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Houraisan Kaguya
Eastern Orthodoxy / Hellenism (Tomatekh's Historical Religion Mod)
Government req. mod
N/A (Not yet Implemented)
req. mod
Classical (Not yet Implemented)

Traits req. mod
Philosophical, Diplomatic

Eientei led by Houraisan Kaguya is a custom civilization created by Mathetes tou Megalou Alexandrou.


Dawn of Man[]

May radiance ever become a modifier associated with you, Houraisan Kaguya! You are the true princess of Eientei. While you were always associated with beauty, that is no longer sufficient. It is now time to evolve, stepping away from being merely an object of desire and instead becoming an actor paving a new way.

Eientei must shine further on with technology and the arts. As such, the task is upon you to patronize the arts and science so that Eientei may become a new center of culture that shows the world of its abstract and noble beauty. Will you take up this challenge, Kaguya? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?

Unique Trait and Components[]

Eientei (Houraisan Kaguya)[]

Mathalx Kaguya Icon
Impossible Request


Cannot train settlers, but can annex cities acquired by any other method. Can annex city-states. CultureIcon Culture cost of Social Policies are reduced by 15%. Can instantly acquire a World Wonder of choice in the Capital Capital whenever a World Wonder is built anywhere, triggered once per era.

Remake (Beta)[]

Cannot train settlers, but can annex cities acquired by any other method. Can annex city-states. May acquire a World Wonder of choice in the Capital Capital whenever a World Wonder is built by any civilization once per era. May spend culture to acquire Impossible Request "buildings".

Mathalx Basilikoi Toxotai Icon

Art by Europa Barbarorum Team

Basilikoi Toxotai

(Replaces Composite Bowman)

Has higher combat strength (11/7 to 13/8). Receives the Basilikon Agema promotion, granting the unit 20% Combat strength bonus when fighting in friendly territory, and another 20% when defending.

Golden Temple Fortress

(replaces Palace)

Stronger defensive bonuses (3.5 Combat Strength and no HP to 12 Combat Strength and 150 HP). Gives 3 CultureIcon Culture instead of 1 and grants 3 Happy Global Happiness. Has 2 Client Specialist Slots.

JFD ClaimsSpecialistAtlas 256

Specialist available only to Kaguya's other UBs. 2 slots are available to Golden Temple fortress, and 1 are available to

  • National College
  • Hermitage
  • Circus Maximus
  • Ironworks
  • East India Company
  • Oxford University
  • National Intelligence Agency
  • Hourai Elixir

They by default yield 1 Production Production, 1 Gold Gold, 1 Science Science, and 2 CultureIcon Culture. The yields are boosted by

  • National College: +1 Science Science
  • National Intelligence Agency: +1 Science Science
  • Circus Maximus: +1 Food Food
  • Ironworks: +1 Production Production
  • East India Company: +1 Gold Gold
  • Hourai Elixir: +1 Science , Food , Production , Gold .
  • Lykeion: +2 Science Science, +2 Greatperson Pseudo-Great People Points

Ironworks however require Chemistry, and requires the city to have a Factory beforehand and still maintains the Workshop requirements.

They do not generate any Greatperson Great People Points, but once a Goldenage Golden Age starts, the Clients generate Pseudo-GPP based on the era (1 before Renaissance, 2 at Renaissance, 3 in Industrial, 4 in Modern, 7 at Atomic and 10 afterwards), and once enough points have been gathered (100 per every occurrence in standard speed), Eientei is allowed an instant Great Person of choice in the capital. The points do not accumulate if Eientei has lost the capital until another Golden Age begins.

