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France led by Napoleon III is a custom civilization by Hypereon, with contributions from Janboruta, bernie14, JFD, and Sukritact. 

This mod requires Brave New World. It does not replace Napoleon's France



In 1789, close on the heels of the American Revolution, the French peasants and middle class revolted against the nobility and the king. The Revolution was a brutal, bloody affair, with the king and perhaps 50,000 other French citizens being executed by the newly invented guillotine (a triumph of Enlightenment science).

In the early phases of the Revolution the people marched on the Bastille, abolished the nobility, and forced the king to accept a constitutional monarchy. But the new Assembly degenerated into warring factions struggling for primacy and was unable to govern. Without government sanction the Paris Commune murdered some 1350 prisoners. In September 1792 a Constitutional Convention met and abolished the monarchy, declaring a republic. Austria and Prussia demanded the restitution of the king, threatening retaliation against the French population if they resisted. The revolutionary government saw this as evidence that the king was conspiring with the enemy; he was condemned to death and executed in January of 1793.

Later in 1793 the "Committee for Public Safety" unleashed the "Reign of Terror," ensuring public safety by guillotining some 15,000-40,000 of the public, many without trial. Several local revolts broke out, primarily caused by peasant outrage at the treatment of the Catholic Church at the hands of the Revolutionaries, but these were crushed with great ferocity.

In 1795 the new French constitution established an entirely new form for the French government. Executive power was held by "The Directory," a panel of five directors elected annually by the new bi-cameral legislature. However, the new form of government proved unmanageable, and in 1799 a man named Napoleon Bonaparte seized power.

Naploeon III[]

Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte (20 April 1808 - 9 January 1873) was the only President (1848-52) of the French Second Republic and, as Napoleon III, the Emperor (1852-70) of the Second French Empire. He was the nephew and heir of Napoleon I. He was the first President of France to be elected by a direct popular vote. However, when he was blocked by the Constitution and Parliament from running for a second term, he organized a coup d'état in 1851, and then took the throne as Napoleon III on 2 December 1852, the forty-eighth anniversary of Napoleon I's coronation. He remains the longest-serving head of state since the French Revolution. 

Dawn of Man[]

France and its colonies bow before you, O' Emperor of the French and the heir of Napoléon Bonaparte, Napoleon the Third. Destined to be emperor since young age, you would be elected as France's first president in 1848, after the tempests of the Spring of Nations had dethroned the Bourbons once and for all. Through cunning diplomatic maneuvring, you would take the throne of emperor in 1852, thus founding the Second French Empire. After a period of harsh censorship and repression, your reforms and public work projects brought industrial revolution into France, modernized its banking system, consolidated its railroads, brought end to famines and reconstructed its greatest cities with a glory never seen before - earning your regime the title 'Liberal Empire'. Your reassertion of the French power would eventually fail, first in Mexico, then in Europe, as the growing power of unifying Germany caused the downfall of the empire and its emperor; France's first democratic president - and its last autocratic monarch.

NapoleonIII Diplo

Art by Janboruta

Illustrious Emperor, France still yearns for the imperial days of wealth, culture and glory. Can you answer their hopes and once more take the throne of great kings and emperors? Can you - the heir of Napoleon - outshine even the Sun of Austerlitz? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?

Introduction: Behold, great leader! For you stand before most esteemed Emperor of noble France and all her people - Napoleon the Third, heir of the Sun of Austerlitz and the illustrous house of Bonaparte.

Introduction (to Bismarck): Ha! A new challenger for me, Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte, rises from the eastern lands. I am eagerly waiting for many years of colorful friendship and tough rivalry, Bismarck.

Introduction (to Napoleon): Who are you? Am I dreaming? How can this be...? You can't be... is that really you, uncle?

Introduction (to Benito Juárez): It is a pleasure meeting you again, fellow emperor... wait, what are you doing here? Where is Maximilian?

Defeat: My brother, not being able to die at the head of my troops, nothing remains for me but to place my sword in the hands of Your Majesty.

Defeat: Were you at the battlefield? Isn't it true that we weren't cowards?

Unique Attributes[]

France (Napoleon III)

Art by Hypereon and Janboruta

Liberal Empire

Gain Goldenage Golden Age points from adopting Policies and conquering enemy cities. During Goldenage Golden Ages, improvements are built twice as fast, and the Capital's CultureIcon Culture and Production Production output increases by 50%. 


