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The Republic of Ezo led by Enomoto Takeaki is a custom civilization by PorkBean, with contributions from DarthKyofu, EmeraldRange, DuskJockey, and others.

This mod requires Brave New World.



The Republic of Ezo (Ezo Kyōwakoku) was an unrecognized state that existed briefly in northern Japan in 1869, at the end of the Boshin War between the Tokugawa Shogunate and the Imperial Court. With the end of Japan's feudal order fast approaching, remnants of the Shogunate forces fled to the island of Ezo, known today as Hokkaido. There, in the city of Hakodate, the samurai proclaimed themselves an independent republic with a governmental structure based on that of the United States. The aim of the Republic was to develop the island in the name of the Emperor to defend against any potential Russian attack, as well as to continue the traditions of the samurai class.

Enomoto Takeaki[]

Samurai, admiral and President of the Republic, Enomoto Takeaki was admired and respected on both sides during the Boshin War. Born into loyalty to the Tokugawa Shogunate, Enomoto spent his early life procuring Western technologies for use by his feudal lord. He became fluent in English and Dutch, and secured several advancements such as the telegraph on his visit to the Netherlands. Enomoto was a commander in the Tokugawa Navy when war broke out against the Satchō Alliance, the forces attempting to restore power to the Emperor. Upon the surrender of Edo (Tokyo) in 1868, he escaped with his fleet to Ezo to declare an independent republic. The remaining Tokugawa loyalists elected Enomoto as President, in the first election in Japan's history. After the collapse of the Republic, Enomoto continued to be held in high esteem by the Meiji Government and later became a founder of the Imperial Japanese Navy.

Dawn of Man[]

The democratic world salutes you, President Enomoto Takeaki, respected Admiral of the Japanese Navy. You lead the determined people of the Republic of Ezo, Japan's first elective state in its far northern reaches. In the twilight of war, you brought your followers and advisors to the island of Ezo to establish a new portion of the Empire and to continue the traditions of the Samurai class. You reached out to the powerful nations of the West, learning their languages, their systems and their technology for the betterment of your home. Although your Republic was short lived, it left a legacy of democratic rule that eventually found its way to the whole of Japan.

Scene Enomoto

Leaderscene by PorkBean

President Enomoto, your courage and defiance are needed once again. Will you take the helm of your fragile country, and this time navigate towards greatness? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?

Introduction: Welcome to Ezogashima, the last bastion of samurai honor and tradition. I am Admiral Enomoto.

Introduction: Welcome to Ezo. I, Enomoto Takeaki, have been elected to preside over the government here.

Defeat: It is unbecoming of a samurai to surrender in battle. And yet, to prevent further bloodshed, that is what I must do.

Unique Attributes[]

Ezo (Enomoto Takeaki)
Enomoto Icon

Art by PorkBean


When the Capital Capital is founded, a Citadel is automatically built on an adjacent tile. After signing a Declaration of Friendship, receive a copy of your friend's strongest available Naval Unit.

Kotetsu Icon

Art by PorkBean

Jokisen (Ironclad)
  • 20% lower Strength Combat Strength
  • 40% lower Production Production cost
  • Not slowed in Ocean tiles
  • Begins with Supply and Boarding Party I
  • Does not require Coal
Star Fort Icon

Art by PorkBean

Bugyosho (Armory)
  • Doubles the improvement speed of Workers within 3 tiles
  • City may train Foreign Legions during a Declaration of Friendship
City List
  1. Hakodate
  2. Matsumae
  3. Esashi
  4. Sapporo
  5. Tomari
  6. Abashiri
  7. Muroran
  8. Mori
  9. Tomakomai
  10. Kumaishi
  11. Nanae
  12. Kusuri
  13. Ebetsu
  14. Otaru
  15. Chitose
  16. Usakumai
  17. Osatsu
  18. Rankoshi
  19. Izari
  20. Shimamatsu
  21. Ishikari
  22. Hamamasu
  23. Atsuta
  24. Obafu
  25. Hebo
  26. Shizunai
  27. Makunbetsu
  28. Ikanbetsu
  29. Yamuwakka
  30. Chirotto
Spy List
  • Hijikata Toshizo
  • Otori Keisuke
  • Matsudaira Taro
  • Ogasawara Nagamichi
  • Itakura Katsukiyo
  • Takenaka Shigekata
  • Koga Gengo
  • Nagai Naomune
  • Jules Brunet
  • Arai Ikunosuke


Ezo Icon

The Republic of Ezo is a maritime civ focused on diplomacy and defense, which will help you secure your coastal territory while pursuing the victory type of your choice. Defensive bonuses are apparent from turn 1 - Ezo's Unique Ability, Goryokaku, automatically constructs a Citadel on a nearby tile as soon as the Capital is founded. The Citadel will be placed on a tile with a low Food yield and will avoid Bonus or Luxury resources, so don't worry about positioning and settle wherever you like. As a coastal civilization, this Citadel will secure your Capital from land-based Barbarian invasions while you use the opening turns to build up infrastructure and get started on a navy.

After meeting a few rival civilizations, seek out potential friends as soon as you can. Upon signing a Declaration of Friendship, Ezo will receive a copy of their friend's strongest researched naval unit at the start of their next turn. This includes any possible unique units, as well as the standard Ironclad (which Ezo usually cannot build). These units will be received at level 2, ready to be promoted, making them an excellent way to bolster an early-game naval force.

As mentioned, Ezo's Unique Unit is a replacement for the Ironclad. The Jokisen is a steam-and-sail frigate that, while less powerful than the base Ironclad, is much cheaper and spammable thanks to its lack of a Coal resource requirement. Unlike the Ironclad it is not slowed down outside of Coast tiles, meaning it is able to join your Privateers out on the open ocean. Furthermore, it begins promoted with the Boarding Party I and Supply promotions, for an extra combat boost and the ability to heal outside of your borders.

Ezo's final unique component is the Bugyosho, a replacement building for the Armory. The Bugyosho is a useful tool for supporting the development of your mid-game settles, as any Worker within three tiles of the city will construct their improvements twice as quickly. Be careful, however, as the Bugyosho still requires that a Barracks be present in the city before it can be constructed.

Upon researching Steam Power, any city with a Bugyosho will be able to train the Foreign Legion while Ezo has at least one active Declaration of Friendship. Not only is this normally-rare unit equivalent to a Great War Infantry available at a considerable production discount, but it can be trained a whole tech earlier than its standard counterpart. Be sure to maintain your friendships going into the Industrial Era so you can take advantage of this early firepower on land.


Peace Theme War Theme

Winter's Last Breath - Shogun 2 Fall of the Samurai Soundtrack


Clash of the Katana - Shogun 2 Fall of the Samurai Soundtrack

"Winter's Last Breath" by Jeff van Dyck for the soundtrack of Total War Shogun II: Fall of the Samurai "Clash of the Katana" by Jeff van Dyck for the soundtrack of Total War Shogun II: Fall of the Samurai

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
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Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 5
Last Updated: 5 June 2024


  • PorkBean: Author
  • DarthKyofu: Map
  • EmeraldRange: Map base
  • DuskJockey: Civ icon

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