In the Beta Remake, the yield is reduced to 2 CultureIcon Culture, but are boosted by

  • National College: +1 Science Science
  • National Intelligence Agency: +1 Science Science
  • Hourai Branch: +1 Science Science
  • Swallow's Cowry Shells: +1 Science Science
  • Circus Maximus: +1 Food Food
  • Buddha's Begging Bowl: +1 Food Food
  • Ironworks: +1 Production Production
  • Colored Jewel of the Dragon's Head: +1 Production Production
  • East India Company: +1 Gold Gold
  • Fire Rat's Robe: +1 Gold Gold
  • Hourai Elixir: +1 Science , Food , Production , Gold .
  • Lykeion: +2 Science Science, +2 Greatperson Pseudo-Great People Points

Also, the Pseudo-Great People points also work a bit differently in the Beta Remake version: Kaguya no longer requires a Golden Age to accumulate the points, and while the point threshold has been increased to 200 per occurrence in standard speed, the Great Person becomes actually free, and Kaguya may choose to receive Great People unique to other civilizations, such as Merchant of Venice, Benevolent Mad Doctor, or Niger Dominus.

City List
  1. Eientei
  2. Katoikia
  3. Proteuousa tes Selenes (Replaces Capital name when Eirin's Eientei by Huitzil is in game)
Spy List
  1. Ishizukuri
  2. Kuramochi
  3. Abe
  4. Ootomo
  5. Isonokami
  6. Fujiwara
  7. Mononobe
  8. Soga
  9. Minamoto
  10. Taira
  11. Tachibana
Dialogue List
  • First Greetings
    • Greetings, foreigner! Welcome to Eientei.
    • Well met, foreigner! I am Houraisan Kaguya, princess of Eientei and matron of arts and science.
    • Ah, a newcomer! Have you come to see beautiful Eientei?
  • Defeat
    • Alas, Eientei is no more! What kind of beast are you? φευ, απολεσας του Ειεντεις ει! ποιος θηρ ει;
    • And so Eientei is now at hands of barbaroi who are jealous of its wonders...


Eientei under Houraisan Kaguya is a tall civilization like the Huitzil's Eientei faction under Yagokoro Eirin. Like the predecessor Eientei, this Eientei also specializes in having a tall capital with a focus on Specialists. While both Eientei has an incentive in employing specialists, Eirin's bonuses are primarily Growth, whereas Kaguya's bonuses are much less specialized. Kaguya's regular specialists are no more powerful than those of most other nations, but Kaguya has access to the unique Client specialists, which generate its own pseudo-Great Person points in a manner almost identical to other specialists, except it is not affected by any modifiers, and yields an instant Great Person of choice: instant in that it pushes back the timing of other Great People of the same kind. Their primary difference lies within their traits: Eirin's Eientei is aimed at making high-density Cities, while Kaguya's trait ensures that her Eientei is the most productive city, most likely also be the decorated with most Wonders, sacrificing the ability to proactively found cities (asides from selecting Collective Rule, or acquisition of any UU that can found city-states from any other means, such as gifts from militaristic city-states) to do so.

Kaguya's Eientei boasts very powerful National Wonders, which not only have enhanced abilities (save the Grand Temple), but also equipped with Client slots which produce a variety of yields. Not only that, some of them also increases Clients' yields, meaning it is very easy to turn a city, usually the Capital capital, into a powerhouse pumping Science science, Production production, Gold gold, and CultureIcon culture. However, the inability to expand normally drastically puts a limit to late game potential. While this can be somewhat compensated for with the ability to annex city-states, city-states often start in poor locations ill-suited to founding a city otherwise, which limits the effectiveness of such solution.

The most definitive part of Kaguya's Eientei is the instant World Wonder. The ability is triggered whenever a World Wonder is built anywhere, including her own, once per each era Kaguya was in. When choosing a wonder, the World Wonders available are limited only by tech requirement and that the wonder is absent in Kaguya's Capital capital (although Kaguya cannot pick wonders that require a Holy City, even if Eientei is the Holy city of some religion). Because of this, it is possible for Kaguya to have two copies of a World Wonder by building one in another city, and picking the same one in the capital as the UA bonus for the era. Wonders that provide immediate and powerful bonuses like Statue of Liberty and Hubble Space Telescope are the best candidates for such a strategy: Having two Statues of Liberty essentially converts all specialists that Eientei possesses into Engineers, significantly boosting Kaguya's viability late game, while having two Hubble Space Telescopes grants Kaguya access to 4 Great Scientists, and a global Spaceship Production Production bonus of 50%.