Art by Janboruta

Zouave (Rifleman)
  • -22% Production Production cost (175 vs 225)
  • +1 Moves Movement (3 vs 2)
  • -12% Strength Combat Strength (30 vs 34)
  • Receives additional Strength Combat Strength (max 10) per puppet city in the empire
  • +20% Strength Combat bonus in foreign lands

Art by Hypereon

Grande École (Public School)
  • Upon construction, may choose a specialization: 
  • École Normale Superieure: +20% Greatperson Great Person generation and 1 Scientist specialist slot
  • École Polytechnique: +10 Experience for units and 1 Engineer specialist slot
  • Conservatoire National: +15% Production Production towards Buildings and 1 Merchant specialist slot
City List
  1. Paris
  2. Lyon
  3. Marseille
  4. Bordeaux
  5. Algiers
  6. Lille
  7. Nantes
  8. Toulouse
  9. Saigon
  10. Saint-Étienne
  11. Orléans
  12. Rouen
  13. Pondichéry
  14. Le Havre
  15. Strasbourg
  16. Toulon
  17. Phnom Penh
  18. Brest
  19. Amiens
  20. Nîmes
  21. Limoges
  22. Oran
  23. Montpellier
  24. Besançon
  25. Rennes
  26. Nice
  27. Dakar
  28. Reims
  29. Angers
  30. Metz
  31. Tours
  32. Constantine
  33. Caen
  34. Grenoble
  35. Dijon
  36. Nancy
  37. Bône
  38. Le Mans
  39. Aix-en-Provence
  40. Perpignan
  41. Mulhouse
  42. Libreville
  43. Clermont
  44. Sétif
Spy List
  1. Yves
  2. Joseph
  3. Amédée-François
  4. Jean-Guillaume
  5. Baron
  6. Joséphine
  7. Michelle
  8. Constance
  9. Renée
  10. Comte X


France napoleoniii


Peace Theme War Theme

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Events and Decisions[]

Begin Renovations of the Capital
Your majesty, [Capital] is an immense workshop of putrefaction, where misery, pestilence and sickness work in concert, where sunlight and air rarely penetrate. It's a lair for death, for discontent and revolution, for all that counters the glory and might of our victorious empire. I have selected baron Georges-Eugène Haussmann, a brilliant prefect, to undertake a large ensemble of public works and reforms: to give [Capital] air and open space, to unify the different parts of the city, and to make [Capital] more beautiful - a capital truly worth of its empire.
  • Player must be France (Napoleon III)
  • Must have 5 Puppets
  • Must have researched Industrialization
  • May only be enacted once per game
  • 2 Magistrates Magistrates
  • Haussmann's Renovation Wonder becomes available in [Capital]
  • Empire enters a Goldenage Golden Age for 6 turns

Art by Janboruta

Haussmann's Renovation
  • +6 Tourism Tourism
  • 25% of the CultureIcon Culture generated by the city is added to the Goldenage Golden Age progress
  • +25 City Health
  • 25% of the Food Food is kept every time the city grows
Draft a New Constitution
Our regime needs reinforcing. Your majesty, we should draft a new constitution with additions concentrating more powers for you, if you were to undertake new reforms and policies more efficiently. For the sake of legitimacy, we should call a plebiscite as soon as possible to pass this new draft for the constitution of France. 
  • Player must be France (Napoleon III)
  • Must have researched Civil Service
  • May only be enacted once per era
  • Magistrates Magistrate
  • [Population * 3] Gold Gold (max 1000)
  • A plebiscite is called, taking a maximum of 10 turns
    • Researching Civil Service, Printing Press, Scientific Theory, Radio, Computer, or The Internet will speed up the time it takes to call a plebiscite
    • Overall Happy Happiness will greatly affect the results
  • A large reward or penalty of CultureIcon Culture (The sum depends on the result and the fairness of the plebiscite)
  • A large reward or penalty of Goldenage Golden Age points (The sum depends on the fairness of the plebiscite and your number of cities)

The Plebiscite Completed

Nobles, workers and peasants all around France have gathered to cast their vote on our new constitution, the new amendment (draft). The people in the countryside as eagerly as in our court, are waiting to hear the results of this vast plebiscite. What are the results, it's finally up to you to decide.
Option 1: Keep the results fair and free.
  • Polls suggest a percentage of the people to vote 'yes'. The numbers can vary greatly, though.
  • Gain Golden Age points for every city in the empire
  • A large reward or penalty of CultureIcon Culture depending on the result
Option 2: We already know my people love me...
  • A large sum of 'yes'-votes are added in to confirm the passing of the constitution
  • Lose Goldenage Golden Age points for every city in the empire
  • A smaller, but certain reward of CultureIcon Culture depending on the result
Note: This event will only fire once the "Draft a New Constitution" decision has been enacted.

Opposition planning a coup d'état?

