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Empire of Great Liao
Map by Poom
Map by Poom
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Great Liao led by Shengzong is a custom civilization mod by JFD, with contributions from DarthKyofu, Poom, Alga, and Danrell.

This mod requires Brave New World.


Liao Dynasty[]

The Liao dynasty, also known as the Liao Empire, officially the Great Liao, or the Khitan (Qidan) State, was an empire in East Asia that ruled from 907 to 1125 over present-day Northern and Northeast China, Mongolia and portions of the Russian Far East and North Korea. The empire was founded by Yelü Abaoji, Khagan of the Khitans around the time of the collapse of Tang China and was the first state to control all of Manchuria.

Almost immediately after its founding, the Khitan Empire began a process of territorial expansion, with Abaoji leading a successful conquest of Balhae. Later emperors would gain the Sixteen Prefectures by fueling a proxy war that led to the collapse of the Later Tang (923–936) and would establish tributary relationships with Goryeo after losing in Goryeo–Khitan Wars (1018) against Goryeo. In 1004, Liao Dynasty launched an imperial expedition against the Northern Song. After heavy fighting and large casualties between two countries, the two sides worked out the Chanyuan Treaty. Through the treaty Liao forced the Northern Song to recognize them as peers.

Tension between traditional Khitan social and political practices and Chinese influence and customs was a defining feature of the dynasty. This tension led to a series of succession crises; Liao emperors favored the Chinese concept of primogeniture, while much of the rest of the Khitan elite supported the traditional method of succession by the strongest candidate. So different were Khitan and Chinese practices that Abaoji set up two parallel governments. The Northern Administration governed Khitan areas following traditional Khitan practices, while the Southern Administration governed areas with large non-Khitan populations, adopting traditional Chinese governmental practices.

Differences between Chinese and Khitan society included gender roles and marital practices: the Khitans took a more egalitarian view towards gender, in sharp contrast to Chinese cultural practices that segregated men's and women's roles. Khitan women were taught to hunt, managed family property, and held military posts. Many marriages were not arranged, women were not required to be virgins at their first marriage, and women had the right to divorce and remarry.

The Liao dynasty was destroyed by the Jurchen-led Jin dynasty in 1125 with the capture of Emperor Tianzuo of Liao. However, the remnant Khitan, led by Yelü Dashi, established the Qara Khitai (Western Liao dynasty), which ruled over parts of Central Asia for almost a century before being conquered by the Mongols. Although cultural achievements associated with the Liao dynasty are considerable, and a number of various statuary and other artifacts exist in museums and other collections, major questions remain over the exact nature and extent of the influence of the Liao Khitan culture upon subsequent developments, such as the musical and theatrical arts.

Emperor Shengzong[]

Emperor Shengzong succeeded his father, Emperor Jingzong, at the age of 12 in 982. As he was too young to rule at the time, his mother, Empress Dowager Xiao, became the regent.

Emperor Taizong of the Northern Song dynasty sought to take advantage of the situation by launching an invasion on the Liao dynasty's southern capital (present-day Beijing) in the contentious Sixteen Prefectures in 986. Three large Song armies were sent to three different strategic locations on the approach to the southern capital. While initially successful, the young Emperor Shengzong, along with Empress Dowager Xiao, led an army of Liao cavalry to counter the enemy and defeated the Song forces at the Battle of the Qigou Pass in June. Empress Dowager Xiao appointed Yelü Xiuge as her senior general to continue attacks on the Song dynasty in retaliation until the following year.

In 1004, the Liao dynasty carried out a large-scale invasion of Song territory, camping out in the town of Shanyuan, about 100 miles north of the Song capital of Kaifeng. This resulted in the Treaty of Shanyuan, signed in mid-January 1005. According to this treaty, the Song dynasty would pay an annual tribute of 200,000 bolts of silk and 100,000 taels of silver to the Liao dynasty in exchange for peace. This arrangement would remain in place with modifications until the end of the Liao dynasty, and in fact, the Jurchens could continue this arrangement with the Song dynasty with the founding of their Jin dynasty.

