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Production Cost 100
Maintenance 1
Unlocked at Construction

The Colosseum is a building available in the Classical Era.

Game Info[]

  • +2 Happy Happiness


A colosseum is an outdoor venue where the public can watch sports events. Depending upon the time and place, the events might be gladiatorial contests, American football games, or soccer matches. Of the three contests mentioned, the gladiatorial battles were perhaps the hardest on the players involved, the soccer matches (occasionally) just about as dangerous for the participants.

Unique Building Replacements[]


Icon Building Civilization Yields
Ballcourt The Olmec (Tu)
  • +1 CultureIcon Culture, FaithIcon Faith, and Tourism Tourism
  • +1 Maintenance cost (total 2)
Batey The Taino (Agueybana II)
  • +2 FaithIcon Faith
  • +1 CultureIcon Culture for every 5 Citizens
Brewery The Philistines (Abimelech)
  • No maintenance
  • +1 FaithIcon Faith and +1 Gold Gold from Wine and Wheat
Mariba Imagawa (Imagawa Yoshimoto)
  • +1 CultureIcon Culture.
  • When a Great Person is stationed in this City, generates 2 Influence Influence per turn with Citystate City-States of that Great Person's type.[1]
Pillar of Ashoka Maurya (Ashoka) (LastSword)
  • +3 Happy Happiness
  • Happy Local Happiness from its city is not limited by Citizen Population
Prasat The Khmer (Jayavarman VII)
  • +2 FaithIcon Faith
  • +10% CultureIcon Culture in cities with a World Wonder
Stickball Field The Chickasaw (Chiksa')
  • Provides +15 XP to land Units if this city follows your main religion
Sweat Lodge The Niitsitapi (Running Eagle)
  • No maintenance cost
  • Half of Greatperson Great General points generated in the last turn are added as XP (up to 30) for newly trained land units.
Toor The Jagera (Multuggerah)
  • +1 additional Happy Happiness while constructing Military Units in this city.
  • If a Toor is built in all cities, the Strength Strength of all Defensive buildings is increased by +15%.
  • If a Toor is built in all cities, +10% SovereigntyIcon Sovereignty. (With JFD's Sovereignty)


Icon Building Civilization Yields
Bliss Silo Eden's Gate (Joseph Seed)
  • When constructed, spawns a source of the unique FontIcon SasBliss Bliss bonus resource near the city.
  • FontIcon SasBliss Bliss yields FaithIcon Faith when worked and may convert foreign units which end their turn on it. This effect may only trigger when the Bliss is improved with a Plantation, is not pillaged, and is in Eden's Gate territory.
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  1. Great Writer, Great Artist, Great Musician: Cultured; Great Scientist, Great Admiral: Maritime; Great General: Militaristic; Great Merchant, Great Engineer: Mercantile; Great Prophet: Religious