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The Great General is a Great Person acquired though combat.


"Great Generals" are the supreme warriors of civilization. They create the weapons and train the soldiers. They plan the strategies to protect a civilization from its enemies, creating bold offensives, strong fortifications and cunning traps. They are the first out of the trench or onto the enemy's ship. They lead the charge into battle, carrying the fate of the people on their broad shoulders.


The Great General can construct the special Citadel improvement, which gives a big defensive bonus to any unit occupying it and damages enemy units that move adjacent to it. The Great General is consumed when it builds the Citadel. In Gods & Kings and Brave New World, this ability also has similar properties to the "Cultural Bomb" ability, adding all adjacent tiles into your territory. Be warned that stealing the territory of other civilizations can cause diplomatic incidents with the leaders.

The Great General provides a 15% combat bonus to all player-owned land units within 2 tiles. The Great General is NOT consumed when he provides this bonus. It should be noted that this buff to other units does not stack if you have multiple Great Generals.

The use of Great Generals, as well as Great Admirals, is much different than that of other Great People. They usually lay dormant until a war requires their abilities, at which point they should go immediately to the battlefield or sea. If you're fighting a lot, you may find yourself with more Generals/Admirals than you need - that's the time to construct Citadels in strategic locations (either to strengthen a weak point of the battlefield, or to conquer a tile with an important resource). Strictly speaking, unless you're pursuing a total war strategy on several battlefronts, you rarely need more than 1 Great General and Great Admiral.

Unique Unit Replacements[]


