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Future Ylisse
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Future Ylisse led by Lucina is a custom civilization created by Mathetes tou Megalou Alexandrou.


Dawn of Man[]

May the blessings of Naga rain plentiful upon thee! You are the princess and the savior of the Kingdom of Ylisse, most beneficient Lucina! You hail from a future of despair where Grima has successfully carried out his plot to destroy the world so that such event can be prevented in this timeline, and you have come with the other children of the Shepherds of this timeline and helped them fight the Grimleal to victory. While records of your rule is scant, it is known that with the eventual defeat of Grima your time was a peaceful one.

Brave Lucina, the people of Ylisse will answer your call to fight against all foreign invaders. Will you follow the path of your aunt Emmeryn and build a peaceful, prosperous nation, or take up the mantle of your father and bring those who threaten peace into heel? Regardless of the path you choose to take, the people of Ylisse asks one question: Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?


Lucina's future Ylisse is a consistent and flexible civilization, able to pursue either a militaristic strategy or a pacifist strategy. The consistency comes from Lucina's Trait, which allows Lucina an instant Greatperson Great Person of choice when Ylisse enters a new Era. This is especially relevant in the Classical Era, as Lucina may choose to receive a Scientist and bolster Ylisse's Science, or an Engineer and pursue a Wonder (or unit) spamming strategy. In the later Eras, Scientists will always be a powerful boost even if it delays the timing of future Scientists, Engineers, and Merchants, while a Writer or an Artist in a convenient timing will also prove just as useful.

Lucina's Unique Unit and Unique National Wonder are also useful as well: The Descendant Warriors will prove to be a useful tanking asset throughout the Medieval Era: They will always be as good as the neutral Pikemen, even if the unit gets Galeforce which doesn't help the unit fulfill the role of a tanker unit any better. On the other hand, promotions like Renewal or Archerbane will make them even better at tanking, while Prescience will always be useful regardless of situation. The national wonder Awakening Ceremony will provide Lucina a short-term boost of yields and a Golden Age, while making all future Golden Ages 50% longer, which if combined with Chichen Itza or Universal Suffrage will grant Lucina a significant economic advantage.

Lucina will do well with Liberty or Tradition start: While Tradition is probably the default choice for Lucina, Lucina's Trait may make Liberty play a risky but fun alternative as well. Piety is a great supporting pick, as Lucina can easily secure a religion provided that Lucina can hit Classical Era quickly, and as the building requirement for her unique National Wonder is a Shrine.

Unique Trait and Components[]

Future Ylisse (Lucina)

Defender from the Future[]

Instant Greatperson Great Person of choice at the Capital when entering a new Era.

The Great Person is not free, and will delay the appearances of future Great People.

Descendant Warriors (Pikeman)[]

  • Upgrades to Musketman.
  • After its first combat, receive a random promotion, all of which are enhanced when the unit is promoted.
  • If the unit garrisons a city, future melee (both melee and gunpowder) units trained in the city inherits the unique promotion that the garrisoning unit possesses. If the said unit has more than one thanks to inheritance, only one will be applied, following this priority. However, promotions with lower priority will replace the higher priority one in the city if another Descendant Warrior with a lower priority promotion garrisons the city instead.
  1. Galeforce
  2. Prescience
  3. Aptitude
  4. Hex
  5. Renewal
  6. Bond
  7. Archerbane
  8. Infantrybane
  9. Cavalrybane

Awakening Ceremony[]

