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Gowa led by Hasanuddin is a custom civilization mod by Grant.

This mod requires Brave New World.



The Sultanate of Gowa was one of the most successful kingdoms in Indonesia, and the dominant kingdom on the island of Sulawesi, east of Borneo and west of the Moluccas. Before the establishment of the kingdom, the region had been known as Makassar and its people as Suku Makassar (tribe of Makassar). The history of the kingdom can be divided into two eras: pre-Islamic kingdom and post-Islamic sultanate.

Little is known about Gowa's origins. According to Mahajapit literature, the pre-islamic kingdom of Makassar was founded in the early 14th century. The first queen of Gowa in the 15th century was Tomanurung Baine. Gowa is again recorded during the ruling of the 6th king, Tonatangka Kopi, where local sources have noted the division of the kingdom into two new kingdoms led by two of Kopi's sons: the Kingdom of Gowa led by Batara Gowa as its 7th king covering the tribal areas of Paccelekang, Pattalasang, Bontomanai Ilau, Bontomanai 'Iraya, Tombolo and Mangasa while the other son, Karaeng Loe ri Sero, led a new kingdom called Tallo which includes areas of Saumata, Pannampu, Moncong Loe, and Parang Loe. For years both kingdoms were involved in wars until the kingdom of Tallo was defeated. During the reign of King of Gowa X, I Manriwagau Daeng Bonto Karaeng Lakiung Tunipalangga Ulaweng (1512-1546), the two kingdoms were reunified to become twin kingdoms under a deal called Rua Kareng se're ata (dual kings, single people in Makassarese) and enforced with a binding treaty. Since then, when someone becomes a king of Tallo, he also becomes the king of Gowa. Many historians then simply call these Gowa-Tallo twin kingdoms as Makassar or just Gowa.

The traces of Islam in South Sulawesi existed since the 1320s, with the arrival of the first Sayyid (descedant of Muhammad) in South Sulawesi, namely Sayyid Jamaluddin al-Akbar Al-Husaini. The conversion of the kingdom to Islam is dated as September 22, 1605 when the 14th king of Tallo-Gowa kingdom, Karaeng Matowaya Tumamenaga Ri Agamanna, converted to Islam, where later changed his name to Sultan Alauddin. He ruled the kingdom from 1591 to 1629. From 1630 until the early twentieth century, Gowa's political leaaders and Islamic functionaries were both recruited from the ranks of the nobility. Since 1607, sultans of Makassar established a policy of welcoming all foreign traders. In 1613, an English trading post was built in Gowa. This began the influence of the English, and later the Dutch, against the Sultanate. The most famous Sultan of Gowa became Sultan Hasanuddin, who from 1666 to 1669 waged a war known as the Makassar War against the Dutch East India Company (VOC) which was assisted by the the Bone kingdom, another state in southern Sulawesi. Since 1673 the area around Fort Rotterdam grew into a city currently known as Makassar. Since 1904 the Dutch colonial government performed an expedition called South Sulawesi expedition and started war against small kingdoms in South Sulawesi, including Gowa. In 1911 the Sultanate lost its independence after losing the war and became one of the Dutch Indies' regencies. Following the Indonesian independence from Netherlands in 1945, the sultanate dissolved and has since become part of the Republic of Indonesia and the former region becomes part of Gowa Regency.


Sultan Hasanuddin was the 16th and greatest ruler of the Sultanate of Gowa, ruling from 1653 to 1669. He was proclaimed as an national hero of Indonesia by Suharto. The Dutch called Sultan Hasanuddin "the Rooster of the East" for his daring and aggressive tactics in battle. After his accession to the throne of Gowa, Hasanuddin faced a turbulent situation as the Dutch colonized large parts of the East Indies. During this period, the Kingdom of Gowa was the sole large east Indonesian kingdom which was not yet colonized by the Dutch.

The conflict between the Makassar and the VOC had started as early as 1616, when 15 Dutch sailors were massacred after the company had taken a number of Makassarese nobles hostage in order to force the Makassarese king into honoring his debts to them. War would ebb and flow between the two powers for over fifty years, as the Dutch were bent on having a complete monopoly of the spice trade, from which Gowa also derived its prosperity. With that goal in mind it was practically impossible for either side to obtain an workable permanent compromise, as the VOC would not tolerate any commercial (and by extension, military) rival in the region.