Icon Unit Civilization Abilities
Sparta (Leonidas)
  • Can be expended to join a unit, granting it +25% Strength Combat Strength and +15% Strength Combat Strength to nearby units.
Asbarobido White Huns (Toramana)
  • May convert into a mounted combat unit (15HP) if an enemy great general is nearby.
  • +1 Moves Movement on Trade Routes.
  • Mounted combat Asbarobido that fall below 50HP will merge into an adjacent Asbarobido where possible, forming a stronger unit.
  • Palaces in capitals captured by a Combatant Asbarobido gain another Greatperson Great Work of Art slot.
JFD GreatSeljuqsAtabeg
Atabeg Great Seljuqs (Nizam al-Mulk)
  • Cities with an Atabeg stationed in them Heal, Raze, and undergo Resistance Resistance twice as fast.
  • Great Scientist Points contributes to the generation of new Atabegs.
JWWBukharaShaybani UU
Beg Bukhara (Muhammad Shaybani)
  • Leaving friendly territory grants all adjacent units a temporary +1 Moves Movement boost and +25% Strength Combat Strength when outside friendly territory.
  • Ending your turn in a city in Resistance Resistance will consume the Beg, but will end its Resistance Resistance and give the city +100% Production Production for 10 turns (each passing turn reduces Production Production bonus by 10%).
Unitflag khaganbek
Khazaria (Bulan)
  • When stationed in a city that trains a new Combat Unit, 10% of that city's Population is converted to your main Religion Religion
  • Begins with +1 Moves Movement per Traderoute Trade Route departing the city its stationed in
Boh Ancient Icon
Boh Modern Icon
Boh Burma (Aung San)
  • Provides 1 XP to adjacent units every turn when in foreign territory
Unitflag boyar
Novgorod (Aleksandr Nevsky)
  • When garrisoned, grants +15% Production Production of Buildings during Peace, and +30% Production Production of Units during War.
  • May construct Customs Houses.
Cacique The Taino (Agueybana II)
  • No maintenance
  • Begins an Areyto (+25% CultureIcon Culture, +1 FaithIcon Faith on Farms in all Cities) upon birth
Capo Las Vegas (Bugsy Siegel)
  • May puppet City-States
SaraiMSI Lombardy GuidoDaLandriano Caroz
SaraiMSI Lombardy GuidoDaLandriano Caroz Flag
Lombardy (Guido da Landriano)
  • Cannot build a Citadel but acts as one when in friendly lands
  • can be expended in the land of a City State to conduct a Diplomatic Mission that does not yield Gold but a free military unit immediately and every 25 turns afterwards (standard speed) as long as that City State is friendly
Carroccio The Papal States (Innocent III)
  • +1 Moves Movement.
  • Cannot build Citadels, found Colonies, or join the Advisory Council.
  • Receive a free Carrocio when a Civilization following your religion and with whom you are at peace spawns a Great General. That Civilization also receives a free Carrocio, but will lose it if they declare war on you.
  • Units beginning stacked or adjacent to this unit heals 5 damage, yield 5 Faith, and lose any city attacking penalties. 10 damage is inflicted upon this unit each time that it heals other units.
Unitflag daimyo
Japan (Meiji)
  • When garrisoned, increases Production and Experience for Melee units
  • Can be expended for a Golden Age
Algeria (Abdelkader El Djezeiri)
  • Defensive Buildings generate +2 Greatperson Dey Points
  • Constructs Qasrs instead of Citadels. Qasrs may be built outside of your borders and inflict more damage than Citadels, but may not be built upon Resources.
Draconarius The Sarmatians (Amage)
  • Possesses a weak ranged attack, increasing in strength over time.
  • For every enemy Unit killed by or near a Draconarius, all adjacent friendly Units receive +1 Moves Move.
Duke The Lombards (Theodelinda)
  • May be assigned to a City, becoming a Military Unit of equal strength and acting as a waypoint to new units.
  • May boost the Yields of its City instead of being promoted.
Eagel speaker
