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England led byHenry V is a custom civilization by JFD, with contributions from Alga, DarthKyofu, DMS, Urdnot_Scott, and Viregel.

This mod requires Brave New World. It is part of the Civ V 10th Anniversary Collection.



England is located on Great Britain, a "green and pleasant" island off of the western coast of Europe. It is the largest member of the political entity known as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Historically a seafaring people, for much of the past 500 years the English have used their incomparable navy to project their power into Europe and across the globe.

Henry V[]

Stern and ruthless, Henry was a brilliant general who had gained military experience in his teens, when he fought alongside his father at the battle of Shrewsbury in 1403. Soon after his accession, Henry V laid claim to the French crown. In 1415, Henry set sail for France, capturing Harfleur. His offer to the French Dauphin of personal combat (Richard I and Edward III had made similar offers in their time) was, like those of his predecessors, refused; he went on to defeat the French at the Battle of Agincourt. In alliance with unreliable Burgundy and assisted by his brothers, the Dukes of Clarence, Bedford and Gloucester, Henry gained control of Normandy in subsequent campaigns. By the Treaty of Troyes (1420), he gained recognition as heir to the French throne, and married Charles VI's daughter Catherine. Well-educated, Henry had a particular interest in liturgical music; he gave pensions to well-known composers of his time, and a hymn of praise to God, which he ordered to be sung after Agincourt, still exists. However, Henry's success was short-lived and he died of dysentery in 1422 in Bois de Vincennes, France. His son, Henry VI, was just 9 months old when he became King.

Dawn of Man[]

"Hail thee, Henry V, King of England. Raised in the tradition of the great knights of old, yours was a kingship destined for military greatness. Ascending to the throne after the death of your father in 1413, you set your sights on completing the conquest of France. Battle after battle, you proved yourself as capable a soldier as you were a commander, winning your most famous victory at the Battle of Agincourt. Though your campaign would ultimately be foiled by your premature death, your legacy no less stands as one of England's greatest military kings.


Art by DarthKyofu

O' king of great justice and piety, he who has the love of the people and the trust of the nation. The enemies of England once more grow arrogant and conceited at her inaction. Can you take up the command and right the wrongs of history? Can you take what cities and lands belong to you by England's right? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?"

Introduction: "Hail thee. I am Henry V, king of England. I hope you are not another fool come to claim what land is rightfully my own."

Defeat: "I will not submit so meekly. I will be back with greater numbers."

Unique Attributes[]

England (Henry V)
EnglandHenryV Icon

Art by DarthKyofu

By Justice or By Force

Enemy cities take damage for every conquered one you have garrisoned. After assimilating a city, all pillaged Tile Improvements belonging to that city are repaired and you receive a lump sum of Gold Gold for each one.

EnglandHenryV UU

Art by DMS

Chevauchée (Knight)
  • -5 Strength Combat Strength.
  • May pillage Tile Improvements at no Moves Movement cost.
  • For each Moves Movement expended in enemy territory, nearby enemy cities lose some of their Production Production progress.

Art by Firaxis

Longbowman (Crossbowman)
  • -3 Strength Combat Strength.
  • +1 Range.
  • +20% Strength Combat Strength against Melee Units whilst adjacent to at least one enemy Melee Unit.
Changes to England (Elizabeth)
EnglandHenryV SeaDog

Art by Alga

Sea Dog (Privateer) (replaces the Longbowman)
  • Spawned everytime a Great Admiral is, provided they have been unlocked and have not become obsolete.
  • Can move through foreign territory without Open Borders.
City List
  1. London
  2. York
  3. Bristol
  4. Coventry
  5. Norwich
  6. Lincoln
  7. Salisbury
  8. Oxford
  9. Dublin
  10. King's Lynn
  11. Colchester
  12. Bedford
  13. Cambridge
  14. Warwick
  15. Canterbury
  16. Exeter
  17. Nottingham
  18. Monmouth
  19. Calais
  20. Winchester
  21. Bordeaux
  22. Gloucester
  23. Leicester
  24. Newcastle
  25. Paris
  26. Wexford
  27. Bury St Edmunds
  28. Boston
  29. Beverley
  30. Pembroke
  31. Troyes
  32. Great Yarmouth
  33. Brest
  34. Shrewsbury
  35. Plymouth
  36. Caerphilly
  37. Worcester
  38. Harlech
  39. Hull
  40. Ipswich
Spy List
  • William
  • Thomas
  • Richard
  • John
  • Henry
  • Mary
  • Catherine
  • Edmund
  • Edward
  • James


England (Henry V)


Peace Theme War Theme
"Two Mandolins" from the soundtrack of Stronghold. "Honor Medley" from the soundtrack of Stronghold.

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 21 September 2020
  • JFD: Author, Coding, Design, Research, Writing
  • Alga: Art (Unique Unit Icon (Elizabeth I))
  • DarthKyofu: Art (Leaderscene; Civ Icon)
  • DMS: Art (Unique Unit Icon (Henry V))
  • Urdnot_Scott: Art (Map)
  • Viregel: Research (Cities)
  • Danrell: Graphics (Unit Models)
  • Whoward: Utilities (PlotIterators.lua)
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