Grand Pink Arad
Pink Priest
Lemidia Basilica
Start Bias
Avoid Jungle and Tundra
Religious Intolerance
Spiritual, Charismatic

Grand Pink Arad led by Pink Priest is a custom civilization created by Mathetes tou Megalou Alexandrou.


Dawn of Man

Eternal blessings of God be upon you, pious Pink Priest! You are the immortal ruler of Grand Pink Arad. You've achieved the unification of Arad through your fabulousness and little bloodshed, something that not even the military giants of Pelos and De Los Empires could not achieve. While there are those who reject your rule from within, you've embraced those who are willing to join through both great strength and magnanimity. Through your might you've punished the wicked who dared torment the innocent of Arad, and built support through your legendary feats.

Great Pink Priest, the new world awaits your saving hand. Dedicate to building a brave new world by punishing the wicked and leading the meek towards the true path. Are you ready to set on a journey for this noble cause? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?


Grand Pink Arad is a civilization that gains a great deal of utility from faith much like House Atreides. They may purchase any Great People with faith provided that the city has a majority religion, allowing them to purchase Great People earlier than any other civilizations. While it isn't practical in the earlier stages of the game when the faith output is low, it becomes practical in late Medieval and Renaissance era where an early Scientist or Engineer can significantly boost Arad's national potential. However, greater access to Great People isn't the only benefit that Arad enjoys. Arad has a benefit towards spreading religion especially towards large cities, as Arad receives faith, Great People generation, and Wonder Production bonuses from having adherents to its state religion.

Unique Trait and Components

Grand Pink Arad (Pink Priest)

Real Buffs come from Men!

Diplomatic Bonuses from and to male leaders. Every 5 adherents of the state religion increases the Capital Capital's FaithIcon Faith output by 2. May purchase all regular Greatperson Great People with Faith if it founded a Religion Religion.

Priest (Great General)

  • Free Crusader when a Great Prophet is spawned.
  • +5 FaithIcon Faith to the capital as long as the unit is maintained.
  • May be upgraded into the Crusader when Theology is discovered.
  • Increases healing rate of adjacent units by 15.
  • Starts with Vision 1.
  • Builds into the Chapter Barracks instead of the Citadel. Chapter Barracks do not culture bomb but retains all other bonuses from the Citadel, while also providing +3 FaithIcon Faith and Production Production, with +1 to each at discovery of Theology and Architecture.


  • Upgrades from Priests.
  • Combat units whose combat strength scales by era.
  • Retains all of the Priest's bonuses, including the Faith per turn bonus.
  • May pick special promotions.
  • Gains experience 100% Faster.

Reliquary (Garden)

  • Costs no Maintenance
  • Does not require fresh water.
  • +1 FaithIcon Faith.
  • 1 Slot for Greatwork Great Works of Art. +3 Happy Local Happiness if the slot is filled.
City List
  1. Lemidia Basilica
  2. Silver Crown
  3. Sewers
  4. Behemoth
  5. Northern Shelters
  6. Ghent
  7. Shonan
  8. Kurun
  9. Lufthafen
  10. Slough Industrial Complex
  11. Luteon
  12. Mushroom Garden
  13. Glassfey
  14. Ringwood Penitentiary
  15. Salif
  16. Tyrant's Altar
Spy List
  1. Seria Kirmin
  2. Jeda Raxpa
  3. Zeldine Schneider
  4. Grandis Gracia
  5. Kiri
  6. Runa
  7. Carpensis
  8. Baron Abel
  9. Pungjin
  10. Danjin
  11. Taric

First Greetings

  1. Welcome, good stranger, to the grand lands of Arad! Let there be peace between us, and should that prove impossible, let that conflict be resolved fairly in the fields of battle.
  2. Hello, traveler! I am Pink Priest, the caretaker of the people of Arad. I presume male pairings are not too uncomfortable with you?

Full Credits List

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: 1
Last Updated: 28 January 2018


  • Mathetes tou Megalou Alexandrou - Lua, XML
  • Neople - Intellectual Property, Music, Leader/Unit Icons
  • Mr. Pandango - Leader Scene
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