Eagle Speaker The Aztecs (Tenoch)
  • If stationed in a city celebrating 'We Love the King Day', may be expended to improve and repair several plots.
  • Cities conquered by units adjacent to an Eagle Speaker become Ancient Ruins.
JFD SwitzerlandDufour Unit 256
Federal General Switzerland (Dufour)
  • Repairs all pillaged Improvements, heals all cities, and ends all Resistance Resistance within two tiles when expended to build a Citadel. This range increases to three tiles when done during peace.
  • Receive a free Federal General at the outbreak of war if one is not already active.
Fire Keeper Onondaga (Tadodaho)
  • Can be expended at City-States for a burst of CultureIcon Culture and Influence Influence.
  • If expended during a Goldenage Golden Age, earn twice as much CultureIcon Culture.
Foreign Op Hejaz (Hussein bin Ali)
  • +10% Strength Combat Strength to nearby friendly units (vs 15%)
  • May apply a random class appropriate debuff to enemy units within 2 tiles (3 uses)
First Beloved Men The Cherokee (Moytoy)
  • Spawned as either White (during peace) or Red (during war).
  • Points toward First Beloved Men are generated through Citizen Population growth rather than combat.
  • White First Beloved Men can only be used to hurry Production Production (at a lesser rate than Great Engineers).
  • Red First Beloved Men begin with the Medic promotion and +1 Moves Movement.
JFD Gensui
Gensui Japan (Hirohito)
  • When stationed in a city, transports newly trained Combat Units to the furthest occupied or puppet city.
  • Units transported in this way can move immediately and receive +5 XP for the number of cities under occupation or puppeted (up to +15).
Grand Inquisitor Papal States (Gregory XIII)
  • May start Expurgation to remove heresy
  • May Create a Religious Order, annexing a Citystate City-State where at least 85% of the citizens follow your Religion Religion
Hetmanate (Bohdan Khmelnytsky)
  • +1 Moves Movement (3 vs. 2)
  • Can build a Citadel twice before being expended
Hetman Zaporozhia (Bohdan Khmelnytsky)
  • +2 Moves Moves (4 vs 2).
  • May enter enemy territory without Open Borders and allows adjacent units to do the same.
  • Provides a small lump sum of CultureIcon Culture when a friendly unit levels up in its vicinity.
HorkaIcon Wikia
HorkaFlag wikia
Magyars (Árpád)
  • Shares movement points with a mounted unit on the same tile
  • All units within range may move after attacking
Hulubalang icon crop
Hulubalang Malacca (Parameswara)
  • Enemies that die near the Hulubalang have a chance to join your ranks, and when they die on a road or trade route they have a chance swap the territory they own to you.
  • Can be bought with Gold Gold.
  • Can move after purchase.
iNduna The Ndebele (Lobengula)
  • Adjacent friendly Units gain more XP from combat.
  • When a stacked unit is promoted, may spawn a Luxury Resource on its tile.
Infanzón León (Ferdinand I)
  • Citystate City-States captured within two tiles of an Infanzón gain +1 Citizen Population and yield Influence Influence over all other known Citystate City-States based on the size of the city captured
  • +1 Horses Horses when spawned
Alpha Kavhan32
Bulgaria (Krum)
  • +4 Sight
  • May perform a Trade Mission with halved effectiveness
  • Conquered Cities generate +2 Greatperson Kavhan Points
  • Cannot build Citadels
Unitflag greatgeneral
Mongolia (Genghis Khan)
  • Vanilla version:
    • Nearby units heal 15 HP per turn
    • +3 Movement
  • TarcisioCM's version:
    • +15 HP healed per turn for nearby units
    • +3 Moves Movement
    • Triggers a Goldenage Golden Age upon birth
Knight of the Round Table Britons (Arthur) Vanilla
  • May attack, defend, and capture cities, gaining the Strength Combat Strength of the strongest available Mounted or Armor Unit.
  • Generates Greatperson Great Writer points when defeated, or when defeating other units.

