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Ethiopia led by Menelik II is a custom civilization mod by DMS with contributions from TranquilSilence, UltraWorlds, and Firaxis. It is part of the Ethiopian Civilization Pack.

This mod requires Brave New World.



Anatomically modern humans emerged from modern-day Ethiopia and set out to the Near East and elsewhere in the Middle Paleolithic period. Ethiopia or greater Northeast Africa has been proposed as a likely urheimat for the Afroasiatic language family, which according to this theory was dispersed to the Fertile crescent prior to the Neolithic era by a population that had developed subsistence patterns of intensive plant collection and pastoralism. These subsistence patterns would also develop into the indigenous subsistence patterns of agriculture and pastoralism practiced in modern Ethiopia. In 980 BC, the Kingdom of D'mt extended its realm over Eritrea and northern region of Ethiopia, while the Kingdom of Aksum maintained a unified civilization in the region for 900 years. Christianity arrived in the 4th century and Islam was introduced in the 7th century. After the collapse of Aksum in 960, a variety of kingdoms, largely tribal confederations existed in the land of Ethiopia. The Zagwe dynasty ruled the north-central parts until being overthrown by Yekuno Amlak in 1270; inaugurating the Ethiopian Empire and its Solomonic line dynasty claimed descent from the biblical Solomon and Queen of Sheba under their son Menelik I. By the 14th century, the empire grew in prestige through territorial expansion, fighting against adjacent territories, most notably the Ethiopian–Adal War (1529–1543) contributed to fragmentation of the empire and finally fell under a decentralization known as Zemene Mesafint in mid-18th century. Emperor Tewodros II ended Zemene Mesafint at the beginning of his reign in 1855, marking the reunification and modernization of Ethiopia.

From 1878 onwards, Emperor Menelik II launched series of conquests known as Menelik's Expansions, resulted in the formation of current border of Ethiopia. Externally, the controversial Treaty of Wuchale in 1889 culminating in series of war by which Ethiopia defeated Italy in 1896 during the Scramble for Africa; leaving Ethiopia and Liberia as independent African nations. In 1935, Ethiopia was occupied by Fascist Italy and annexed with Italian-possessed Eritrea and Somaliland, later forming Italian East Africa. In 1941, the British army together with the Ethiopian Arbegnoch unit liberated Ethiopia amidst the Second World War. The Derg, a Soviet-backed military junta, took power in 1974 after deposing Emperor Haile Selassie and the Solomonic dynasty, ruled the country nearly 17 years, initiating the Ethiopian Civil War. Following defeating the Derg in 1991, the Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) dominated the country with a new constitution and ethnic-based federalism. Since then, Ethiopia suffered from prolonged and unsolved inter-ethnic clashes and political instability marked by democratic backsliding.

Menelik II[]

Menelik II was King of Shewa from 1866 to 1889 and Emperor of Ethiopia from 1889 to his death in 1913. At the height of his internal power and external prestige, the process of territorial expansion and creation of the modern empire-state was completed by 1898.

Dawn of Man[]

Hail Emiye Menelik, Emperor of Ethiopia and defender of its independence. It was your reign that saw the borders of the Ethiopian Empire restored to their historical glory, whilst still begining the arduous process of modernisation that would ensure that your people maintained security throughout the ravages of foreign colonialism. Indeed you are perhaps best remembered for the stalwart defence your people mounted against the attempted Italian conquest of your lands - your success ensuring not only international prestige, but the recognition of the Ethiopian right to sovereignty and self-determination. This is to say nothing of your tolerant reforms, and great candour shown to the poor and destitute of your land.

DMS Menelik II Diplo

Art by DMS

All is not as it once was however, your people now wander aimless and divided - in need of an Emperor who can protect and safegaurd their interests through these turbulent times. Will you once more be the bastion of the faithful? Will you build a civilisation to stand the test of time?

Introduction: Foreigner, you stand before the Emperor Menelik II of the Solomonic dynasty of Ethiopia, independent now and forever. You are welcome here of course, but first you must share with me the history of your own nation.

Introduction: Welcome stranger to the land of Ethiopia. I am Menelik II of the Solomonic dynasty. Come now, share with me your history over a cup of honey wine!

Defeat: By the spirit of Adwa, you have defeated me. Here, take my hat - it's perfect quality!

Unique Attributes[]

Ethiopia (Menelik II)
Menelik ii

Art by DMS

Spirit of Adwa

+20% Strength Combat Strength vs units belonging to civilizations with more cities than you.

Mehal Sefari

Art by Firaxis

Mehal Sefari (Rifleman)
  • Has a combat bonus when near the Capital Capital (max 30%)
  • Starts with the Drill I promotion
DMS Sebastopol

Art by DMS

Sebastopol (Artillery)
  • Аcts as a Great General and grants extra Moves Move Points to nearby Units for 5 turns after entering foreign territory.
  • +50% Strength Combat Strength against Cities.
City List
  1. Addis Alem
  2. Addis Ababa
  3. Adwa
  4. Harar
  5. Gondar
  6. Dessie
  7. Adama
  8. Debre Berhan
  9. Makdala
  10. Lalibela
  11. Mek'ele
  12. Adrigrat
  13. Ankober
  14. Awasa
  15. Buno Bedele
  16. Debarq
  17. Debre Tabor
  18. Alamata
  19. Asella
  20. Jijinga
  21. Jimma
  22. Bahir Dar
  23. Metemma
  24. Asaita
  25. Hosaena
  26. Dire Dawa
  27. Arboye
  28. Welwel
  29. Weldiya
  30. Addis Zemen
  31. Nekemte
  32. Shilavo
  33. Maji
  34. Dabat
  35. Axum
  36. Shire
  37. Awash
  38. Kombolcha
  39. Bonga
  40. Gambela
Spy List
  • Hailu Gabre
  • Mulu Ken
  • Wendimu
  • Li'ol
  • Demeke
  • Mulu Alem
  • Abebech
  • Zema
  • Mihret
  • Kebedech


Ethiopia (Menelik II)

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 2
Last Updated: 28 August 2017


  • DMS: Design, Art, Icon, Code
  • Firaxis: Design, Mehal Sefari Icon
  • TranquilSilence: Sebastopol Pedia
  • UltraWorlds: Menelik Pedia
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