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Fleur de Lapin
Kirima Sharo
Fleur de Lapin
Start Bias
Protestanism/Dodekatheism (HR)
req. mod

Traits req. mod
Inventive, Financial

Fleur de Lapin led by Kirima Sharo is a custom civilization in the works by Mathetes tou Megalou Alexandrou, based upon the Is the Order a Rabbit Series, succeeding Hot Bakery and Rabbit House.


Dawn of Man[]

Blessings be upon you, Kirima Sharo! You were but a simple waitress working for Fleur de Lapin, but now have risen to become its head in this new world. While you were a commoner living a poor life, you had the talent to receive a full scholarship in the school that your admirable senior Tedeza Rize goes to. You have now been given an opportunity to lead Fleur Lapin in the new world, your merit be more than qualifying for this task.

Sharo, the time has come to shake off your poverty. Here make the Fleur de Lapin prosper, and receive the fruits of your work in form of glory and wealth. Will you grasp this opportunity to leave poverty? Can you build civilization that will stand the test of time?


Fleur de Lapin is a expansionist civilization with obvious synergies with Liberty tree. Fleur de Lapin's Blue Collars are essentially the settlers of Civilization II, as they not only found cities, but build improvements as well, although it only stagnates growth, not reduce population of the city by 1 when trained unlike the Civ II counterpart. Because of this, Citizenship and Collective Rule are both critical to Fleur de Lapin because both of these policies spawn a dual role unit: Citizenship will allow Fleur de Lapin to settle a city faster than most other civilization, while Collective Rule will help Fleur de Lapin catch up on the Worker production. Its trait is also catered to a wide play: A free building purchase in all cities allows Sharo to purchase a building for an early boost: Purchase a granary to boost growth, purchase a Monument to speed up Liberty tree without sacrificing scouting, purchase a Shrine to boost Liberty play through religion, and so on. In addition, the second part of the trait is an enhanced version of the Guruship belief, which not only provide multiple yields based on the different types of Specialists worked by the city, but also provide some Greatperson Great People points which are very meaningful in the earlier game.

However, Fleur de Lapin's bent towards Liberty, as well as the lack of bonus towards Gold, can make Fleur de Lapin poor in the early game. Because of this, it may be advisable to save the free building purchase on your early cities to purchase markets. However, growing cities s that Connection City Connections become profitable will negate this quickly, especially since the Blue Collars can build roads at unmatched speeds.

Fleur de Lapin is best suited towards either a Science victory or a Cultural victory: The first specialist of each type in all cities essentially count double (although it doesn't apply bonuses such as Secularism and Statue of Liberty), granting Fleur de Lapin a great boost in Science, Production, and Culture in the midgame as it gains specialist slots. While the bonus is more impactful towards a Cultural victory as Artistic specialists are limited, the yield bonus is more impactful towards a Science victory.

Unique Trait and Components[]

Fleur de Lapin (Kirima Sharo)[]

Frugal Specialist[]

Mathalx Sharo Icon

Original Art by nonaka yuu, Render by Divine Yuri

City Gold gold purchases its first building for free. City's first specialist of its kind except Merchants produces double base yield and Great People points. (e.g. Working a Engineer slot causes the city to receive +2 Production, +3 Great Engineer Point) Free Blue Collar after the discovery of Bronze Working.

Blue Collars[]


(Replaces Settlers and Workers)

Costs as much as a Settler, and like Settlers causes the city to stagnate while the unit is being produced. However, may perform the duties of both a Settler and a Worker, building improvements 50% faster, and may build Fishing boats as well (Currently doesn't function without Community Patch). Ignores Terrain costs, and provides bonus Production Production when clearing Jungle or Forest.

Scholarship Fund[]

(Replaces Bank)

Loses the base flat gold yield and the Merchant slot, and requires 2 Gold upkeep to maintain. To compensate, the Scholarship Fund yields 3 Science Science and a Scientist slot.

Increases the Greatperson Great People Generation rate of the city by 25%.