Fate Persona Pack

  • May attack, defend, and capture cities, gaining the Strength Combat Strength of the strongest available Mounted or Armor Unit, increasing with each City-State you are protecting.
Khlon icon
Khlon The Khmers (Suryavarman II)
  • When garrisoned, increases land unit Production for each Farm and Plantation worked
  • During Golden Ages, +15% Food in adjacent cities
  • Chance to be born when constructing a National Wonder
Unitflag libertador
Gran Colombia (Simón Bolivar)
  • Grants nearby units +50% Strength vs cities
  • Can write a Political Treatise
Unitflag mamikonian
Armenia (Tiridates III)
  • Also replaces the Great Prophet
  • Cannot found a Religion
  • Nearby mounted units gain the Nakharar Promotion
    • 33% bonus vs cities
    • Additional Gold plundered from cities of different Religions
Manlaibaatar Great Mongolia (Bogd Gegeen)
  • Strength Combat Bonus to nearby units doubled while in Friendly Territory.
  • Bonus points toward a Manlaibaatar are generated for every Barbarian Unit that converts to your ownership when a Great Prophet is spawned.
Marshal of the Empire
France (Napoleon)

(When LastSword's Revision is active)

  • +1 Sight
  • May be expended to permanently raise Happy Happiness by 5
EW Maturkan Icon
Maturkan The Khanty (Alach)
  • Can create unique Great Works of Art that reduce the CultureIcon Culture and Gold Gold cost of new tiles in Cities by 10% each.
Icon meddiss2
Meddiss Toutiks The Samnites (Comius Castronius)
  • When an improvement is built or an enemy is killed within 2 tiles of the unit, the Meddiss Toutiks accumulates Production Production that can be used to hurry construction of Units, Buildings, and Projects in an adjacent City.
Megas Domestikos Byzantium (Alexios I Komnenos)
  • Units promoted within two tiles receive an additional, random promotion for free
  • Upon the dawn of a Goldenage Golden Age, receive a free Megas Domestikos if one is not already active
Mico Icon
Mico Muskogee (William Augustus Bowles)
  • Can be expended when in enemy territory to grant a lv. 5 contemporary combat Unit for yourself and each of your Citystate City-State allies
Military Engineer Poland-Lithuania (Tadeusz Kosciuszko)
  • May be expended to create a Political Treatise.
  • May instantly build Forts and Roads without being expended.
  • Negates penalties for attacking over a River for adjacent Units.
Unitflag nart
The Alans (Respendial)
  • Stacked units may pass through rival territory for 2 turns
  • +2 Happy Happiness for each city founded after the previous Nart's birth
  • Cities founded while stacked with a Nart may receive free ancient era buildings
Ngwenyama Eswatini (Labotsibeni Mdluli)
  • Triggers a 'We Love the King' Day in the Capital Capital when born.
  • Grants adjacent melee units the ability to perform a ranged attack before engaging.
Nönör Rouran (Yujiulü Mugulü)
  • May attack units, but only when within 4 tiles of another Nönör or Khan.
  • Upon capturing a Greatperson Great General or Citystate City-State, the Nönör can choose to upgrade into a Khan, who may construct Citadels and yield Golden Age Points when moving in enemy territory, increased if stacked.
Unitflag paladin
Francia (Charlemagne)
  • May build Siege Units on unimproved Forest or Jungle tiles in neutral or friendly territory after discovering Mathematics
  • +2 Moves Movement
Pétroleuse Paris (Louis Charles Delescluze)
  • Can be expended near an enemy City to destroy all defensive buildings, dealing damage for every layer of defense destroyed.
Pechin Ryukyu (Sho Hashi)
  • Can discover Technology.
Praetorian Prefect Rome (Tiberius)
  • Adjacent units receive XP every turn until they have as much as they would receive from Buildings in the Capital Capital.
Qaid Icon
Qaid Flag
Rif (Abd el-Krim)
  • When earned, damages enemy Units adjacent to Mountains in Rif territory
  • Defeating enemy Units within 3 tiles causes extra Unhappiness Unhappiness in their Empire
Rana Nepal (Tribhuvan)
  • Halves Resistance Resistance time when garrisoned.
  • If Nepal's total Unhappiness Unhappiness is in excess, cities with garrisoned Rana gain bonus Military Unit Production Production.
Ransom Caravan The Qarmatians (Abu Tahir Al-Jannabi)
  • Cannot be expended for a Citadel, but may instead be expended for a Gold Gold and Production Production boost in the Capital Capital.
  • Upon conquering a city, adjacent Ransom Caravans duplicate themselves; duplicating again if the city in question is a Holy City.
Unitflag revolucionario
Cuba (Carlos Manuel de Céspedes)
  • May attack and defend
  • Ignores terrain costs and may move after attacking
  • Puts adjacent enemy cities into Resistance
  • May not conquer cities or build Citadels
Revolutionary Cadre Angola (Agostinho Neto)
  • Retains the abilities of the Greatperson Great General.
  • May order Angolan Units to new tiles in a 3-tile radius, moving the Units instantly without Moves Movement cost.
  • Earn points towards a Revolutionary Cadre when a new Citizen Citizen is born in the Capital Capital.
Unitflag shotphet
Carthage (Hannibal)
  • Embarks onto water tiles as a Great Admiral
  • Adjacent units heal 20 HP upon kills
  • Nearby enemy cities take extra damage
Unitflag tabor
Bohemia (Vaclav II)
  • +100% Defensive Strength Strength for stacked Military Units.
  • Allows stacked Ranged Units to attack twice.
  • May be purchased with Gold Gold after Metal Casting.
  • +1 Strength Defense for adjacent cities.
  • Costs 1 Gold Gold maintenance.
  • Cannot build Citadels; does not have the Leadership Promotion.
The Mapuche (Janequeo)
  • Reduces the Moves Movement and prevents the healing of nearby enemy units with less than 50HP.
  • May be expended to grant XP to nearby units (+30 for Ranged, +50 for Melee) and upgrade them if possible.
Unitflag toqui
The Mapuche (Lautaro)
  • May attack and defend, but loses 10 HP upon killing an enemy
  • May move after pillaging and attacking
  • May not build Citadels or capture cities
  • +3 Movement
  • Upgrades to Landship
Toyon Yakutia (Tygyn Darkhan)
  • Can build a Toyon's Estate on resources that require a Pasture or Camp
    • Claims surrounding territory
    • Yields +4 Gold
Tysyatsky Pskov (Daumantas)
  • May forcibly influence Citystate City-States who follow the same Religion Religion as you.
  • Cities with a Tysyatsky heal 50% faster and construct defensive and Gold Gold buildings 50% faster.
Laos (Fa Ngum)
  • Spawns two War Elephants.
  • War Elephants have 100% Strength Combat Strength versus cities.
  • War Elephants have double Moves Movement in Jungle and Forest.
Unitflag voivode
Poland (Casimir III)

(When Sigismund II's Poland-Lithuania is installed)

  • Increases Food carried over when a new Citizen is born in occupied cities
  • Grants a Culture boost upon birth
  • May repair pillaged tiles