After decades of conflict between Gowa and the VOC, on June 12, 1669, the company made Makassar its puppet state, tearing down the defenses of Sombaopu and erecting Fort Rotterdam in its place. Hasanuddin resigned as Sultanate and died one year later.

Dawn of Man[]

May Allah grant you salvation, Sultan Hasanuddin, mighty sword of Islam, unvanquishable Rooster of the East! You transformed a backwater state in the throes of colonial dominion into an indestructible fortress that no foe could dare to touch! While in the end you succumbed to the relentless power of the Dutch East India Company, you were the only one to strike fear into the west; your allies, one by one, betrayed you and sold themselves to the colonizers. It was your actions that breathed new life into the ailing spirit of the archipelago; a spirit that would eventually rise and end the colonial power, a spirit that would honour you as a national hero. Even in the face of defeat, you did not lie down and accept the inevitable; you rebelled and attempted to turn the tide of history itself. It was you that transformed your soldiers from tribal warriors to a modern army; your navies from crude trading vessels to an industrial armada.

Gowa LS

Leaderscreen by Grant

Glory arrives once again, great Sultan, as your people admire the many forts and cities you constructed, and look to a future where their Sultanate rises again. They seek your guidance, your cunning, your mastery of the sea, as the world around them grows darker still. Can you man your navies? Rally your people? Equip your forts with fire? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?

Introduction: "Welcome! I am the Sultan of Gowa, Muhammad Hasanuddin Tuminanga ri Balla'pangkana. My fortress is impressive, is it not? Come, talk to me about the fruits of your empire!"

Defeat: "This is a false defeat; a fragile truce at best. I will be back with a thousand more cannons, just you wait! Your empire cannot outlast mine."

Unique Attributes[]

Gowa (Hasanuddin)

Art by Grant

Rooster of the East

Obtaining Luxuries through deals and Citystate City-States increases Strength Defense in cities connected to each other via a domestic Traderoute Trade Route. Enemy units lose Moves Movement points if bombarded by a garrisoned unit.


Art by Grant

Padewakang (Caravel)
  • May Moves Move twice as fast along sea Traderoute Trade Routes, and three times as fast along sea Traderoute Trade Routes near different continents.

Art by Grant

Benteng (Castle)
  • Ranged units garrisoned in coastal Cities with a Benteng may conduct an extra ranged attack.
  • If the city is blockaded, Production Production towards gunpowder and naval units is increased by 25%, increasing more from Traderoute Trade Routes to and from the city.
City List
  1. Sungguminasa
  2. Makassar
  3. Bantaeng
  4. Garassiq
  5. Enrekang
  6. Sidenreng
  7. Panakkukkang
  8. Somba Opu
  9. Rappang
  10. Parepare
  11. Balangnipa
  12. Polewali
  13. Tanete
  14. Ujung Pandang
  15. Watampone
  16. Tamalate
  17. Watansoppeng
  18. Maradekaya
  19. Bontobonto
  20. Paotere
  21. Labakkang
  22. Sanrobone
  23. Barombong
  24. Sengkang
  25. Sawito
  26. Pattunuang
  27. Selayar
  28. Paccelekang
  29. Bongaya
  30. Bontoala
  31. Pangkajene
  32. Tanahjampea
  33. Bacukiki
  34. Polombangkeng
  35. Mappakasunggu
  36. Pasimarannu
  37. Mandalle
  38. Pitumpanua
  39. Bontobahari
  40. Paccellekang
  41. Malangke
  42. Ujung Tanah
  43. Ulumanda
  44. Kayu Jawa
  45. Marege
Spy List
  • Tunipalangga
  • Tumanurung
  • Tuniatabanri
  • Alauddin
  • Tunijalloq
  • Tunibatta
  • Daeng
  • Tunilabu
  • Tumapaqrisiq
  • Sirajuddin
  • Sinungku



Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Full Credits List[]

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Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 19 May 2020


  • Grant: SQL, Text, Art, Mod Support, lua
  • TopHatPaladin: Lua
  • Geoff Knorr: War Theme
  • Iwan Tompo: Peace Theme ('Ati Raja')
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