While Kaguya cannot produce settlers, Kaguya is not forbidden from annexing cities. This means that any other method of acquiring settlers or cities are valid. As such, Collective Rule will generate a regular Settler that can be used to found cities, and acquiring units like the Conquistador will allow Kaguya the opportunity to found new cities.

The Clients are the cornerstone of Kaguya's strength: The Clients not only generate monstrous yields when coupled with the National Wonders, social policies (e.g. Secularism) and any World Wonders that boosts specialists' yields, but they also provide their own pseudo-GPP that allows Kaguya more access to great people, usually scientists and engineers. Plant Scientists for the much-needed science, as Kaguya will eventually be eclipsed by more expansionist empires when they start churning out Public Schools and Research Labs, or keep one around with an engineer as to grab critical wonders in one turn, particularly if that is a wonder that the player would like two copies of. While the Client GP pushes back the generation timing of the said GP, but will still grant Kaguya more Great People than most other civilizations. This also has the added effect of making Kaguya resistant to the detrimental side of the Arts Funding: while most other civilizations end up generating less Great Scientists and Engineers, the negative effect on Kaguya is softened up through the usage of Client pseudo-points.

On a LUA standpoint, it should be noted that the Wonders are counted at the beginning of the turn, so any wonders acquired during the turn, through either the usage of IGE or any form of LUA to grant the building during the turn, including the acquisition of the wonder through the UA, will be counted towards the next turn. Because of this, it is possible to trigger the UA in quick succession through the right choice of Wonders and/or the usage of Great People, most evidently the combo centered on the Great Library of Alexandreia.

Kaguya's safest bet is the Science Victory especially with the Events and Decisions. However, given the limitation on expansion and the focus on the capital, Kaguya's ability to achieve Science Victory tend to pale in comparison to more specialized civilizations, such as Eirin's Eientei and Firaxis's Korea. However, if Bingles' Civilization IV Trait is enabled as well, the extra tourism from Great Works thanks to the Philosophical trait will make Cultural Victory a riskier but quicker path to victory.

August 15 Patch[]

The August 15 patch significantly toned down Kaguya's cultural bonuses: the pre-patch Kaguya could easily fill out social policies faster even when compared to Vanilla Poland, but the reduction in Social Policy cost reduction means Kaguya is less able to spam social policies. However, Kaguya still retains most of the culture output bonuses, so Kaguya still holds on to a strong cultural advantage.

The removal of the Client slot in the National Epic and the Heroic Epic also made Kaguya less powerful in both early and late game: Clients are the cornerstone of the makings of Kaguya's venerable capital, and the reduction of slots mean less Great Peoples and less yields. Furthermore, the Lykeion that is available in certain situations if Events and Decisions mod is activated as well proved broken in the pre-patch iteration, allowing Kaguya to easily fill up 4 or 5, perhaps even more social policy trees: the change to Lykeion, alongside the social policy cost reduction nerf, will prevent Kaguya from filling so many social policies.

Beta Version[]

The beta release of the remake further emphasizes the Wonder/Great People play, as well as making the UI more user-friendly.

The UU and the UB are almost untouched, although the UB loses the Happiness and has a lower Culture yield bonus.

Major changes in the remake involves a complete overhaul of the UI, combining both the Wonder choice option and the Client Greatperson GP option into one that is always accessible at the main screen. Clients on the other hand loses the base yields, reduced to only 2 CultureIcon Culture. However, the Impossible Request buildings that can be acquired through the UI offers back the lost yields at a cost. In addition, the Greatperson Great People generated from the Client pseudo-points become actually free, chosen through the aforementioned UI. Whereas the points required for Client-generated Great People has increased twofold, Kaguya may choose to receive even Great People unique to other civilizations.

