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Building Requirements Nearby Iron
Production Cost 120
Maintenance 1
Unlocked at Metal Casting

The Forge is a building available in the Medieval Era.

Game Info[]

Building a Forge requires a source of Iron near the city.

  • +15% Production Production towards Land units
  • +1 Production Production from Iron sources


A forge is a building containing a furnace capable of generating the temperatures necessary to melt and shape iron into anything from horseshoes to nails to arrowheads. This requires a significant amount of heat, and the blacksmith might have an apprentice. A type of assistant his job was to pump bellows to blow fresh air on the flames to keep them hot. A blacksmith might "work" the iron by getting it red-hot and then beating it into shape on an anvil with various hammers. Or the blacksmith might pour molten metal into forms of clay or sand or metal, removing the forms once the iron had cooled enough to hold its shape.

Unique Building Replacements[]

Icon Building Civilization Yields
Akrafenasmith The Ashanti (Osei Tutu I) (LastSword)
  • No resource requirements
  • Allows units trained in its city to spread Tourism Tourism instead of receiving a promotion
Artillery Foundry Paraguay (Solano Lopez)
  • Does not require Iron Iron
  • Provides +1 Production Production on Iron Iron resources in your territory.
  • +20% Production Production towards Siege units.
  • Gain a Production Production boost whenever a Strategic resource is improved within 3 tiles.
Bloomery The Hittites (Suppiluliumas I)
  • Provides 2 Iron Iron
  • Unlocked at Iron Working
  • -20% Production Production cost
  • No terrain requirements
  • Original Forge yields removed
  • +1 maintenance
  • Maximum of 5 may exist in the empire
Bronze Caster Nri (Eri)
  • No terrain requirement.
  • When constructed, converts all unimproved Iron Iron sources within three tiles to Copper Icon Copper.
  • Has a Merchant specialist slot.
  • Does not increase land unit Production Production.
  • +1 FaithIcon Faith from Copper Icon Copper and Iron Iron (instead of +1 Production Production).
Gun Workshop Chechnya (Dzhokhar Dudayev)
  • Unlocked with Gunpowder.
  • Does not require a source of Iron Iron.
  • Further increases the Production Production speed of new units by +15% while at War, and an additional 20% if the City is damaged.
  • No Gold Maintenance.
KarumIcon Wikia
Karum Urartu (Argishti I)
  • Available at Iron Working
  • All metal resources except Iron Iron yield +1 Gold Gold and Production Production
  • Iron Iron yields +2 Gold Gold and Production Production
  • Requires any metal resource nearby
Kinzan Honma (Honma Yoshihisa)
  • Enables Gold and Silver to be discovered in nearby mountains.
  • Mined mountains yield Goldenage Golden Age Points.
Stannery Cornwall (Gwendolen)
  • +25% Production Production Cost (150 vs 120)
  • No terrain requirement
  • +1 Production Production on Copper and Tin
  • +2 Gold Gold on Land Traderoute Trade Routes in landlocked cities
  • +2 Gold Gold on Sea Traderoute Trade Routes in coastal cities
Stannary Cornwall (Michael An Gof)
  • No terrain requirements
  • Provides 1 copy of the Tin unique luxury resource
  • +1 Gold Gold
  • +1 Production Production from Copper
Tattooist Neutral Nation (Tsouharissen)
  • Bonus production for Military Units, and those units get a combat Bonus against Cities.
  • When a Weakened Unit enters a city with a Tattooist, it loses the Weakened promotion.
Vassal Forge Gokturks (Bumin Qaghan)
  • Units trained in a city with a Vassal Forge increase the quantity of the nearest metal Resource from claiming tiles.
  • Influence Influence with nearby Citystate City-States is increased from improved sources of Iron Iron.
Zongting Icon
Zongting Lanfang (Luo Fangbo)
  • May construct Mines on unimproved tiles along Traderoute Trade Routes within range of this city
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