Icon Unit Civilization Abilities
Capo Passione (Diavolo)
  • When Garrisoned in a city, opens an additional Traderoute Trade Route slot and provides newly-trained Infantry units in that city with the Trial Of The Arrow promotion, granting a random and unique ability after their first round of combat
  • When expended, provides a large lump sum of Gold Gold
Mathalx Niger Dominus Icon
Niger Dominus Nigrafantasia (Van Darkholme)
  • When moving to a tile with a friendly military unit, causes the unit to gain 25% Strength Combat Strength for the duration of the turn.
  • Causes a nearby city to gain +3 Production Production and +2 Tourism Tourism (does not stack). If the Niger Dominus garrisons the building, provides the city with a +10% Production Production Modifier.
  • Can be used to Hurry Production, Conduct Trade Missions, or Concert Tour, but at 80% effectiveness when compared to a default Great Person of the respective type.
Priest Grand Pink Arad (Pink Priest)
  • Spawns for free when a Great Prophet is gained.
  • +5 FaithIcon Faith to the Capital as long as the unit is alive.
  • May be upgraded into the Crusader when Theology is discovered.
  • Increases healing rate of adjacent units by 15.
  • Starts with Vision 1.
  • Builds into the Chapter Barracks which loses the culture bomb but retains the other functions of a Citadel and gives Faith and Production yields.
Mathalx Songstress Icon
Songstress Valla (Azura)
  • Gains Great Admiral abilities as well.
  • May refresh the movement points of adjacent units and give them +1 Attack for the turn. Other Songstresses and Divas are not affected.
  • Can upgrade to Divas after Acoustics. Divas are combat units.
  • Can be purchased with gold after Drama and Poetry is researched, which has a cooldown.
Unitflag voidhalf
Void Half
The Seekers of Darkness (Xehanort)
  • Nearby friendly units gain FaithIcon Faith (with CP or VMC)/Goldenage Golden Age points (without) on kills
Yuri Clone The Psychic Empire (Yuri)
  • Cannot build Citadels
  • Can puppet city-states

List of Names[]

