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The Great Musician is a Great Person acquired through Specialists or Wonders.


It has been said that "music is the soul of a people." If that is indeed the case, then "Great Musicians" are the guardians of that soul. Whatever the form, whatever the instruments, no other art speaks to our emotions like music. From the time that men first beat out a rhythm on logs, to the modern electronic orchestra, great composers and performers have expressed the collective sorrows and joys of each civilization.


The Great Musician is one of the new types of Artists in the Brave New World expansion. The main method of producing him is building a Musicians' Guild and assigning Specialists to work there.

As with other Great Artists, Musicians can produce a Great Work, which may then be placed within your buildings for a permanent bonus to  Tourism and Culture. Their other ability, "Concert Tour," may be used in another civilization's lands for a one-time boost to your cultural influence with them (a part of which is also shared between all other civilizations). Use this to take over your pesky cultural rivals who withstand the power of your culture!

Note that a Great Musician, unlike a Great Prophet, can only enter the territory of civilizations with which you have an open borders agreement. This presents a problem, because many of your direct rivals in the endgame won't agree to open their borders to you, and your Great Musicians will never be able to set foot in their territory. You will either have to negotiate tough agreements where you trade off a lot more than you get, or declare war on them and share your music by force.

Unique Unit Replacements[]

Icon Unit Civilization Abilities
Azerbaijan (Rasulzade)
  • May be upgraded to a Great Writer for 10 Gold Gold
  • Concert Tour rewards a higher amount of Tourism Tourism
Britons BarddIcon
Bardd The Britons (Riothamus)
  • Can't create Greatwork Great Works.
  • Can be expended to add a Court Slot to a city.
  • Court Slots in Foreign cities grant +2 Tourism Tourism.
Cantor Popular Chile (Salvador Allende)
  • Can enter other Civilizations' territory regardless of Open Borders treaties.
  • Can create unique Great Works of Music which generate additional Happy Happiness.
Comparsa Folklórica  Bolivia (Belzu)
  • Starts a 10 turn "We Love the King Day" when expended to create a Great Work of Music
Griot Senegal (Léopold Senghor)
  • Provided for free upon the dawn of a Goldenage Golden Age.
  • Provides Influence Influence when stationed in City-State territory.
  • May freely move through Closed Borders.
Kobzar Ukraine (Symon Petliura)
  • Great Writer points contribute towards earning Kobzars.
  • Upon being expended, all current Units gain the "Duma" promotion, increasing their Strength Combat Strength in friendly territory by +15% and XP gain by 50%.
Krewe The Cajuns (Beausoleil)
  • Generated faster in the Capital Capital for every two sea resources worked
  • +1 Food Food and +1 CultureIcon Culture on Sea Resources when stationed in a city
  • Begins a WLTKD in all cities when expended
Krezh Magi The Permians (Azykay)
  • Provides experience towards the birth of Greatperson Great Generals upon creating a Greatwork Great Work, dependent on the Happy Happiness and growth rate of the city.
  • Yields Goldenage Golden Age Points if performing on a Holy Site.
Mardis Gras Acadia (Beausoleil)
  • +1 Movement
  • Ignores enemy zones of control
  • May defend itself
Segatye SMALL
Segatye Chagos (Louis Olivier Bancoult)
  • Claims Atolls and Crab Resources it moves into while embarked during a Goldenage Golden Age.
  • Has Custom Great Works.
Drummer (1)
Tadibya The Nenets (Vavlyo)
  • May Spread Religion (three uses, 1000 FaithIcon Religious Strength)
  • May be expended to spawn a source of Deer on a tile
  • Cannot create Great Works of Music
IconPNG ThroatSinger
Flag throatsinger
Throat Singer
Tuva (Donduk Kuular)
  • +1 Sight and Moves Movement
  • May freely enter the territory of rival civilizations which share your Religion Religion
  • Removes Heresy when expended in a friendly city
Troubadour Aquitaine (Eleanor)
  • Produces a lump sum of Gold Gold when expended, based on your combined CultureIcon Culture and Tourism Tourism output.

List of Names[]

Great Musician Names
  1. John Adams
  2. Al-Kindi
  3. Alla Rakha
  4. Johann Sebastian Bach
  5. Louis Ballard
  6. Ludwig van Beethoven
  7. Prince Benbadhanabongse
  8. Alban Berg
  9. David Blanasi
  10. Johannes Brahms
  11. Benjamin Britten
  12. Prince Buster
  13. William Byrd
  14. John Cage
  15. Carlos Chávez
  16. Frédéric Chopin
  17. Sayed Darwish
  18. Claude Debussy
  19. Guillaume Dufay
  20. Antonín Dvořák
  21. Duke Ellington
  22. Enheduanna
  23. Ulvi Cemal Erkin
  24. Gaspar Fernandes
  25. Giovanni Gabrieli
  26. George Gershwin
  27. Carlo Gesualdo
  28. Guido d'Arezzo
  29. George Handel
  30. Franz Josef Haydn
  31. Gustav Holst
  32. Charles Ives
  33. Ji Kang
  34. Orlande de Lassus
  35. Solomon Linda
  36. Ferenc Liszt
  37. Emerico Lobo de Mesquita
  38. Gustav Mahler
  39. Guillaume de Machaut
  40. Meerabai
  41. Mesomedes
  42. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  43. Modest Mussorgsky
  44. R. Carlos Nakai
  45. Jacob Obrecht
  46. Johannes Ockeghem
  47. Niccolò Paganini
  48. Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina
  49. Hanna Petros
  50. Josquin des Prez
  51. Maurice Ravel
  52. Steve Reich
  53. Silvestre Revueltas
  54. Camille Saint Saëns
  55. Esteban Salas y Castro
  56. Erik Satie
  57. Manuel Saumell
  58. Francisco Manuel da Silva
  59. Johann Strauss II
  60. Richard Strauss
  61. Thomas Tallis
  62. Taizan Higuchi
  63. Pyotr Tchaikovsky
  64. Giuseppe Verdi
  65. Richard Wagner
  66. Wasitodiningrat
  67. Hugo Wolf
  68. Yamada Kengyo
  69. Yatsuhashi Kengyo
  70. Ziryab
Throat Singer Names
  1. Kaigal-Ool Khovalyg
  2. Anatoli Kuular
  3. Kongar-Ool Ondar
  4. Okna Tsahan Zam
  5. Igor Koshkendey
  6. Mongun-Ool Ondar
  7. Ejeegiin Toivgoo
  8. Albert Kuvezin
  9. Saidash Mongush
  10. Ayan-Ool Sam
  11. Enkhjargal Dandarvaanchig
  12. Sainkho Namtchylak
  13. Shonchalai-Oorjak Choodu
  14. Türgen Kam
  15. Bady-Dorzhu Ondar
  16. Ayan Shirizhik
  17. Palamjavyn Lkhamjav
  18. Sambuugiin Pürevjav
  19. Childeegiin Palamjav
  20. Aldar Tamdyn
  21. Aidysmaa Koshkendey
  22. Vladimir Oidupaa
  23. Sayan Bapa
  24. Radik Tülüsh
  25. Alexei Saryglar
  26. Ai-Xaan Oorzhak
  27. Kang-Xuler Saaya
  28. Nikolai Damba
  29. Mai-Ool Sedip
  30. Nachyn Choodu
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