Emperor Shengzong began the active patronage of Buddhism, rebuilding temples such as the Monastery of Solitary Joy. Within a century of his reign, an estimated 10% of the Liao population were Buddhist monks or nuns, though this figure may have been exaggerated. While the Khitans did not associate Buddhism with the Chinese people because it was seen more as a Uyghur religion and thus not the religion of the Chinese, whom they saw as inferior, what is not clear is the extent that Buddhism penetrated the Khitan population, as the bulk of Buddhist shrines and temples were located in the southern part of the domains of the Liao where the largely Chinese sedentary population resided. There is evidence to suggest that the Khitan populace maintained their animistic belief systems along with their rituals.

During the rule of Emperor Shengzong, the Liao dynasty instituted feudal reform, spurring its economy. Prior to this, it had depended on territorial expansion, slavery and thievery. Under Emperor Shengzong's rule, most slaves were liberated, becoming normal members of society. The most important parts of the economy from then on were animal husbandry, particularly horse and sheep raising, as well as agriculture and fishing. During Emperor Shengzong's reign, the Liao dynasty enjoyed peace and prosperity, so it is widely praised that Emperor Shengzong's reign was a golden age of the Liao dynasty.

Dawn of Man[]

"The Great Liao state is divided, but you, great Emperor Shengzong, maintain its balance. For two centuries, the Liao empire was a bi-ethnic state. With the nomadic Khitans in the north and the sedentary Chinese in the south, the duty of emperor was to unite them as one. It was under your reign that this balance was achieved, and for nearly half a century the Khitan and Chinese Liao would be united under the shadow of the heavenly throne.


Art by DarthKyofu & JFD

Great Shengzong, the empire must once more bring balance. The Chinese people and Khitan nomads must be made to respect the centrality of the emperor. Can you take up this duty? Can you bring together the vast territories of your people and unite them as one? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?"

Introduction: "Greetings, traveller. I am Shengzong, ruler of the Great Liao. What interests you in my lands?"

Defeat: "I ask that you treat my people justly."

Unique Attributes[]

Great Liao (Shengzong)

Art by JFD

Five Circuits

+15% Production Building Production in Connected cities. +20 XP for trained Units in unconnected cities. Capital Capital has both prior bonuses while there is two of each city.


Art by Janboruta and Alga

Khitan Hunter (Chariot Archer)
  • Can range attack over obstacles.
  • Requires no Horses Horses.
  • Unlocked at Trapping.

Art by JFD

Gulou (Garden)
  • Receive Goldenage Golden Age Points when completing either a Science Science, CultureIcon Culture, or Strength Military Building in any city, based on City Citizen Population.
  • Requires a Temple in the city.
City List
  1. Shangjing
  2. Zhongjing
  3. Dongjing
  4. Xijing
  5. Nanjing
  6. Zhenzhou
  7. Shenzhou
  8. Changchun
  9. Huanglong
  10. Zuun Kherem
  11. Baruun Kherem
  12. Bars Khot
  13. Chin Tolgoin Balgas
  14. Khar Bukhyn Balgas
  15. Linhuang
  16. Dading
  17. Liaoyang
  18. Datong
  19. Xijinfu
  20. Zhenzhou
  21. Shenzhou
  22. Changchun
  23. Huanglong
  24. Holhan
  25. Zhongjing
Spy List
  • Diela
  • Xidi
  • Xiuge
  • Chucai
  • Lihu
  • Honggu
  • Xiyin
  • Sha
  • Yanyan
  • Ruishun

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Full Credits List[]

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Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 9 June 2019


  • JFD: Author, Leaderscene, Code, Design, Research, Text
  • DarthKyofu: Leaderscene, Civ Icon
  • Alga: City List
  • Poom: Map
  • Danrell: UU Model
  • Jack Wall: Music
  • Jeff Severson: Leaderscene
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