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Ethiopia led by Iyasu I is a custom civilization mod by DMS.

This mod requires Brave New World.



Anatomically modern humans emerged from modern-day Ethiopia and set out to the Near East and elsewhere in the Middle Paleolithic period. Ethiopia or greater Northeast Africa has been proposed as a likely urheimat for the Afroasiatic language family, which according to this theory was dispersed to the Fertile crescent prior to the Neolithic era by a population that had developed subsistence patterns of intensive plant collection and pastoralism. These subsistence patterns would also develop into the indigenous subsistence patterns of agriculture and pastoralism practiced in modern Ethiopia. In 980 BC, the Kingdom of D'mt extended its realm over Eritrea and northern region of Ethiopia, while the Kingdom of Aksum maintained a unified civilization in the region for 900 years. Christianity arrived in the 4th century and Islam was introduced in the 7th century. After the collapse of Aksum in 960, a variety of kingdoms, largely tribal confederations existed in the land of Ethiopia. The Zagwe dynasty ruled the north-central parts until being overthrown by Yekuno Amlak in 1270; inaugurating the Ethiopian Empire and its Solomonic line dynasty claimed descent from the biblical Solomon and Queen of Sheba under their son Menelik I. By the 14th century, the empire grew in prestige through territorial expansion, fighting against adjacent territories, most notably the Ethiopian–Adal War (1529–1543) contributed to fragmentation of the empire and finally fell under a decentralization known as Zemene Mesafint in mid-18th century. Emperor Tewodros II ended Zemene Mesafint at the beginning of his reign in 1855, marking the reunification and modernization of Ethiopia.

From 1878 onwards, Emperor Menelik II launched series of conquests known as Menelik's Expansions, resulted in the formation of current border of Ethiopia. Externally, the controversial Treaty of Wuchale in 1889 culminating in series of war by which Ethiopia defeated Italy in 1896 during the Scramble for Africa; leaving Ethiopia and Liberia as independent African nations. In 1935, Ethiopia was occupied by Fascist Italy and annexed with Italian-possessed Eritrea and Somaliland, later forming Italian East Africa. In 1941, the British army together with the Ethiopian Arbegnoch unit liberated Ethiopia amidst the Second World War. The Derg, a Soviet-backed military junta, took power in 1974 after deposing Emperor Haile Selassie and the Solomonic dynasty, ruled the country nearly 17 years, initiating the Ethiopian Civil War. Following defeating the Derg in 1991, the Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) dominated the country with a new constitution and ethnic-based federalism. Since then, Ethiopia suffered from prolonged and unsolved inter-ethnic clashes and political instability marked by democratic backsliding.

Iyasu I[]

Iyasu I was emperor of Ethiopia from 1682 to 1705. He was likely contemporarily known by his crown name, Adyam Sagad, meaning "To Whom the Confines of the Earth Bow", but posterity knew him as Iyasu the Great. He led several military campaigns, built many churches and sought to reconcile some of the religious differences that caused conflict between factions of the Ethiopian nobility and clergy.

Dawn of Man[]

Even the confines of the earth bows to you, oh great Emperor Iyasu of Ethiopia. The empire you inherited saw an increasing number of invasions from the south, which you time and time again defeated, often followed by punitive campaigns against the would-be invaders. However, your greatest deeds are unquestionably your efforts to reconcile the disputing factions within the Ethiopian Church as well as your vast improvement of state practices, laws and construction of churches. While the Ethiopian people celebrated your reign, some of those opposing factions within the church saw you as a hindrance for their agenda. Thus, when you were at your most vulnerable, stricken with grief over the loss of your favourite concubine, self-retired for the time to a secluded island, the usurper Tekle Haymanot the Cursed sent assassins to hunt you down, which they unfortunately were successful in doing.


Leaderscreen by DMS

Now, once more the Ethiopian highlands and its people need guidance from one who can shape them into past glory. Are you, Iyasu, ready to face this cruel world, ready to show it your greatness? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?

Introduction: "Greetings foreigner. I am known as Adyam Sagad by my subjects, but you may call me Emperor Iyasu of Ethiopia. If you have come to find to whom the confines of the earth bow, you have been successful, for I am he."

Defeat: "You have bested me, and in that you have indeed shattered the confines of the earth. If that was your design all along, I congratulate you on your 'victory'."

Unique Attributes[]

Ethiopia (Iyasu I)

Art by DMS

To Whom the Confines of the Earth Bows

Purchasing Buildings with FaithIcon Faith increases City border expansion. Upon adopting a CultureIcon Social Policy tree Opener or Finisher Policy, receive your total Gold Gold output per turn as FaithIcon Faith.


Art by DMS

Chewa Regiment (Musketman)
  • Provides its current Unit Level as CultureIcon Culture when stationed in a City.
  • When on an improved tile, generates +10% Gold Gold in the City working it.

Art by DMS

Gult System (Standalone)
  • City must have a Shrine.
  • Provides +2 Gold Gold, and additional Gold Gold and CultureIcon Culture every time a City's borders expand, the amount dependent on the number of Buildings purchased with FaithIcon Faith in the City.
City List
  1. Gondar
  2. Barara
  3. Debre Berhan
  4. Lalibela
  5. Axum
  6. Dejen
  7. Dembecha
  8. Bahir Giyorgis
  9. Mekane Berhan
  10. Delgi
  11. Dangila
  12. Woreta
  13. Emfraz
  14. Wasal
  15. Burye
  16. Kombolcha
  17. Gish Abay
  18. Weldiya
  19. Sokota
  20. Dima
  21. Geregera Giyorgis
  22. Chilga
  23. Dengel Ber
  24. Haik
  25. Shire
  26. Wojet
  27. Gorobela
  28. Bichena
  29. Atsbi
  30. Chagni
  31. Injibara
  32. Wuchale
  33. Debre Marqos
  34. Mota
  35. Addi Remets
  36. Dedebit
  37. Karakore
Spy List
  • Atenatewos
  • Poncet
  • Murad
  • Sabla Wangel
  • Zekaryas
  • Yohannes
  • Delba Iyasu
  • Kedeste Kristos
  • Absadi
  • Ewostatewos


Ethiopia (Iyasu I)

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 24 September 2020


  • DMS: Code, Art, Design, Mod Support, Text
  • JTitan: Unit model
  • Whoward: Lua utilities
  • Kibrom A. Birhane ("The Lady with the krar"): Peace Theme
  • Geoff Knorr, et al.: War Theme
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