  • A Unique National Wonder that replaces no default National Wonder.
  • Has no technology requirement, but requires all cities to have a Shrine.
  • Less expensive than a regular National Wonder. (Base cost of 150+25*Cities compared to the default of 185+30*Cities)
  • +4 Happy , Food , Science , Production , Gold , CultureIcon , FaithIcon .
  • Empire Enters a Goldenage Golden Age, and all subsequent Goldenage Golden Ages become 50% longer.
  • Causes the Shrines to yield +2 Food , Production , CultureIcon , FaithIcon .
Acquirable Promotions
  1. Bond-Increases healing rate of nearby units by 10 HP per turn. Bond+ will increase that amount to 15 HP per turn.
  2. Renewal-Increases the unit's healing rate by 10 HP per turn. Renewal+ will allow the unit to always heal even if it took an action.
  3. Hex-Decreases the Strength Combat strength of enemy units adjacent to the unit by 10%. Hex+ will increase the penalty to 20%.
  4. Galeforce-Restores all of the unit's movement after it kills a unit. Galeforce+ will grant +1 Moves Movement.
  5. Prescience-15% Combat bonus. Prescience+ will increase the bonus to 25%.
  6. Discipline-50% Extra Experience from battle. Aptitude+ will increase that bonus to 100%.
  7. Cavalrybane-20% Combat bonus against Cavalry units. Cavalrybane+ Increases the bonus to 33%.
  8. Infantrybane-20% Combat bonus against Infantry (both Melee and Gunpowder) units. Infantrybane+ Increases the bonus to 33%.
  9. Archerbane-20% Combat bonus against Archer units. Archerbane+ Increases the bonus to 33%.
City List
  1. Ylisstol
  2. Southtown
  3. Themis
  4. Mount Prism
  5. Farfort
  6. Longfort
  7. Oasis Village
  8. Manor of Lost Souls
  9. Alexandreia Archanaias
  10. Alexandreia Drakonos
  11. Alexandreia Theron
  12. Alexandreia Plegeias
  13. Alexandreia Pyrathon
  14. Antiocheia Eschate
  15. Ptolemais Xenon
Spy List
  1. Cynthia
  2. Noire
  3. Gerome
  4. Severa
  5. Yarne
  6. Owain
  7. Inigo
  8. Brady
  9. "Marth"
  10. Laurent

First Greetings

  1. Welcome and well met, stranger. I am Lucina of the Halidom of Ylisse. As long as you come in peace, you are most welcome.
  2. Hello, foreigner! I am Lucina of the Shepherds, the militia that defends Ylisse. I hope that our two nations will coexist in peace.
  3. Ah, a newcomer. I welcome you to the Halidom of Ylisse as its head of the state. I am Lucina, and I wish that our future relationship will become cordial.


  1. Ah... Father... I was not fit to lead a nation...
  2. I congratulate you on your victory. All I can hope is that the people of Ylisse is not oppressed under your rule.
  3. Alas! Ylisse is no more! Has my tactical sense proved lacking?

Human Declares Friendship so Lucina joins in

  1. I've heard news that you've made an ally of {1_CivName}, so we too have decided to become friendly with {1_CivName}. Perhaps we as an alliance will cooperate and accomplish great deeds?
  2. We of Ylisse have successfully declared friendship with {1_CivName} as you have. I am glad that we have plenty of things in common.

Human Declares Friendship towards a Civilization that Lucina has declared friendship with

  1. I am happy to find out that you have forged a great relationship with {1_CivName} as we have. Perhaps we shall accomplish great things...
  2. I have received news that you, like us, have established good relationship with {1_CivName}. I'm pleased to say that our relationship has been bolstered by the presence of a common ally.

Same Ideology

  1. Autocracy-Ah, alas... You've chosen Autocracy... Is it ideological pressure, or is it that the others have grabbed the better ideologies? N0! AU70CRACY 5UX5! VVHY HAV3 Y0U B3C0IVI3 FA5C157? VVHY HAV3 I B3C0IVI3 FA5C157?
  2. Freedom-I salute you, wise one who have chosen the noble path of Freedom. Let us raise our torches together to lead all the people into a free, better world!
  3. Order-I salute you, good comrade, and am glad to see another join in our quest towards glorious Order! Let us work together that we can build a great world where everyone will be equal!

Mod Support[]

Events and Decisions[]



Spend Quality Time with Chrom
Your relationship with your father is as close as you'd like. However, there is no such thing as too much quality family time, and with your father you have learned much in the way of swordsmanship.
  • Player must be Lucina.
  • May only be enacted once per game.
  • Player must be in Classical Era or later, but cannot be enacted after the Industrial Era.
  • 250 CultureIcon Culture and Gold Gold in standard speed.
  • 1 Magistrates Magistrate
  • A Goldenage Golden Age which is twice the length of a standard Golden Age.
  • All military units that Lucina has at the time gains enough experience to level up.
Invoke Naga's Power - (Great Person)
The Halidom of Ylisse worships the divine dragon Naga, which helped the people beat back the evil dragon Grima. And in the times of great danger, the Naga helped out once again as she had in your timeline, sending you (and the other children) to the main timeline to help avert another disaster. It is time to invoke the power of the Naga, and draw from the future notable personnel to help make Ylisse strong.
  • Player must be Lucina.
  • Player must have built the Awakening Ceremony.
  • May be enacted only once per era, and may only choose one type of Great Person per era.
  • 100 FaithIcon Faith per era in standard speed.
  • 100 Greatperson Great People Points per era applied towards the said Great Person in all cities.
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