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Great Mongolia led by Bogd Gegeen is a custom civilization by JFD, with contributions from Alga, DarthKyofu, DMS, JakeWalrusWhale, and Sukritact.

This mod requires Brave New World.


Great Mongolia[]

The Mongolian Empire formed the largest contiguous empire in the history of the world, stretching from the Danube to the Sea of Japan and from Siberia to Cambodia - roughly 22% of the Earth's land area. From humble beginnings as a mish-mash of unaligned nomadic tribes, the Mongols changed the face of the ancient world and became one of the most feared and effective military forces ever to walk the land.

Bogd Gegeen[]

The future Bogd Khan was born in 1869 in Lithang, Kham, in a family of a Tibetan official. His father, Gonchigtseren, was an accountant at the 12th Dalai Lama's court. The boy was officially recognized as the new incarnation of the Bogd Gegen in Potala in the presence of the 13th Dalai Lama and the Panchen Lama. The new Bogd Gegen arrived in Urga, the capital of Outer Mongolia, in 1874. After this he lived only in Mongolia.

Dawn of Man[]

"Joy and peace be upon you, the great and holy Bogd Khan. Born as the reincarnation of Bogd Gegeen in 1869 AD, you would become the theoretic and sovereign centre of a revitalized and Buddhist Mongolian empire. In 1911, in the wake of the collapse of the Qing Dynasty, Mongolia would seize its opportunity to declare its autonomy. But though your efforts to seek international recognition and friendship were tireless and noble, your Khanate would be short-lived, and your reign would fall to the forces of the newly established Republic of China.

JFD GreatMongoliaBogdKhan Diplo

Art by DMS and JFD

Stalwart and pious Khagan, whose faith and wisdom reaches back centuries into the past, the time to re-assert Mongolia's independence has been reborn. Can you lead your people in faith and happiness? Can you inspire the cause of those who see the nobility in the ways of the sacred and old? Can you build a civilization to stand the test of time?"

Introduction: "Peace to you traveller, I am the Bogd Khan. I extend the hand of my people in friendship."

Defeat: "You will never know peace so long as you continue this violent path."

Unique Attributes[]

Great Mongolia (Bogd Gegeen)

Art by JFD

Elevated by The Many

When a Great Prophet is spawend, Barbarian Units on the same landmass are converted to your control. Cities with a Great Prophet stationed in them convert FaithIcon Faith Per Turn to cultural border expansion.


Art by Alga and Darth

Manlaibaatar (Great General)
  • Strength Combat Bonus to nearby units doubled while in Friendly Territory.
  • Bonus points toward a Manlaibaatar are generated for every Barbarian Unit that converts to your ownership when a Great Prophet is spawned.

Art by Leugi

Gate of Peace and Happiness (Temple)
  • No base FaithIcon Faith yield.
  • No Gold Maintenance cost.
  • Yields FaithIcon Faith based on the City's Happy Local Happiness.
City List
  1. Niislel Khüree
  2. Burga
  3. Tsetserleg
  4. Tsagaan Baishin
  5. Uliastai
  6. Khovd
  7. Manjusri
  8. Kharkorin
  9. Bayan Tümen
  10. Choibalsan
  11. Ölgii
  12. Ulaangom
  13. Arvaikheer
  14. Bayankhongor
  15. Öndörkhaan
  16. Zuunmod
  17. Zamyn-Üüd
  18. Mörön
  19. Gandan
  20. Khatgal
  21. Choir
  22. Hailar
  23. Erdene Zuu
  24. Bürentogtokh
  25. Jalkhanzyn
  26. Dalandsadgad
  27. Khalban
  28. Naiman
  29. Borshogun
  30. Arluub
  31. Khartchun
  32. Tamaar
  33. Olchunub
Spy List
  • Balingiin
  • Mijiddorjiin
  • Da Lam
  • Tsendiin
  • Tögs
  • Sando
  • Danzan
  • Uvsanchoijinyam
  • Agvaanl
  • Agvaanchoyjivanchugperenlaijamts
Great Mongolia (Bogd Khan)


Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 31 December 2021


  • JFD: Art (Leaderscene), Author, Coding, Design, Research, Writing
  • Alga: Art (Unique Unit Icon), Research (Cities)
  • DarthKyofu: Art (Civ Icon)
  • DMS: Art (Leaderscene)
  • JakeWalrusWhale: Art (Map)
  • Sukritact: Art (Unique Building Icon)
  • Whoward: Utilities
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