Great General Names
  1. Ahuitzotl
  2. Akbar
  3. Arminius
  4. Belisarius
  5. Cao Cao
  6. Chandragupta Maurya
  7. Hernan Cortez
  8. Oliver Cromwell
  9. El Cid
  10. Epaminondas
  11. Eugene of Savoy
  12. Gaius Marius
  13. Geronimo
  14. Heinz Guderian
  15. Hamilcar Barca
  16. Hannibal Barca
  17. Ivan the Terrible
  18. Jeanne d'Arc
  19. Khaled ibn al-Walid
  20. Robert E. Lee
  21. Leonidas
  22. Lysander
  23. Charles Martel
  24. Maurice of Nassau
  25. Bernard Montgomery
  26. George Patton
  27. Francisco Pizzaro
  28. Pompey
  29. Pyrrhus
  30. Erwin Rommel
  31. Sargon
  32. Scipio Africanus
  33. Winfield Scott
  34. Sitting Bull
  35. William Slim
  36. Spartacus
  37. Subutai
  38. Sun Tzu
  39. Timur
  40. Johann Tserclaes
  41. Vercingetorix
  42. Albrecht von Wallenstein
  43. William the Conqueror
  44. Zhuge Liang
  45. Georgy Zhukov
Boyar Names
  1. Vsevolod Mstislavich
  2. Yaroslav of Vladimir
  3. Mstislav of Chernigov
  4. Izyaslav of Polotsk
  5. Yuri Dolgorukiy
  6. Stepan Tverdislavich
  7. Tverdislav
  8. Ontsifor Lukinich
  9. Yan Vyshatich
  10. Vyshata
  11. Konstantin Dobrynich
  12. Dobrynya
  13. Putyata
  14. Ivan Kalita
  15. Svyatoslav
  16. Konstantin of Rostov
  17. Vassily of Kostroma
  18. Svyatoslav Olgovich
  19. Vladimir Monomakh
  20. Vsevolod Bolshoye Gnyezdo
Daimyo Names
  1. Shimazu Nariakira
  2. Abe Tadaaki
  3. Kamei Korenori
  4. Itakura Shigenori
  5. Ōmura Sumitada
  6. Fudai daimyo
  7. Fukushima Masanori
  8. Gamō Ujisato
  9. Hayashi Tadataka
  10. Date Tsunamura
  11. Dodo Kuranosuke
  12. Chōsokabe Motochika
  13. Bessho Nagaharu
  14. Ichijō Kanesada
  15. Mimura Iechika
  16. Ii Naotaka
  17. Maeda Nariyasu
  18. Mōri Takachika
  19. Tokugawa Akitake
  20. Tokugawa Nariaki
  21. Niwa Nagashige
  22. Oda Nobunaga
  23. Nabeshima Naotora
  24. Murakami Yoshikiyo
  25. Mōri Motonari
  26. Kikkawa Motoharu
  27. Katagiri Katsumoto
  28. Makino Tadayuki
  29. Wakisaka Yasuharu
  30. Yanagisawa Yoshiyasu
  31. Ukita Hideie
  32. Toyotomi Hideyoshi
  33. Uesugi Harunori
  34. Ōuchi Yoshitaka
  35. Ōoka Tadasuke
  36. Rokkaku Yoshikata
  37. Matsudaira Sadanobu
  38. Sengoku Hidehisa
  39. Tōdō Takatora
  40. Takeda Katsuyori
Filibuster Names
  • William Walker
  • Parker H. French
  • Horace Bell
  • William A. Chandler
  • Henry A. Crabb
  • William Logan Crittenden
  • Isaac H. Duval
  • Samuel Kemper
  • James Long
  • Augustus Magee
Khagan Bek Names
  1. Ibris
  2. Busir
  3. Bihar
  4. Parsbit
  5. Zachariah
  6. Bulan
  7. Benjamin
  8. Aaron II
  9. Joseph ben Aaron
  10. David of Taman
  11. Georgius Tzul
  12. Balgitzin
  13. Barjik
  14. Lebedias
  15. Serach
  16. Obadiah
Khan Names
  1. Batu
  2. Berke
  3. Genghis
  4. Guyuk
  5. Hulegu
  6. Kublai
  7. Möngke
  8. Möngke Temür
  9. Ogedei
  10. Temür
Libertador Names
  1. Jose de San Martín
  2. Ramón Castilla
  3. Andrés de Santa Cruz
  4. Manuel Belgrano
  5. Francisco de Miranda
  6. Mariano Moreno
  7. Bernardo O'Higgins
  8. Antonio Jose de Sucre
  9. Jose Miguel Lanza
  10. Manuel Ascencio Padilla
  11. Eustaquio Mendez
  12. Manuel Piar
  13. Jose Felix Ribas
  14. Santander
  15. Arenales
Mamikonian Names
  1. Saint Vardan
  2. Hamazasp
  3. Saint Shushanik
  4. Hmayeak
  5. Vahan
  6. Vard
  7. Vasak
  8. Enmanuel
  9. Gaghik
  10. Mamak
  11. Hamazaspian
  12. Artaches
  13. Grigor
  14. Smbat the Valiant
  15. Kahan Gail
  16. Musel
Marshal of the Empire Names
