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A mod by SonofGreatKoya, kul, and Troller0001

The Demak Sultanate was a Javanese Muslim state located on Java's north coast in Indonesia, at the site of the present day city of Demak. A port fief to the Majapahit kingdom thought to have been founded in the last quarter of the 15th century, it was influenced by Islam brought by Muslim traders from China, Gujarat, Arabia and also from Islamic kingdoms in the region, such as Samudra Pasai and Champa. The sultanate was the first Muslim state in Java, and once dominated most of the northern coast of Java and southern Sumatra.  Despite its short period, the sultanate played an important role in the establishment of Islam in Indonesia, especially on Java and neighboring area. ~Wikipedia 


Unique Ability: Dawnbringer of the Islamic Era:[]

Double Tourism bonus from a Shared Religion. +2 Faith for every expended Wali, to which +1 Tourism is added after having reached the Renaissance Era. Gain +3 Faith and +2 Tourism for every expended Great Prophet. 

Unique Unit: Wali:[]

Unlike the Missionary which it replaces, a Wali that is stationed in a City also increases the Religious Pressure emanating from that city by 25%.  There are two types of Walis: The Cultural Abangan and the Faith-boosting Putihan. An Abangan-Wali provides +5% Culture when stationed within a city and grants a small burst of Culture (that scales with Era and GameSpeed) whenever it spreads its religion.  A Putihan-Wali may spread its religion a 3rd time and increases Religious Pressure by another 10% when stationed within a city.  Walis have custom names, like Great People. 

Unique Building: Pesantren:[]

+1 Science and +1 Faith for every 3 Citizens, which is doubled when a Wali is stationed within the City. Religious Pressure emanating from this city is increased by 15%. Contains 1 Great Writer Slot (3 Culture and 3 GPP per specialist) 

Mod Support[]

  • Historical Religions (Preferred Religion: Sunni Islam)

Mod Compatibility[]

  • Compatible with the CP if the Demak CP compatibility files are downloaded and enabled as well.
  • Compatible with DLL mods since this mod does not use a DLL mod
  • Incombatible with other mods that modify/replace ProductionPopup.lua. (This file may be deleted from this mod at the loss of UI)

Known Bugs[]

  • The Unique Wali Names reset upon game reload. 
  • When an Abangan-Wali that has more than one Religion Spread left spreads its religion prior to pressing 'Next Turn' and when reloading the game, then the bonus culture will not be granted.