City List
  1. Fleur de Lapin
  2. Langham Huntington
  3. Millenium Biltmore
  4. Tres
  5. Getty Villa
  6. Samovar
  7. Mariage Freres
  8. Hu Xin Ting
  9. T'Zonnetje
  10. Wang De Chuant
  11. Yumchaa Soho
  12. Ippodo
  13. Bellocq tea Atelier
  14. Rooibos
  15. Palais de Thes
Spy List
  1. Wild Geese
  2. Anko
  3. Tippy
  4. Mippy
  5. Molang
  6. Bugs Bunny
  7. Vorpal Bunny
  8. Easter Bunny
  9. Mashimaro
Dialogue List
  • First Greetings
  • Hello! A newcomer? Welcome to Fleur de Lapin! I am the one in charge, Kirima Sharo.
  • Come on in, my guest! Hmm? You're a head of a state. Welcome to Fleur de Lapin, fellow head of a state.
  • I bid you welcome, good guest! Ah, an exalted guest. What would you like to have?
  • Hello? A new... Uh? Cocoa? You're a head of a state too? What brings you here?
  • Hello, guest! Hmm? Cocoa? What are you doing here? I have to meet the head of... you're the head of the state?
  • I bid you welcome, guest!... Aren't you Cocoa?
  • Hello? A new... Uh? Chino? Is your father doing well, Chino?
  • Hello, guest! Mm? Chino? Come on in! How's business at Rabbit House?
  • I bid you welcome, guest! Huh? It's Chino! How's the others doing?
  • Defeat
  • Now that I'm to leave this office, I have but a last request. Please remove any rabbit from my place of exile.
  • So here I'm proven unworthy of Rize Senpai...
  • Okay! Okay! You win, so stop picking on me and enjoy the fruits of your conquest!


Peace Theme War Theme

Europa Barbarorum Soundtrack Western Greek Battle Theme

"Leave it to Me" from the Is the Order a Rabbit? Soundtrack "Western Greek Battle Theme" by Morgan Casey, from the Europa Barbarorum Soundtrack

Mod Support[]


Recruit Workers
Workers such as yourself are the backbone of any society. You know this by heart, as you've worked from the bottom and through only supreme luck of being a notable character become a leader. Your proletariat origins will prove useful in recruiting more workers to Fleur de Lapin.
  • Player must be Kirima Sharo.
  • May be enacted once per era.
  • 15*2n+1 CultureIcon Culture and 100*(n+1) Gold Gold in standard speed, where n is the Era, and n=0 in Ancient Era.
  • 1 free Blue Collar
Adopt Bunny
To emulate the boldness of your dear Rize-senpai, Rize-senpai suggested that you should adopt a bunny to help you overcome your fear. There conveniently happened to be a rabbit that dwelled inside your house, which seemed to have good intentions but caused some damage to your work.
  • Player must be Kirima Sharo.
  • Must be adopted before the Renaissance Era
  • Must be adopted after the Ancient Era
  • 800 Gold Gold in standard speed.
  • Capital Capital Enters 3 turns of Resistance Resistance in standard speed.
  • 1 Level 2 Spy: Subsequent Spies, as well as its replacement, start at level 1.
  • 1 Free Social Policy
Build a Great Proletariat Monument
Your proletariat origins made it obvious that Fleur de Lapin would become a cafe-turned-nation that eventually follow the path of Socialism. To celebrate the Worker's revolution where the poor and the oppressed threw off the chains of financial oppression, the proletariat of New Fleur de Lapin decided to erect a great Monument to immortalize the socialist revolution.
  • Player must be Kirima Sharo.
  • May be enacted only once per game.
  • Must have adopted Order.
  • 3 Magistrates Magistrates
  • 2000 Gold Gold
  • 1000 CultureIcon Culture
  • Instantly build the unique structure "The Statue of Proletariat Liberty" in the Capital Capital.

Art by Firaxis

Statue of Proletariat Liberty
  • 10% Production Production to all cities.
  • 1 Happy Local Happiness and 2 Production Production to Factories.
Host the Fleur de Lapin Dream Fair
The Fleur de Lapin is a place of dreams much like Amerike. It is where those who come to achieve what is the equivalent of the former American Dream before neoliberalism. Here you stand as its very example: a poor girl who through skill and hard work achieved what was believed to be impossible, and it is only fair that we welcome the people to demonstrate their skills.
  • Player must be Kirima Sharo.
  • May be enacted only once per game.
  • Must have adopted Freedom.
  • 3 Magistrates Magistrates
  • 1000 Gold Gold
  • 1000 CultureIcon Culture
  • Fleur de Lapin may choose 3 Greatperson Great People of Choice

Unique Cultural Influence[]

"Our citizens are drinking herbal tea and fearing rabbits. I fear that the world will succumb to the power of your culture."

Full Credits[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 2
Last Updated: February 5, 2017

  • Mathetes tou Alexandrou: LUA, XML
  • Europa Barbarorum Team: War Theme
  • nonaka yuu: Leader Icon Source Art
  • Divine Yuri: Leader Icon Render
  • Koi: Intellectual property (Cocoa, Mocha), Art sources
  • White Fox: Animation (art source), Music
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