  1. Louis Alexandre Berthier
  2. Joachim Murat
  3. Bon Adrien Jeannot de Moncey
  4. Jean-Baptiste Jourdan
  5. André Masséna
  6. Pierre François Charles Augereau
  7. Jean Baptiste Jules Bernadotte
  8. Guillaume Marie Anne Brune
  9. Jean de Dieu Soult
  10. Jean Lannes
  11. Michel Ney
  12. Louis Nicolas Davout
  13. Jean-Baptiste Bessières
  14. Édouard Adolphe Casimir Joseph Mortier
Paladin Names
  1. Roland
  2. Oliver
  3. Gérin
  4. Gérier
  5. Bérengier
  6. Otton
  7. Samson
  8. Engelier
  9. Ivon
  10. Ivoire
  11. Anséis
  12. Girard
  13. Tupin
  14. Ogier the Dane
  15. Huon of Bordeaux
  16. Fierabras
  17. Renaud de Montauban
  18. Ganelon
Qaid Names
  • Abd el-Salam
  • Mohammed Abd el-Karim
  • Mhamadi Bojabbar Mohamed
  • Ahmed Heriro
  • Haddou Mouh-Ameziane
  • Mohamed Cheddi
  • Bohout
  • Mohamed Na'ma Tanout
  • Amahzoune ben Moussa
Revolucionario Names
  1. Fidel Castro
  2. Ernesto Guevara
  3. Camilo Cienfuegos
  4. Celia Sánchez Manduley
  5. Carlos Manuel de Cespedes
  6. Juan Prim
  7. Vicente Aguilera
  8. Pedro Figueredo
  9. José Fornaris
  10. Francisco Maceo Osorio
  11. Isaías Masó
  12. Juan Acosta
  13. Donato Mármol
  14. Modesto Díaz
  15. Eutimio Mambí
  16. Máximo Gómez
  17. Antonio Maceo
  18. Guillermo Moncada
  19. Manuel Antonio de Varona
  20. José Martí Pérez
  21. Carlos Roloff Mialosky
  22. Jesús Sablón Moreno
  23. Serafín Sánchez Valdivia
  24. Julio Sanguily y Garrite
  25. Manuel Suárez Delgado
  26. Francisco Varona González
Shophet Names
  1. Bomilcar
  2. Hamilcar Barca
  3. Hannibal
  4. Hannibal Barca
  5. Hasdrubal II
  6. Hasdrubal Gisco
  7. Hasdrubal the Boetharch
  8. Mago I Justin
  9. Mago II
  10. Mago III
  11. Himilco I
  12. Himilco II
  13. Hasdrubal the Fair
  14. Ad Herbal
  15. Carthalo
  16. Hannibal Monomachus
  17. Hannibal the Rhodian
  18. Hanno the Elder
  19. Hanno the Great
  20. Maharbal
  21. Sophonisba
  22. Aderbaal
  23. Bodashtart
  24. Philosir
  25. Abdmelqart
Toqui (Janequeo) Names
  1. Malloquete
  2. Lincoyan
  3. Lautaro
  4. Cayancaru
  5. Cadeguala
  6. Loble
  7. Paillaeco
  8. Caupolicán
  9. Millalelmo
  10. Misqui
Voivode Names
  1. Jan z Tarnowa
  2. Goworek
  3. Piotr Bogoria
  4. Piotr Kmita
  5. Spytko z Melsztyna
  6. Jerzy Mniszech
  7. Skarbimir
  8. Sieciech
  9. Wojslaw Powala
  10. Piotr Kmita
  11. Piotr Firlej
  12. Spytek Jaroslawski
  13. Piotr Odrowaz
  14. Jakub Koniecpolski
  15. Dobrogost z Szamotul
  16. Przedpelek
  17. Przybyslaw
  18. Maciej Borkowic
  19. Stanislaw Ostrorog
  20. Wszebor
  21. Jan Ciolek
  22. Wawrzyniec Zaremba
  23. Dzierslaw Rytwianski
Unit Types
Ancient Era
ArcherChariot ArcherScoutSpearmanTriremeWarrior
Classical Era
Composite BowmanCatapultHorsemanSwordsman
Medieval Era
Renaissance Era
Industrial Era
ArtilleryCavalryGatling GunIroncladRifleman
Modern Era
Anti-Aircraft GunBattleshipCarrierDestroyerGreat War BomberGreat War InfantryInfantryLandshipMachine GunSubmarineTriplane
Atomic Era
Anti-Tank GunAtomic BombBazookaBomberFighterHelicopter GunshipMarineMobile SAMParatrooperRocket ArtilleryTank
Information Era
Giant Death RobotGuided MissileJet FighterMechanized InfantryMissile CruiserModern ArmorNuclear MissileNuclear SubmarineStealth BomberXCOM Squad
Civilian Units
ArchaeologistCaravanCargo ShipInquisitorMissionarySettlerWork BoatWorker
Great People
Great AdmiralGreat ArtistGreat EngineerGreat GeneralGreat MerchantGreat MusicianGreat ProphetGreat ScientistGreat Writer