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Funan led by Queen Soma is a custom civilization by Grant

This mod requires Brave New World.



Funan was the name given by Chinese cartographers, geographers and writers to an ancient kingdom or Mandala located in mainland Southeast Asia centered on the Mekong Delta that existed from the first to sixth century CE. The name is found in Chinese historical texts describing the kingdom, and the most extensive descriptions are largely based on the report of two Chinese diplomats, Kang Tai and Zhu Ying, representing the Eastern Wu dynasty who sojourned in Funan in the mid-3rd century CE.

Funanese records did not survive into the modern period, much of what is known came from archaeological excavation. Funanese culture was a mixture of native beliefs and Indian ideas. The kingdom is said to have been heavily influenced by Indian culture, and to have employed Indians for state administration purposes. Sanskrit was the language at the court, and the Funanese advocated Hinduism and, after the fifth century, Buddhist religious doctrines. Archaeological evidence largely corresponds to Chinese records. The Chinese described the Funanese as people who lived on stilt houses, cultivated rice and sent tributes of gold, silver, ivory and exotic animals.

The Book of Liang records the story of the foundation of Funan by the foreigner Huntian. It is quoted as saying he He came from the southern country Jiao after dreaming that his personal genie had delivered a divine bow to him and had directed him to embark on a large merchant junk. In the morning, he proceeded to the temple, where he found a bow at the foot of the genie's tree. He then boarded a ship, which the genie caused to land in Funan. Some scholars have identified the conqueror Huntian with the Brahmin Kaundinya who married a naga princess named Soma, as set forth in a Sanskrit inscription found at My Son and dared 658 CE. This is also rejected by some scholars.

Funan reached the apex of its power under the 3rd-century king Fan Shiman, also known as Srei Meara. Fan Shiman expanded his empire's navy and improved the Funanese bureaucracy, creating a quasi-feudal pattern that left local customs and identities largely intact, particularly in the empire's further reaches. Fan Shiman and his successors also sent ambassadors to China and India to regulate sea trade. The kingdom likely accelerated the process of Indianization of Southeast Asia. Later kingdoms of Southeast Asia such as Chenla may have emulated the Funanese court. The Funanese established a strong system of mercantilism and commercial monopolies that would become a pattern for empires in the region.

Srei Meara was the legendary 5th king of Funan, said to have ruled at some point in the early third century. Said to have ruled Funan at its apex, Srei Meara is also known as Fan Shiman in Chinese texts. Very little is known about them. Srei Meara was known as the "Great King of Funan", a king who rapidly expanded his empire. He ordered the construction of large ships, seeking to attack nearby kingdoms and expand the territory of Funan. Said to have attacked more then ten kingdoms, he was presumably an able commander of military forces, conquering the Malay peninsula and parts of Burma.

Srei Meara is also said to have improved the Funanese bureaucracy, creating a quasi-feudal pattern that left local customs and identities largely intact, particularly in the empire's further reaches. In addition to his naval conquests, he also sent ambassadors to China and India to regulate the sea trade that was the true lifeblood of his kingdom. Srei Meara died on a military expedition to Chin-lin at roughly 245, though this is, much like most of Srei Meara’s life, uncertain.

Funan's dependence on maritime trade is seen as a cause for the beginning of Funan's downfall. Their coastal ports allowed trade with foreign regions that funnelled goods to the north and coastal populations. However, the shift in maritime trade to Sumatra, the rise in the Srivijaya trade empire, and the taking of trade routes all throughout Southeast Asia by China, leads to economic instability in the south, and forces politics and economy northward. Funan was superseded and absorbed in the 6th century by the Khmer polity of the Chenla Kingdom.


Queen Soma was the ruler of the Kingdom of Funan and widely claimed as the first monarch of Cambodia. he was the consort of Kaundinya I (also known as "Huntien" and "Preah Thong"). As per the legends, an Indian merchant ship was attacked by the pirates led by Soma, daughter of the chieftain of the local Nāga clan. The merchants led by Kaundinya fought back and fended off the attackers but the ship had been damaged and was beached for repairs. The Indians were wary of a second attack but Princess Soma was impressed by Kaundinya's bravery and proposed marriage which was accepted. The union led to the foundation of the House that became the royal dynasty of Funan which would rule the region for many generations and the royal legitimacy was also acquired through the female line in the kingdom.

Soma was not only a good leader but also a brave military chief, who led her soldiers into battle against enemies who wanted to invade her people’s land. She led her military into battles against Hun Tean’s soldiers from India. Apart from her fearlessness on the battlefield, Soma had many other virtues. She took great care of her people’s culture. When she married Hun Tean, an Indian, following his military defeat, she insisted that Khmer culture remain the dominant way of life and refused to allow the culture of her husband to take over. In India, women were considered to be inferior to men, while in Funan, women were considered to be superior to men. After marrying Soma, Hun Tean helped build Cambodia’s trade relations and administrative capacity but had no power in changing the country’s culture.

