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The Great Artist is a Great Person acquired through Specialists or Wonders.


"Great Artists" are the visionaries of civilization. They interpret the world, bringing beauty, brilliance, form and color where none may have been found before. They carve the statues, paint the pictures, take the photos and make the films that define our humanity. Often their work surpasses its time and place, enlightening and elevating a people, making a civilization far greater than its material possessions and power.


In the Brave New World expansion, Great Artists' functions change in accordance with the new cultural system. First, they are now created from specialists that may be placed only in the Artists' Guild. They can still start a Golden Age, but their more permanent boost ability has been changed. Instead of building a Landmark, they now have an ability to Create a Great Work of Art, which may then be placed within an appropriate building (like your Palace, Museums, or Cathedrals) for a permanent  Tourism and  Culture boost.

Unique Unit Replacements[]

Icon Unit Civilization Abilities
Lambayeque The Chimu (Tacaynamo)
  • Provides a unique promotion to civilian units when expended; this promotion gives Culture when the civilian unit completes an improvement
Ten Flower Craftsman Thayae Khittaya (Duttabaung)
  • Produces Greatwork Great Works of Craft, which yield 2 FaithIcon Faith and increase Gold Gold from incoming Traderoute International Trade Routes by +2.
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