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Denmark led by Frederick VII is a custom civilization mod by DMS, with contributions from DarthKyofu and Senshi.

This mod requires Brave New World.



Nestled among the Nordic countries of Northern Europe, the Kingdom of Denmark encompasses the country of Denmark proper, Greenland and the Faroe Islands. Former colonies were Christiansborg, Ada and Keta in the 18th to early 19th century on the gold coast of Africa also another former colony was the Virgin Islands till the year 1917 after that they were sold to the United States and United Kingdom countries. The oldest kingdoms in the world, early records of Denmark's history can be traced back to the 6th and 7th centuries AD, when the Danes were still a tribal people scattered across the region. Eventually united under the rule of King Harald Bluetooth, many Danes would also settle inEngland and Ireland during the invasions of the Viking Age. From these early tales of Viking exploration and conquest, to the modern nation of Denmark we know today, the Danish people have been at the forefront of global events for centuries.

Frederick VII[]

Frederick VII was King of Denmark from 1848 to 1863. He was the last Danish monarch of the older Royal branch of the House of Oldenburg and also the last king of Denmark to rule as an absolute monarch. During his reign, he signed a constitution that established a Danish parliament and made the country a constitutional monarchy. Frederick's motto was Folkets Kærlighed, min Styrke (Danish for the People's Love, my Strength.).

Frederick, who was the last king of the older branch of the Oldenburg dynasty, had a rather neglected childhood after the divorce of his parents. His youth was marked by private scandals and for many years he appeared as the problem child of the royal family. When he succeeded to the throne in January 1848, he was almost at once met by the demands for a constitution. The Schleswig-Holsteiners wanted an independent state while the Danes wished to maintain South Jutland as a Danish area. The king soon yielded to the Danish demands, and in March he accepted the end of absolutism, which resulted in the June Constitution of 1849. During the First War of Schleswig against the German powers in 1848–51, Frederick appeared as ”the national leader” and was regarded almost as a war hero, despite having never taken any active part in the struggles.

During his reign, Frederick on the whole behaved as a constitutional monarch. He did not, however, quite give up interfering in politics. In 1854, he contributed to the fall of the strongly conservative Ørsted cabinet, and in 1859–60, he accepted a liberal government appointed on the initiative of his wife. During the crisis in the Duchies in 1862–63, shortly before his death, he spoke openly for an inter-Scandinavian military co-operation. Those minor crises created frictions and maintained some permanent insecurity, but did not damage his general popularity. In some of these affairs, he overstepped the mark beyond any doubt; on the other hand, the first Danish constitution was somewhat vague as regards to the limits of royal power.

Frederick's rule also witnessed the heyday of the National Liberal Party, which was in office from 1854. This period was marked by some political and economic reforms, such as the beginning of the demolition of the walls around Copenhagen and, in 1857, the introduction of free trade. The constant quarrels with the opposition regarding the Schleswig-Holstein Question and German demands that Denmark not try to unite with Schleswig (South Jutland) led to some changes to the constitution in order to fit the foreign political situation, which created frustration in Denmark. The National Liberals therefore at last favored a more resistant course against the Germans, which led to the Second War of Schleswig in 1864. The king wholeheartedly supported this course and just before his sudden death he was prepared to sign a new special constitution for Denmark and Schleswig (the so-called November Constitution).

Frederick VII managed to make himself one of the most beloved Danish kings of recent times. This was probably due partially to his relinquishment of absolutism and partially to his personality. In spite of many weaknesses documented by his contemporaries — drinking, eccentric behavior, etc. — he also possessed something of a gift as an actor. He could be both folksy and genuinely hearty, able to appear as a ”simple, yet dignified monarch”. During his many travels throughout Denmark, he cultivated contacts with ordinary subjects. He was also a keen antiquarian and according to the later Danish archaeologist P.V. Glob, it was "he, more than anyone else, [who] helped to arouse the wide interest in Danish antiquities".