Dawn of Man[]

Hail, Queen Soma, Great Queen of Funan! While legends, and not written histories, testify to your existence, the power you wielded and the providence you ushered onto the lakes and mountains is no less real. You were the daughter of the king of the Nagas, a warlike confederation of divine men and women, half-serpent in body. When raiders and chieftains from the west, from Kalinga, threatened your shores, you assumed command of a pirate fleet and defeated the Brahmin chieftain Huntiya. But in defeat, his brave heart was won over to you, and as you established your sovereignity over the ancient land of Funan, you and Huntiya assumed the throne as partners. From this marriage of equals, you produced a dynasty, borne of red earth, that would reverberate around the seas and islands for milennia to come.


Leaderscreen by Grant

Soma, known as Neang Neak to your people and Liuye to the Chinese, your story is etched in their minds as it is on ruins swamped by the jungle. Your land has seen war and madness wreak unparalleled destruction, driven by the minds of despots bent on creating a poisoned utopia. Only one ruler, only one Queen, towers above them all and can offer them peace. Can you forge a new paradise in the mountains? Or will you exact bloody revenge, summoning the Nagas? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of Time?

Introduction: "Behold! Another wanderer has braved the great seas to seek harbour along the great glass river. You cannot have travelled so far to offer me so little."

Defeat: "I have journeyed to the Frontier of Gold, but the only frontier that I can cross now is death. If Shiva wills it, I yield to you."

Unique Attributes[]

Funan (Soma)

Art by Grant

Lords of the Great Glass River

City-State luxuries can be produced in Workshops, provided requirements are met. Acquiring mountain tiles increases the length of maritime trade routes.


Art by Grant

Boita (Trireme)
  • May move when purchased.
  • Earns faith when travelling along maritime trade routes.
  • When trained or purchased in cities with an international trade route, begins with experience dependent on the economic output of the two cities.

Art by Grant

Red Earth Navigator (Great Admiral)
  • May be expended adjacent to coast for a settler.
  • Increases the border expansion of the nearest city when stacked with a naval unit.
City List
  1. Vyathapura
  2. Kirtinagara
  3. Angkor Borei
  4. Phnom Da
  5. Kampong Pous Thom
  6. Aninditapura
  7. Bhavapura
  8. Din Cyfarch
  9. Shrestapura
  10. Lingaparvata
  11. Dekmiuk
  12. Nafuna
  13. Isan Borak
  14. Samrong Sen
  15. Phum Snay
  16. Ba Phnom
  17. Phnom Chisor
  18. Hariharālaya
  19. Thinae
  20. Sinae Metropolis
  21. Phnom Hanchey
  22. Ke Mot
  23. Canh Den
  24. Xuan Hoa
  25. Binh Ta
  26. Go Roc Chanh
  27. Thanh Moi
  28. Go Thanh
  29. Giong Am
  30. Chua Phung Son
  31. Go Burong
  32. Vinh Hung
  33. Luu Cu
  34. Chot Mat
  35. Dong Bo
  36. Go Thap Muoi
  37. Go Cay Thi
  38. Tan Phu
  39. Thuy Lieu
  40. Tan Phu
  41. Ba The
  42. Moăt Chruk
Spy List
  • Neang Neak
  • Kulaprabhavati
  • Shima
  • Preah Thong
  • Rudravarman
  • Gunavarman
  • Pan-Pan
  • Sheyehpamo
  • Santanu
  • Sanghapala
List of Red Earth Navigators
  • Lifoduose
  • Gautama
  • Selendranamah
  • Purbasora
  • Wairiwarawiramardana
  • Acheduo
  • Bhagadatta
  • Bhujagendra
  • Baladitya
  • Puskaraska
  • Asvatthaman
  • Parthenius
  • Bhavavarman
  • Isanavarman
  • Śrī Dharmarāja
  • Chandrabhanu
  • Phaya Tunakpa
  • Dharmasetu
  • Samaratungga
  • Balaputra
  • Sri Wangsa
  • Pak Tani



Peace Theme War Theme
"The Khmer Harp", by Chen Sopheak "Em Sovanna / Pin Pheat", by Pleng Khmer

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 23 November 2021


  • Grant: Code, Research, Art, Text, Design, Mod Support
  • DarthKyofu: Art (Civilization Icon)
  • Chen Sopheak: Music (Peace Theme)
  • Pleng Khmer: Music (War Theme)
  • Lads:Feedback
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