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The Great Admiral is a Great Person acquired through naval combat.


"Great Admirals" provide the leadership necessary to guide powerful navies to victory on the open sea. They plan, implement, and execute the complex maneuvers necessary to maintain naval superiority, providing the coastal security that every civilization needs.


The Great Admiral is used similarly to the Great General- as a combat booster, but in sea warfare. What's different is its ability to instantly repair every naval and embarked unit in the same hex, as well as in adjacent hexes. This may be used to a crushing effect by a skilled player, or it may be wasted by an unskilled one! Note that the Admiral is consumed when using this ability.

One interesting perk of the Great Admiral is the fact that he can traverse ocean tiles, regardless of whether or not you've researched Astronomy. This is rarely useful, simply because it's incredibly difficult to earn a Great Admiral before the Renaissance Era - sea battles are just so rare in the early game, and Barbarian fights don't count towards earning Great Admiral points. However, if you do manage to get an Admiral early on, you can send him on an exploration mission and find the other continents and nations before anyone else! This gives you a strategic advantage of knowing where everything is and helps with planning early overseas expansions. Just be careful with Barbarian ships - the Admiral will be completely defenseless against them. Try to always stay in ocean tiles, where enemy Triremes and Galleys can't reach you!

Unique Unit Replacements[]

Icon Unit Civilization Abilities
Unitflag ammiratus
Sicily (Roger II)
  • Nearby units receive a Strength Combat bonus vs cities
  • Nearby embarked units gain +2 Moves Movement
  • Cities with 3 or more Religion Religions generate Ammiratus points
  • Functions as an Inquisitor when garrisoned
Great Corsair
Caribbean (Henry Morgan) (LastSword)
  • May automatically pillage Cargo Ships around the world without Declaring War
Hi-Koi Songhai (Sonni Ali)
  • Receive a free Naval Melee unit for every non-occupied landlocked city you own when a Hi-Koi is born.
  • Embarked units within 2 tiles receive the Siege promotion.
Knarr Norway (Eystein I)
  • Can be expended in a City to grant a burst of Production.
  • When expended, Naval and Embarked Units have their Movement restored.
Unitflag kontreadmiral
Denmark-Norway (Christian IV)
  • May construct a Citadel on water tiles
    • Becomes a naval combat unit with 30 Experience
Uu RedNavigator
Red Earth Navigator
Funan (Soma)
  • May be expended adjacent to coast for a settler.
  • Increases the border expansion of the nearest city when stacked with a naval unit.
Tessarakonteres The Ptolemies (Ptolemy Soter)
  • May manually build Tessarakonteres at a high Production production cost, counting as a World Wonder.
Unitflag thalaithirvai
The Chola (Raja Raja I)
  • May attack and defend
  • Becomes more powerful with advances in naval technology
JFD Ming TreasureFleet
Treasure Fleet Great Ming (Yongle)
  • +1 Sight.
  • Can purchase City-States outright, bringing them under Ming control.
  • Each Greatperson Great Person expended generates a lump sum of points toward the creation of a Treasure Fleet
Yampu Runancha The Inca (Tupac Yupanqui)
  • Land units within two tiles receive the Amphibious promotion.
  • When expended, all embarked units within two tiles are healed and have their movement restored.

List of Names[]

Great Admiral Names
  1. Afonso de Albuquerque
  2. Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa
  3. Álvaro de Bazán
  4. Calonymus of Alexandria
  5. Jacques Cartier
  6. Christopher Columbus
  7. James Cook
  8. Andrew Cunningham
  9. Michiel de Ruyter
  10. George Dewey
  11. Don John of Austria
  12. Andrea Doria
  13. John Doukas
  14. Francis Drake
  15. Leif Ericson
  16. Erik the Red
  17. David Farragut
  18. Vasco da Gama
  19. Comte de Grasse
  20. Hanno
  21. Hayreddin Barbarossa
  22. Henry the Navigator
  23. Himilco
  24. John Paul Jones
  25. Ferdinand Magellan
  26. Horatio Nelson
  27. Chester Nimitz
  28. Matthew Perry
  29. Murat Reis
  30. Phormio
  31. Pytheas
  32. Marcus Atilius Regulus
  33. Roger of Lauria
  34. Zinovy Rozhestvensky
  35. Shi Lang
  36. Alfred von Tirpitz
  37. Togo Heihachiro
  38. Turgut Reis
  39. Fyodor Ushakov
  40. Fernando Villaamil
  41. Peter Wessel Tordenskjold
  42. Isoroku Yamamoto
  43. Yi Sun-sin
  44. Zheng He
Great Corsair Names
  1. William Kidd
  2. Edward Teach
  3. Bartholomew Roberts
  4. Henry Every
  5. Anne Bonny
  6. Henry Morgan
  7. Francois l'Olonnais
  8. Francis Drake
  9. Edward Lowe
  10. Stede Bonnet
  11. Mary Read
  12. Charles Vane
  13. Francois Le Clerc
  14. Jean Fleury
  15. Jacques de Sores
Kontreadmiral Names
  1. Claus Paarss
  2. Niels Juel
  3. Cort Adeler
  4. Peter Tordenskjold
  5. Olfert Fischer
  6. Steen Andersen Bille
  7. Cornelis Tromp
  8. Peter Christian Petersenr
  9. Ove Gjedde
  10. Evert Andersen
  11. Lauritz Galtung
  12. Corfits Ulfeldt
  13. Kristoffer Throndsen
  14. Christen Thomesen Sehested
  15. Axel Mowat
  16. Thomas Konow
  17. Niels Juel
  18. Jørgen Jørgensen
  19. Hans Køning
  20. Lauritz Galtung
  21. Hans Peter Holm
  22. Ivar Huitfeldt
  23. Carl Wilhelm Jessen
  24. Henrik Bjelke
  25. Michael Bille
  26. Christian Thomsen Carl
  27. Jens Schou Fabricius
  28. Jens Munk
Thalai-Thirvai Names
  1. Mei Sembiyan
  2. Nannan Thagan
  3. Paru Vendhi
  4. Vadi Vaelaan
  5. Eri Pungi
  6. Vaet Thagaiyan
  7. Aai Maandhi
  8. Kaari Vendhi
  9. Mondhuvan Monjuvan
  10. Udhan Poguvan
  11. Musukunthan Jembiyan
  12. Nedumi Cenni
  13. Nalngilli Ellagan
  14. Nedungop Perunkilli
  15. Kopperun Chozhan
  16. Maeyan Porvaiko
  17. Ambalathu Vengaiyar
  18. Aai Uttamathairayar
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