Dawn of Man[]

Honoured King of Denmark, Frederick VII, you guide your people towards a bright future in the modern world. Your rule saw the end of absolute monarchy, but far from it the end of the Danish Royal. While your youth was marked by private scandals, as well as your first two marriages which ended in divorce, once you succeeded to the throne, you granted your people the first Danish Parliament, transforming the nation into a constitutional monarchy. During the First War of Schleswig against the German powers to the south, you appeared as a national leader and was celebrated throughout the lands. This, as well as your personal interest in Danish antiquities, your folksy and genuine fashion and gifts as an actor, no doubt, managed to make you one of the most beloved Danish Kings of recent times.


Leaderscreen by DMS

Great King, Frederick of the House of Oldenburg, the Danish people needs guidance. Once more, the wish to silence their enemies and live in peace and tranquility. Can their love, once more be your strength? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?

Introduction: "Happy to meet you, friend. I am Frederick 7, King of Denmark, loved by my people and ever ready to go digging for lost artifacts.. or - if you prefer - go get drunk!"

Defeat: " "I have failed my country, it's people, their love. Seems like a good time to go get drunk!"

Unique Attributes[]

Denmark (Frederick VII)

Art by DMS

The People's Love, My Strength

Receive Goldenage Golden Age Points whenever an Ancient Ruin is explored or an Archaeological Dig is constructed. During Golden Ages, Cities receive +50% Production Production towards Specialist Buildings.


Art by DMS

Panserfregat (Ironclad)
  • Cheaper and weaker than the Ironclad, but available earlier.
  • Yields +2 CultureIcon Culture whenever it starts its turn in owned territory.
  • Upgrading Units to the Panserfregat provides Goldenage Golden Age Points.

Art by DMS

Advisory Stænderforsamling (Bank)
  • Requires Market.
  • +2 and +25% Gold Gold.
  • 1 Merchant Specialist slot.
  • In Cities other than the Capital, Specialists increase CultureIcon Culture output by 5% each, and in the Capital, +1 Goldenage Golden Age Point per turn.
City List
  1. Copenhagen
  2. Aarhus
  3. Kaupang
  4. Ribe
  5. Viborg
  6. Tunsberg
  7. Roskilde
  8. Hedeby
  9. Oslo
  10. Jelling
  11. Truso
  12. Bergen
  13. Faeroerne
  14. Reykjavik
  15. Trondheim
  16. Godthåb
  17. Helluland
  18. Lillehammer
  19. Markland
  20. Elsinore
  21. Sarpsborg
  22. Odense
  23. Aalborg
  24. Stavanger
  25. Vorbasse
  26. Schleswig
  27. Kristiansand
  28. Halogaland
  29. Randers
  30. Fredrikstad
  31. Kolding
  32. Horsens
  33. Tromsoe
  34. Vejle
  35. Køge
  36. Sandnes
  37. Holstebro
  38. Slagelse
  39. Drammen
  40. Hillerød
  41. Sønderborg
  42. Skien
  43. Svendborg
  44. Holbæk
  45. Hjørring
  46. Fladstrand
  47. Haderslev
  48. Ringsted
  49. Skive
Spy List
  • Jørgen
  • Mette
  • Henrik
  • Niels
  • Helle
  • Frederik
  • Ida
  • Thea
  • Freja
  • Morten



Peace Theme War Theme

0221 - 1864 Soundtrack (Marco Beltrami)


H.C.LUMBYE - Kong Frederik VII's Honnørmarch

"Main Theme", from the soundtrack of 1864, by Marco Beltrami "Kong Frederik VII's Honnørmarch", by Hans Christian Lumbye, performed by Tivolis Symfoniorkester

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Full Credits List[]

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Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 16 June 2020


  • DMS: Code, Research, Text, Design, Mod Support, Art
  • DarthKyofu: Art (Civ Icon)
  • Senshi: Art (Map)

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