The night is falling upon your palace on a bitter December day. The Assembly has gathered for a soirée, and a vivid murmur echoes through the majestic salons of the palace. Despite apparent lightness of the late night's ball, the atmosphere is seemingly tense and ominous. Having already dined, you wander through several groups of guests, greeting and chit-chatting, when a familiar figure approaches you from the crowd. It is monsieur Charlemagne de Maupas, your minister of police. He pulls you aside, telling quietly words you already expected to hear.

"My lord, the police claims to have detected serious unrest in the Radical faction. It seems some key leaders of the opposition are planning a coup d'état against you regime, taking place in any coming cold winter day. In the worst case, it may be violent, happening in the midst of a session of the National Assembly."

At 10 PM, you say goodbye to your guests and retreat to your office, where four ministers are already waiting for you: de Maupas, war minister de Saint-Arnaud, count Charles de Morny and duke Victor de Persigny. The men are discussing operation Rubicon - a pre-emptive coup happening early in the tomorrow morning, seizing power of the whole treasonous National Assembly by forces commanded by Saint-Arnaud. It is now your time to act. Heed these devious plans, or dismiss the operation as treason itself?
Option 1: Execute the coup.
  • Get a free Social Policy
  • One of the following results happens:
    • 1)The Capital Capital undergoes 2 turns of Resistance Resistance.
    • Every other city has a 33% chance to undergo 2 turns of Resistance Resistance.
    • 2) The Capital Capital undergoes a turn of Resistance Resistance.
    • 3)The empire enters Anarchy for 2 turns.
Option 2: Dismiss the operation.
  • 50% chance to lose Goldenage Golden Age points

Liberal Empire

After seeing the sophistication of our political system and the significant progress of our empire, a group of prominent and previously self-exiled leaders of the opposition approach our court. Claiming that you have proven your worth as the leader of France, they might be willing to join the National Assembly again. Not everyone of them feel welcome, so you, my lord, should personally invite them to serve our nation with their exquisite skills and minds.
Option 1: Artists and idealists make a civilization great.
  • Two of following Great People appear in the capital:
    • Great Artist
    • Great Writer
    • Great Musician
Option 2: Reason and hard work are the basis of our nation.
  • Two of following Great People appear in the capital:
    • Great Scientist
    • Great Engineer
    • Great Merchant
Option 3: An empire is built on bravery and heroic deeds.
  • Two of following Great People appear in the capital:
    • Great General
    • Great Admiral


Chef du Cabinet
  1. François-Xavier Joseph de Casabianca
  2. Jules Baroche
  3. Eugène Rouher
  4. Gustave Rouland
  5. Adolphe Vuitry
  6. Jacques Pierre Abbatucci
  7. Ernest de Royer
  8. Claude Alphonse Delangle
  9. Édouard Droyn de Lhuys
  10. Alexandre Colonna-Walewski
  11. Édouard Thouvenel
  12. Charles de la Valette
  13. Lionel de Moustier
  14. Victor de Persigny
  15. Adolphe Billault
  16. Charlemagne de Maupas
  17. Jean-Martial Bineau
  18. Jacques Leroy de Saint Arnaud
  19. Théodore Ducos
  20. Hippolyte Fortoul
  21. Pierre Magne
  22. Achille Fould
  23. Jean-Baptiste Philibert Vaillant
  24. Émile Ollivier
  25. Comte de Palikao
Political Parties
  1. First Estate (Clergy)
  2. Second Estate (Nobility)
  3. Jacobins (Revolutionaries)
  4. Bonapartiste (Conservatives)
  5. Opprotuniste (Liberals)
  6. Légitimiste (Reactionaries)
  7. Radical-socialiste (Socialists)
  8. Montagnard (Communists)
  9. Action Française (Fascists)
  10. Libertarien (Libertarians)

Claims & Colonies[]

Colony List
  1. Montserrat
  2. Saint-Martin
  3. Fort-de-France
  4. Saint-Pierre
  5. Réunion

Unique Cultural Influence[]

"Our people are now having soirées in your salons and renovating their cities. I worry the rest of the world will also succumb to the influence of your culture."

Full Credits List[]

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Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 28 September 2015


  • Hypereon: Design, Code, Writing, Artwork, Unit Reskin, Sound Editing
  • Janboruta: Artwork (Zouave, Haussmann’s Renovation, Leaderscreen)
  • bernie14: Unit Model
  • JFD: Help with Lua and SQL
  • Sukritact: Help with Lua and SQL
  • Jean Béraud: Wonder Concept Art
  • Camille Saint-Saëns: Peace and War themes
  • Jacques Offenbach: Music
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