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The Great Merchant is a Great Person acquired though Specialists or Wonders.


"Great Merchants" provide the goods and services civilizations need to survive. They import food, medicines, and luxuries, and they export a civilization's manufactured goods. They provide the financing needed for great works to be accomplished. They create a civilization's wealth.


Besides constructing the special Customs House improvement which, when worked, produces loads of Gold, the Great Merchant can also journey to a city-state and perform a "trade mission" which produces gobs of Gold and gains many points of Influence with the city-state. The Great Merchant is expended when used in either of these ways.

Again, you have the choice to use it for a long-term boost of the Gold production of one city (choose this city well), or use its unique ability to get a large one-time boost of Gold and Influence with a City-state. Note that the Trade mission may sometimes prove dangerous, especially if the City-state is far away.

Unique Unit Replacements

Icon Unit Civilization Abilities
Unitflag holyromeambassador.png
Holy Rome (Charles V)
  • Generates less Influence.png Influence and Gold.png Gold when completing a Diplomatic Mission with a City-State.
  • Cannot be used to build a Customs House.
  • May be purchased just as any regular unit.
  • Can be upgraded at the cost of Gold.png Gold into a Great Ambassador:
    • Twice as effective at Trade Missions.
    • Can acquire Citystate.png City-States.
Beauty Queen Venezuela (Rómulo Betancourt)
  • May not construct Customs Houses.
  • Alongside the Trade Mission, the Beauty Queen may also perform a Concert Tour, generating Gold.png Gold as well as Tourism.png Tourism.
  • Performing Trade Missions or Concert Tours provides a free CultureIcon.png Social Policy during a Goldenage.png Golden Age.
Benadioró The Kayapó (Raoni Metuktire)
  • Allows connection of luxuries and strategic resources to the Kayapo without burning up forests, jungles and marshes
  • Provides combat bonuses to nearby land units.
  • Generated from combat and the clearing of nearby tiles.
  • May be expended to increase Influence.png Influence or perform a concert tour.
Herald Burgundy (Philip III)
  • Can move through territory without Open Borders.
  • Produces Greatperson.png Great Artist, Great Musician, or Great Writer points when conducting a Trade Mission, depending upon the Citystate.png City-State Type.
Unitflag mburichi.png
Nri (Eri)
  • Can spread Religion 3 times.
  • Converts adjacent Barbarians to Faith (damages the Mburichi).
Merchant of Venice
Venice (Enrico Dandolo)
  • +100% Gold and Influence from Trade Missions.
  • +2 Movement at sea.

Vanilla Version

  • Can be used to puppet Citystate.png City-States.

With Holy Rome installed

  • Creates a Venetian Glass luxury upon making a Customs House.
Opperhoofd Dutch East India Company (Jan Pieterszoon Coen)
  • Shares the movement of Naval Units it's stacked with.
  • While stationed in a Dutch East India Company city, provides a percentage Gold.png Gold increase per outgoing Traderoute.png Trade Route and Worked Luxury resource.
Patrician Merchant
Venice (Domenico Selvo)
  • Can be expanded to grant a free permanent Traderoute.png trade route.
  • Provides a burst of FaithIcon.png faith when expended depending on the number of Traderoute.png trade routes in the nearest city.
IconPNG Rattathut.png
Flag rattathut.png
Ayutthaya (Narai)
  • Generates bonus Influence from Trade Missions, scaling based on distance from the Capital.png Capital
  • May be expended in the territory of another Major Civilization to conduct a Diplomatic Mission, providing a burst of Influence with every Citystate.png City-State allied to that civ
IconPNG Sabao.png
Flag sabao.png
Sogdiana (Varkhuman)
  • Can build either a Customs House or a Manufactory
  • Customs Houses built by a Sabao increase the nearest friendly city's Traderoute.png Trade Route range by 20%
Unitflag tyrianmerchant.png
Tyrian Merchant
Phoenicia (Hiram I)
  • Can establish Customs Houses.
    • Doing this earns Phoenicia 1 Tyrian Dye luxury.
Utusan Tidore (Nuku Muhammad Amiruddin)
  • Custom Houses created by Utusan claim adjacent Coastal tiles.
  • If inside the territory of a city-state, nearby combat units may pressure the Citystate.png City-State into allowing tribute much more effectively. This can be repeated with each city-state further away from the Capital.png Capital than the last.
Unitflag voyageur.png
Canada (Lester B. Pearson)
  • Cannot conduct Trade Missions or make Customs Houses.
  • Can create Fur resources.
  • Can act as a Caravan.

