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The Composite Bowman is an Archery unit available in the Classical Era.


Widely considered the most sophisticated of all bow designs, the composite bow differs from other traditional models in that they are constructed of layered strips of bone, horn, or other materials glued together to form an extremely strong and powerful bow. The composite bow is thought to have originated with the tribal nomads of Asia sometime in the first or second millennium BC.


The Composite Bowman is armed with an improved model bow, and thus much more powerful than the Archer. It can deal significant damage to other units throughout the Classical and early Medieval Eras, after which developments in armor make him obsolete. Put Composite Bowmen in your city for defense, and guard them with melee units when on the move - they're vulnerable to melee attacks.

Unique Unit Replacements[]

Icon Unit Civilization Abilities
Agaw Archer Semien (Gudit)
  • -27% Strength Ranged Strength (8 vs 11)
  • +1 Range (3 vs 2)
  • Upon attacking an enemy unit, automatically pillages that unit's tile and heals 15 HP
Chulte'ninn The Chukchi (Lawtiliwadlin)
  • Doubled defensive bonus from Rough Terrain
  • Earns additional experience whenever an adjacent enemy unit dies, even if the Chulte'nnin was not involved
  • Heals instantly upon earning a Promotion
Cung Thu Vietnam (Le Loi)
  • May Moves Move after attacking
  • Has a chance for an additional attack after the first one.
Falarica Thrower Lusitanians (Viriathus)
  • +25% Strength Combat Strength Vs. Siege Units.
  • May Moves Move after attacking.
IconPNG Forbidden
Flag forbiddenguard
Forbidden Guard
Tang (Taizong)
  • When garrisoned in an Occupied or Puppeted city, increases Food Growth in that city by 10%
Kainulainen Huntress The Finns (Kirmukarmu)
  • May attack twice if on a coastal hill.
  • Requires Iron Iron to train, but can be trained if hills are around the city during a Goldenage Golden Age.
  • Attacking Greatperson Great People and naval units will damage the city from which they have been trained.
Khamis Saba (Karib'il Watar)
  • +33% Strength Defense when starting their turn along a Traderoute Trade Route.
  • Starts with additional XP per Citizen Citizen in the City when trained.
Kian-seren The Selk'nam (Seriot)
  • -3 War Hitpoints
  • +1 Sight on Forest Tiles.
  • Unlocked at Trapping.
  • May be expended in cities with a Kawi to generate a Klóketen, which can be expended to change the current Howenh [1] in the city.
Kpinga Azande (Gbudwe)
  • Higher Defensive Strength (10 Strength vs 7)
  • -1 Range.
  • Moves at double speed through Forest and Jungle.
  • May move after attacking.
Japan (Jimmu)
  • Begins with more starting XP based on the city's Faith.
  • Begins with more starting Combat Strength based on the city's Culture.
  • Begins with more starting Movement based on the city's Local Happiness.
  • Unlocks at Philosophy.
Lada:kwe The Pueblo (Po'pay)
  • May move immediately after purchase.
  • +10% Strength Combat Strength against Wounded units, scaling for each Religious building present in its home city (Up to +60%).
Unitflag matatoa
Rapa Nui (Hotu Matua)
  • +1 Sight and Range
  • Can collect Manu Tara Eggs
Ostrogoth UU
TCM OstrogothsMillenariusUnitFlag 32
Ostrogoths (Theoderic)
  • Gradually turns the value of its XP into Gold Gold when garrisoned
  • Gains XP upon repairing a pillaged tile.
Unitflag peltast
The Thracians (Sitalces)
  • +15% Strength Combat bonus when adjacent to an enemy
  • May move after attacking
Mali (Mansa Musa) (LastSword)
  • Heals 50HP after killing an enemy.
IconPNG Smsw
Flag smsw
Egypt (Senusret III)
  • +25% strength against Scouts and Mounted units
  • Has +1 Range when beginning its turn on a Fort or Citadel
DMS Ithica Penelope Toxotai
Toxotai Ithaca (Penelope)
  • Strength is greatly increeased when having a friendly Great Person nearby.
  • Longer range when near an enemy Great Person.
Unitflag tupiunit
The Tupi (Cunhambebe)
  • May indirect fire
  • Adds 2 turns to a We Love the King Day upon kill while garrisoned
  • -1 Strength Combat Strength
  1. Howenh:
    • North: Chalu: Religion Religious units trained in the city can be expended in enemy territory to create fog for them.
    • North-West: Josh: Units trained or purchased in this City have +1 Moves Movement adjacent to Ice.
    • West: Halahaches: Units trained or purchased in the city have +15% Strength combat strength against cities.
    • South-West: Shoort: Melee Units trained or purchased in the city recieve Shock I and +10% Strength strength if in a Goldenage Golden Age.
    • South: Kreek: Units adjacent to each other gain twice as much XP from kills.
    • South-East: Xalpen: Gain CultureIcon Culture from number of Religion Religious units trained in this City when a new Religion Religious unit is trained in this City.
    • East: Krren: Units trained or purchased in the city have additional sight based on the number of Greatperson Great People expended in the city.
    • North-East: Shenu: -1 Moves Movement for enemy units in city borders, +2 Moves Movement for friendly units in city borders.
    • Centre: Kulan: Gain FaithIcon faith from expending Greatperson great people in this city.
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