greenland (Hans Egede)
  • May found Cities on foreign continents.
  • Cities founded by an Apostle begin with two extra Citizens, and exert double Religious pressure.
Buyeis The Kalinago (Kairouane)
  • Can be obtained by expending Citizen citizens which scales with era
  • +2 Happy Happiness when stationed in a City
Unitflag chyquy
The Muisca (Nemequene)
  • May get Holy Offerings from City-States or Gold, Silver, Gems, or Copper in neutral territory.
    • Yields Faith and Gold upon returning to a city.
    • Removes the resource.
Fox-Man Poverty Point (Táhera)
  • Bonus changes depending on your current Spirit Guardian
Guru Punjab (Ranjit Singh)
  • May create a Greatwork Great Work of Writing.
Jalgangurru The Bunuba (Jandamarra)
  • Enemy units within two tiles are Frightened (-10% Strength Combat Strength) and receive no Combat Bonus from Flanking.
  • Units may freely Airdrop between your Capital Capital and Cities with a stationed Jalgangurru.
Kwaaypaay The Kumeyaay (Chisli)
  • While stationed in a city, provides +1 Gold Gold and +1 FaithIcon Faith for every sea or land resource within the city's territory, depending on if the city is coastal or not.
Llallogan Strathclyde (Rhydderch Hael)
  • May construct a Prophecy within 5 tiles of an enemy unit stacked with a Greatperson Great General, severly injuring the unit and killing the General.
  • If within 5 tiles of a defeat, may become a Barbarian and conduct Prophecies against you.
Magus The Medes (Cyaxares)
  • The religion founded by a Magus begins enhanced
  • Upon being expended for any reason other than proselytizing, a Piety Policy is adopted.
Unitflag mamikonian
Armenia (Tiridates III)
  • Also replaces the Great General.
  • Cannot found a Religion.
  • Nearby mounted units gain the Nakharar Promotion:
    • 33% bonus vs cities.
    • Additional Gold plundered from cities of different Religions.
Metinuwak The Lenape (Tamanend)
  • May conduct a trade mission in the territory of other civilizations, granting 500 Gold Gold and a boost of Tourism Tourism.
centre"thumb Nomiyin The Khoshuts (Güshi Khan)
  • Less Religion Spread charges, but spawns in double quantity.
  • Can be expended to Culture Bomb on Holy Sites.
Pajaom The Payomkawichum (Pablo Tac)
  • May not be used to Found or Enhance a Religion.
  • May be used to Perform a Tannis Dance, which generates the Greatperson Points required for the soonest-spawning Great Person, plus a small lump sum of CultureIcon Culture.
Sacreddrummer v2
Unitflag sacreddrummer
Sacred Drummer
The Dene (Thanadelthur)
  • Ignores terrain penalties.
  • Upon birth, triggers a Prophet Dance:
    • Lasts 8 turns.
    • Cities connected to the Capital gain +25% Great Person generation and +3 Happiness.
Tulku Bhutan (Jigme Dorji Wangchuck)
  • After your religion is founded, may be born with the ability to be expended for CultureIcon Culture, Goldenage Golden Age Points, or Tourism Tourism.
Yekamush Yaghan (Masémikensh)
  • May heal a city when adjacent up to three times.
  • When embarked or on a coastal tile, nearby Whale resources passively migrate towards the unit.
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