However, the biggest change comes from changes to the Wonder System: Kaguya is no longer forced to choose the Wonder after the construction of a World Wonder, and may complete quests to earn points towards Wonder Points which can be used to trigger such an effect.


Peace Theme War Theme

Civilization V OST Alexander Peace Theme Epitaph of Seikilos


Civilization V OST Alexander War Theme Epitaph of Seikilos

Default:Epitaph of Seikilos (Megas Alexandros Peace Theme) Default:Epitaph of Seikilos (Megas Alexandros War Theme)
Cinderella Cage~Kagome-Kagome Flight of the Bamboo Cutter~Lunatic Princess


Victory Competitiveness 2 (1-4)
Wonder Competitiveness 3 (1-5)
Minor CivCompetitiveness 3 (1-5)
Boldness 2 (1-4)
DiploBalance 11 (9-10)
Warmonger Hate 2 (1-4)
Denounce Willingness 2 (1-4)
Declaration of Friendship 7 (5-9)
Loyalty 8 (6-10)
Neediness 10 (8-10)
Forgiveness 7 (5-9)
Chattiness 7 (5-9)
Meanness 2 (1-4)

War 3 (1-3)
Hostile 2 (1-4)
Deceptive 6 (4-8)
Guarded 4 (2-6)
Afraid 7 (5-9)
Friendly 8 (6-10)
Neutral 5 (3-7)

Ignore 5 (3-7)
Friendly 9 (7-10)
Protective 4 (2-6)
Conquest 2 (1-4)
Bully 3 (5-1)

Offense 1 (1-3)
Defense 4 (2-6)
City Defense 6 (4-8)
Military Training 5 (1-5)
Recon 7 (5-9)
Ranged 7 (5-9)
Mobile 4 (2-6)
Naval 6 (4-8)
Naval Recon 7 (5-9)
Naval Growth 8 (6-10)
Naval Tile Improvement 8 (6-10)
Air 7 (5-9)
Expansion 0 (0-2)
Growth 7 (5-9)
Tile Improvement 6 (4-8)
Infrastructure 3 (1-5)
Production 5 (7-3)
Gold 6 (4-8)
Science 7 (5-9)
Culture 7 (5-9)
Happiness 5 (7-3)
Great People 8 (6-10)
Wonder 8 (6-10)
Religion 4 (2-6)
Diplomacy 8 (6-10)
Spaceship 8 (6-10)
Water Connection 6 (4-8)
Nuke 5 (3-7)
Use Nuke 2 (1-4)
Espionage 2 (1-4)
Antiair 7 (5-9)
Air Carrier 7 (5-9)
Trade Destination 8 (6-10)
Trade Origin 5 (7-3)
Sea Trade Route 8 (6-10)
Land Trade Route 5 (3-7)
Archeology 7 (5-9)
Airlift 5 (3-7)

Mercenaries 7
Religious Intolerance 1

Kaguya is a friendly and unassuming leader: Kaguya will often sit in the capital trying for many wonders while pursuing any form of victory besides a Domination Victory. Kaguya will prioritize Diplomatic Victory and Cultural Victory and will try to ally many city-states while focusing on artists to acquire tourism. However, Kaguya will not protect many city-states, so Kaguya will not mind the player grabbing city-state allies. Kaguya will also prefer to keep a small army in the early game, producing primarily ranged units including Eientei's UU, although Kaguya's tendency to become stronger in the midgame will turn Kaguya into a minor naval power. If Kaguya has access to petroleum, Kaguya will produce Battleships and Aircraft to complement a small but fairly capable force.

Kaguya will almost always choose Freedom as the Ideology of choice, unless Eientei was able to annex many city-states.

