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The Donghak Peasant Movement led by Jeon Bongjun is a custom civilization by GPuzzle, with contributions from DarthKyofu and Alga.

This mod requires Brave New World.


Donghak Peasant Movement[]

The Donghak Peasant Revolution, also known as the Donghak Peasant Movement and a variety of other names, was an armed rebellion in Korea led by peasants and followers of the Donghak religion, a pantheistic religion viewed by many rebels as a political ideology.

In 1894, the magistrate of Gobu (in Jeolla), Jo Byeonggap, had created various oppressive laws and forced the peasants to build reservoirs and settle in unowned lands in order to get rich from taxes and fines. In March, angered peasants allied under Jeon Bongjun and Kim Gaenam, beginning the Gobu Revolt. However, the Gobu revolt was suppressed by Yi Yongtae, and Jeon Bongjun fled to Taein. In April, Jeon gathered an army in Mount Baek and recaptured Gobu. The rebels then proceeded to defeat governmental forces in Hwangto Pass and the Hwangryong River. Jeon then captured Jeonju Fortress and fought in a siege with Hong Gyehun's Joseon forces. In May, however, the rebels had signed a truce with the governmental forces, and built agencies called Jibgangso that handled affairs in rebel-controlled areas. This somewhat unsteady peace continued throughout the summer.

The frightened government asked the Qing dynasty for help, and it sent 2,700 soldiers to Korea. Japan, angered that the Qing government had not informed Japan (as promised in the Convention of Tientsin), started the First Sino-Japanese War. The war resulted in an expulsion of Chinese influence in Korea and also signaled an end for the Self-Strengthening Movement in China itself.

Growing Japanese dominance in the Korean Peninsula had caused anxiety amongst the rebels. From September to October, the Southern and Northern leaders negotiated the plans for the future in Samrye. On October 12, a coalition army of Northern and Southern Jeobs were formed, and the army, numbering 25,000~200,000 (records differ), went on to attack Gongju. After a number of battles, the rebel army was decisively defeated in the Battle of Ugeumchi, and the rebels were again defeated in the Battle of Taein. Hostility continued deep into the spring of 1895. The rebel leaders were captured in various locations in the Honam Region, and most were executed by a mass hanging in March.

Jeon Bongjun[]

In 1894, Jeon Bong Jun and other farmers pleaded with a Local magistrate of Jeolla Province to lift the heavy (and some say illegal) taxes and to return extorted property taken from people accused of unsubstantiated crimes. Jeon Bong Jun and the others were ultimately rejected. In reaction to this rejection he, along with other farmers, revolted and attacked the county office and threatened to punish corrupt officials if they did not cease all corruption.

On April 28, 1894, Jeon Bong Jun's revolution became anti-Western and anti-Japanese because of the oppressive and brutal actions of the Japanese army in punishing the Korean farmers. This revolution spread from town to county as the peasant army vowed to eradicate the entirety of the Korean ruling class and expel all Japanese and western parties. By September his peasant revolt came to a violent end as his army of farmers were decisively defeated by a well trained, better equipped Japanese military in the Battle of Ugeumchi. Jeon Bong Jun was captured and in March 1895 was put to death.

Dawn of Man[]

"The people cry out your name, Jeon Bongjun, Nokdu Janggun, Jeobju of Gobu, leader of the Donghak Peasant Revolution. As a farmer of the Jeolla province, when the local magistrate of Gobu, Jo Byeonggap refused to alleviated heavy and possibly illegal taxes and return extorted property taken from people accused of unsubstantiated crimes, along with various other corrupt activities, you and your fellow farmers agreed that the time for words was done and the time for action was here, and went into revolt. Fighting against the government of Joseon, the Empire of the Qing, and the Japanese Empire, you won numerous battles while avoiding collaterally punishing fellow peasants as much as you could. Fighting for the Donghak religion, and against corruption, cronyism and cruelty, while you managed to most of Southwest Korea, you were eventually defeated by those better equipped armies, captured, and put to death.


Art by GPuzzle & DarthKyofu

The time to rise again is now, Jeon Bongjun. Many of the principles you fought for are still not implemented, and it is only through your leadership that those who rule may once again listen. Your people call for courage, fearlessness and faith in the face of corruption and uncertainty. Can you lead your fellow Donghak against the odds once more? Can you build a civilization to stand the test of time?"

Introduction: "Hello - I hope you're here to discuss the worth of your country's common people and to show it through your actions."

Defeat: "How disgraceful. My legs may be broken but the rebellion's spirit lives on."

Unique Attributes[]

Donghak Peasant Revolution (Jeon Bongjun)

Art by GPuzzle & DarthKyofu

Blade of a Thousand Dragons

Great Prophets may write Political Treatises and spawn melee or gun units upon being expended. Retain a part of your CultureIcon Culture upon adopting a Social Policy based on your FaithIcon Faith Per Turn, up to 40%.


Art by Alga & DarthKyofu

Hajeob (Pikeman)
  • While training a Hajeob, FaithIcon Faith is added to Production Production.
  • Does not obsolete until Great War Infantry.

Art by DarthKyofu

Jibgangso (Constabulary)
  • Yields FaithIcon Faith for each adopted Social Policy.
City List
  1. Jeonju
  2. Gobu
  3. Unbong
  4. Namwon
  5. Naju
  6. Yecheon
  7. Yeosu
  8. Mujang
  9. Yeosan
  10. Samrye
  11. Jangheung
  12. Gwangyang
  13. Jindo
  14. Jinju
  15. Ugeumchi
  16. Jonggok
  17. Daejeon
  18. Goesan
  19. Okcheon
  20. Hoenggang
Spy List
  • Kim
  • Park
  • Han
  • Na
  • Kong
  • Yu
  • Ahn
  • Na
  • Da
  • Eun


Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Full Credits List[]

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Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 5 January 2021


  • GPuzzle: Creator, SQL, Lua, Text, Design, Art
  • DarthKyofu: Art
  • Alga: Art
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