List of Names

Great Merchant Names
  1. Aretas III
  2. Andrew Carnegie
  3. Coco Chanel
  4. Marcus Licinius Crassus
  5. Anthony van Diemen
  6. Jakob Fugger
  7. Harkuf
  8. Edward Harriman
  9. Milton S. Hershey
  10. Ibn Battuta
  11. Steve Jobs
  12. John Maynard Keynes
  13. Sir James Lancaster
  14. Sir Alexander Mackenzie
  15. Giovanni de Medici
  16. John Stuart Mill
  17. Henri Nestlé
  18. John D. Rockefeller
  19. Sir Thomas Roe
  20. Shah Jahan
  21. Adam Smith
  22. Levi Strauss
  23. Raja Todar Mal
  24. Thomas Twining
  25. Cornelius Vanderbilt
  26. Richard Whittington
  27. Wang Anshi
  28. Zhang Qian
Ambassador Names
  1. Otto von Bismark
  2. Fronz von Albini
  3. Adam Adami
  4. Kurt Riezler
  5. Gustav Streseman
  6. Frederick von Der Decken
  7. Phillip Hainhofer
  8. Walter Hallstein
  9. Johann Mattheson
  10. Franz von Papen
  11. Hans Caspar von Bothmer
Merchant of Venice Names
  1. Gasparo Balbi
  2. Giovanni Balzoni
  3. Giosafat Barbaro
  4. Giovanni Caboto
  5. Alvise Cadamosto
  6. Ambrogio Contarini
  7. Niccolo de Conti
  8. Cesare Federici
  9. Antonio Pigafetta
  10. Maffeo Polo
  11. Marco Polo
  12. Niccolo Polo
Rattathut Names
  1. Ok-khun Chamnan
  2. Kosa Pan
  3. Ok-luang Kanlaya Ratchamaitri
  4. Ok-khun Si Wisan Wacha
  5. Ok-khun Wiset Puban
  6. Ok-muen Pipith Raja
  7. Khun Pijaivanit
  8. Khun Pijitmaitri
  9. Phya Pipatkosa
  10. Okya Phra Sadet Surendhra Dhibodi
  11. Okphra Sri Phiphat Ratana Rajkosa
Tyrian Merchant Names
  1. Hanno
  2. Abdmelqart
  3. Zimrida
  4. Tabnit
  5. Melqartpilles
  6. Eshmunazar
  7. Himilco
  8. Rib-Addi
  9. Abdosir
  10. Hasdrubal
  11. Ahiram
  12. Khilletzbaal
  13. Germelqart
  14. Yehawwielon
  15. Hiempsal
  16. Baalhanno
  17. Bodashtart
  18. Danel
  19. Eshmunamash
  20. Sakarbaal
  21. Philosir
Voyageur Names
  1. Étienne Brûlé
  2. Jean Nicolet de Belleborne
  3. Médard Chouart des Groseilliers
  4. Pierre-Esprit Radisson
  5. Daniel Greysolon
  6. Jean-Baptiste Antaya
  7. Francois Ainsse
  8. Ambroise Allard
  9. Alexis Baudry
  10. Pierre Hamel
  11. Joseph LaBelle
  12. Louis Laviolette
  13. Joseph Leger Dit Parisien
  14. Gabriel Mabrien
  15. Louis Martin
  16. Antoine Villeneuve
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