Kaguya will usually prove to be a pacifist and will approach the player in a friendlier manner. While Kaguya may plot out against other players, Kaguya will rarely declare wars on her own. Economically, Kaguya will focus Culture and Science, while also focusing gold through efficient sea trade routes.

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
planned for v10
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
True Alternative Leaders
Unique Cultural Influence


Manufacture Hourai Elixir
Human capital and experience is lost in death: while some can be preserved through discipleship and other methods of pedagoguery, preservation of great minds will greatly increase the academic prowess of Eientei. While we have not Eirin to depend upon, Kaguya is not without knowledge, and have sought to manufacture this elixir to preserve the brightest minds of the Eientei in the name of progress.
  • Player must be Eientei, and Houraisan Kaguya.
  • Player must have researched Theology.
  • Player must have researched Civil Service.
  • Player must be in a golden age.
  • 2000 Gold Gold in standard speed.
  • Ends the current golden age.
  • Grants the Hourai Elixir Building in the capital.
Initiate Lunar Probe Program
The confines of this world is too small, and it is necessary for Eientei to expand its reach beyond the world into Spess. While we may not have the infrastructure to fire a colonial unit just yet, but our initiative towards the moon will be a step towards that. NASA for the win, and glory to big government in the name of Space Spinoffs.
  • Player must be Eientei, and Houraisan Kaguya.
  • Player must have completed Apollo Project
  • None
  • Unlocks the Selene Probe National Wonder.


Events in Italics require that the player has met a Hellenistic Civilization

Civilizations that are recognized as Hellenistic

A Score to Settle

Your mortal, or should we say, immortal enemy, Fujiwara no Mokou, has heard that you have acquired a sample of the Hourai Elixir. Mokou wishes to destroy the Elixir, but in this world, Mokou seems to be much more pliable...
Option 1: You want my Elixir destroyed, Mokou? MOLON LABE!
  • Triggers a chance based event.
  • 25% chance of major victory: 1 instant Great Person and 1 Free Social Policy
  • 35% chance of minor victory: gain 300 Golden Age points.
  • 35% chance of minor defeat: lose 300 Golden Age points.
  • 5% chance of total defeat: lose the Hourai Elixir building.
Option 2: Too much bother. Have some money, go to Keine and have some Yuri moments.
  • Lose 500 Gold and 150 Golden Age Points.
  • Instant university in the Capital Capital.

Hellenism Flows to Eientei

The glory of Hellas after the illustrious campaigns of Megas Alexandros lives within the Hellenistic states. Having contact with such civilizations with rich cultural backgrounds, the people of Eientei start to take interest in the great Hellenistic culture.
Option 1: Accept the Hellenes, allow them to form an Proxenia within Eientei.
  • Costs 300 Gold.
  • Eientei's capital gains 2 population.
  • Relationship boost between the two civilizations.
  • The Hellenistic civilization gains large amount of tourism towards Eientei.
Option 2: Establish a Klerouchia and attract the Hellenes into serving in our army.
  • Costs 600 Gold.
  • Eientei's capital gains the Klerouchiai building.
  • Eientei receives 1 unit of Klerouchikoi Phalangitai unit starting with 50 experience.
  • The Hellenistic civilization gains large amount of tourism towards Eientei.
Option 3: Embrace the Hellenistic arts and start a cultural exchange.
  • Eientei and the Hellenistic civilization both receive culture equal to the sum of 5 times the culture output of both nations.
  • Relationship boost between the two civilizations.
  • The Hellenistic civilization gains large amount of tourism towards Eientei.
Option 4: Accept the Hellenistic philosophies and widen our understanding of Natural Science (6.11 Patch)
  • Costs 300 Gold and Culture.
  • Eientei receives the Lykeion building in the capital, which grants 1 Client Slot while increasing the Science Science output of a Client by 2, while also increasing the pseudo-GPP generated by Clients by 1, doubled at Industrial Era onwards.
  • Relationship boost between the two civilizations.
  • The Hellenistic civilization gains large amount of tourism towards Eientei.
  • Can only be enacted if the current capital does not have the Lykeion building.
Option 5: Turn the Hellenes away. Eientei's culture and land belongs to its own people.
  • Eientei's capital enters 5 turns of Resistance resistance (standard speed)

Deification of Megas Alexandros

As Hellenism continues to meld within Eientei, Megas Alexandros's wish for deification has found hope within the non-Greek state. The tales of Megas Alexandros became legend among the people of Eientei.
Option 1: Praise the Emperor Megas Alexandros! Encourage the faith through state power.
  • Costs 1500 Gold.
  • Free Great Prophet appears in the capital.
  • Eientei's capital receives the Naos Thaumastos Alexandrou building.
  • Eientei receives 600 faith (standard speed)
Option 2: Allow the faith, but without using state powers.
  • Eientei's capital receives the Naos Thaumastos Alexandrou building.
Option 3: We have no business deifying him.
  • 1 Free Social Policy

Buildings and Units made available through E&D[]

Mathalx Klerouchikoi Phalangitai Icon
Klerouchikoi Phalangitai

17 Combat Strength. Available at Mathematics, and requires the Klerouchiai building which is available currently only through the "Hellenism flows through Eientei" event choice. Starts with Shock I and Pride of the Ancestors promotion, but receives a 15% penalty when attacking enemies in rough terrain, and loses the 25% combat bonus when defending in rough terrain. Can be recruited as misthophoroi if JFD's and Pouakai's Mercenaries mod is active.

Mathalx Klerouchiai Icon

+2 Happy Local Happiness. Allows the city to train the Klerouchikoi Phalangitai if the hidden Hellenism policy is chosen. Acquired through a choice in "Hellenism flows through Eientei" event.

Mathalx Naos Thaumastos Alexandrou Icon
Naos Thaumastos Alexandrou

+7 FaithIcon Faith and CultureIcon Culture. .15 Production Production per Citizen Citizen in the city. (1.05 production for every 7 citizens) Acquired through a choice in the "Deification of Megas Alexandros" Event.

Mathalx Kaguya Icon
Hourai Elixir

+10 Happy Global Happiness and 20 Food Food. Grants 1 Client Slot, and Clients generate 1 extra Food Food, Production Production, Gold Gold, and Science Science. Acquired by enacting "Manufacture Hourai Elixir" Decision or using IGE

Selene Probe[]

+6 Science Science, and grants a 25% modifier to Science Science in the city. Comes with 2 Scientist Specialist Slots, and provides 2 Great Scientist Points. Globally increase the spaceship production by 50%. Can be unlocked for construction by enacting "Initiate Lunar Probe Program" Decision.


1 Client Slot. Clients generate 2 more Science Science and produces 1 extra pseudo-GPP point, which is doubled to 2 upon entering Industrial Era and onward. Acquired through one of the choices in the "Hellenism Flows to Eientei" Event.

Unique Cultural Influence[]

"Our people are considering the Taketori Mongatari as a must-read and buying your Impossible Request themed souvenirs. I fear that the world will be engulfed by your culture."

Full Credits[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 11
Last Updated: December 15, 2016

Kaguya 2.0 Remake Beta (Google Drive)
Version: v 13
Last Updated: November 18, 2017

  • Mathetes tou Alexandrou: LUA, XML
  • Sukritact: LUA inspiration
  • JFD: LUA inspiration
  • Whoward69: UI Tutorial
  • Mikan: DOM Artwork source
  • stari: Diplomatic scene source
  • tsukimi: Leader Icon source
  • Firaxis: Default War and Peace Themes
  • Europa Barbarorum Team: Klerouchoi Phalangitai, Toxotai Syriakoi, Klerouchiai artwork
  • Team Shanghai Alice: Alternate War and Peace Themes, Intellectual Property
  • arisaka ako: Mokou vs Kaguya event picture source (included, but not implemented)
  • Danrell: Unit models
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