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Colonialist Legacies is a modding project originally started by TPangolin and Neirai which primarily focuses on producing civilizations with some relation to the common theme of colonization, including both pre and post-colonial examples. Since its foundation, it has grown to include contributions from several individuals. The first release under the Colonialist Legacies banner was the Australian civilization, released in January 2014, which featured Sir Henry Parkes as a leader.


Civilization Ability Unique Component 1 Unique Component 2
Australia (Henry Parkes)
Boundless Plains to Share

Settlers found Puppeted cities that generate +1 Tourism. +1 Tourism for each outgoing Naval Trade Route. Cities that generate +2 Tourism or more expand Cultural Borders twice as fast. 

Digger (Great War Infantry)

+15% Combat Strength on land adjacent to Coast. +15% Combat Strength in Foreign Lands. Cover I. This unit may be upgraded from Workers and upgrades to Mechanized Infantry, and does not obsolete at Plastics.

Prime Minister (Great Writer)

Provides political quotes as Great Works of Writing, and when it is acquired, all non-puppeted coastal cities receive +1 Tourism per owned land tile outside workable limits. 

Canada (Lester B. Pearson)
Keepers of the Peace

Mounted Units can temporarily claim neutral land and generate +2 Happiness if garrisoned. Upon declaring friendship, Canada and their friend gain +1 Delegate to the World Congress.

Voyageur (Great Merchant)

Can create Fur resources. They can also work as Caravans. If you have reached your maximum number of Trade Routes, the Voyageur will allow you to exceed it. Cannot conduct trade missions or build Customs Houses.

Garrison Artillery (Cannon)

Can build Forts and Repair Improvements. Receives defensive terrain bonuses. Deals double damage inside a Fort or Citadel ("On Guard For Thee!"). No +200% Combat Strength vs. Cities.

Mexico (Benito Juárez)
Valiants of Chapultepec

Walls generate points towards Great Artists in the Capital and gain a free Great Work of Art slot. When this slot is filled, trained units in the city start with in additional +15 XP. Walls generate Great Artist points faster after adopting an Ideology.

Rurales (Rifleman)

When garrisoned, the Rurales generate +3 Culture and earn +15% combat strength. The combat bonus stays with upgrades.


 Requires Guilds. Haciendas do not yield any benefits unless built directly adjacent to a city. They provide +2 Culture. Upon the discovery of Economics +1 Food/ Faith/ Production is added to the tile and another +1 of that random yield is added after Rifling is discovered.

Philippines (Jose Rizal)
Pearl of the Orient

Upon signing Open Borders, both civilizations receive a Cargo Ship. Foreign units within your borders provide Culture.

Katipunero (Rifleman)

+1 movement point when within friendly territory. +25% attack bonus after adopting an Ideology. Abilities stay on upgrade.

Coral Church (Harbor)

+2 Faith and +5% Food growth bonus for each sea resource worked by the city.

Vietnam (Trung Sisters)
The Ascending Dragon

Defensive structures within a city increases the spawn rate of Great Writers, Artists and Musicians. Receive +5% Culture and +5% Food in each city for each Social Policy adopted in the Honor Tree.

Viet Cong (Infantry)

Gains Invisibility and Double  Movement in Forests and Jungles. However, it also has a combat penalty in open terrain and cannot capture Cities.

Water Puppet Theater (Amphitheater)

Has one slot for a Great Work of Writing. More expensive than the Amphitheater that it replaces, as well as providing +1 Culture. Great Works contained within a city's Water Puppet Theater increases a city's Defensive Strength by 5.

Boers (Paul Kruger)
The Great Trek

+1 Movement for Workers, Settlers, and Great People, and Settlers may withdraw when attacked by a Melee unit . +25% Defense to any unit stationed on a Farm.

Commando (Gatling Gun)

+1 Movement, may move after attacking. Unlocked at Rifling and upgrades into Great War Infantry. -11% Production cost. -2 Combat Strength. -2 Ranged Strength.

Staatsmuseum (Museum)

Provides +2% Food Growth for every 2 Tourism produced by this city, to a maximum of 20%. Gives Golden Age points for every Farm worked by the city. Unlocked at Industrialization.

Blackfoot (Crowfoot)
Counting Coup

Your combat units gain experience whenever they begin a turn next to a hostile non-Barbarian unit, or on a tile containing Bison. All units that begin their turns on Bison in Blackfoot lands receive attrition damage.

Nato-oh Siskoom (Shrine)

Requires no maintenance and is available earlier. Building the Nato-oh Siskoom near fresh water, especially river mouths, will give a burst of Faith.  

Buffalo Pound (Water Mill)

Requires Plains instead of a River and gives +1 Food and +1 Production to sources of Bison worked by the city. Reveals a nearby source of Bison. No base Yields. -1 Maintenance cost.

Dene (Thanadelthur)
Soul of the Tundra

Shrines and Temples contain slots for Great Works of Music, and if built in the Capital or in a city working Tundra will provide additional Faith when filled. Holy Sites built in Tundra provide +1 Tourism.

Sacred Drummer (Great Prophet)

Ignores terrain penalties. When the Sacred Drummer is born, it triggers a Prophet Dance, causing every city connected to the Capital to gain +25% Great Person Growth and +3 Happiness for 8 turns. Multiple births reset the length of a Prophet Dance.

Yellowknife Encampment 

Unlocked at Mining. Can be built on Tundra and/or Metal Resources. Cannot be built adjacent to each other. Produces +1 Food, and +1 Faith. After Iron Working, adds an additional +1 Food and a source of Iron. After Metal Casting, it provides +1 Great Musician Points.

Inuit (Ekeuhnick)
Until the Ice Breaks

Gain Food from Snow, Tundra, and Ice tiles outside workable city limits. Fish adjacent to Snow, Tundra, and Ice tiles will turn into a luxury Seals resource and provides a Production boost when improved.

Unaaq (Scout)

-1 Combat Strength, but gains one-hex ranged attack (7 Ranged Strength). Double Movement on Snow and can embark before Optics. After researching Sailing, can be expended to improve sea resources.


 Unlocked at Calendar. Can only be built on Snow or Tundra, and not next to each other. +1 Food, +1 Culture. After researching Banking, provides an additional +1 Food. Snow, Ice, and Tundra tiles without forest surrounding it will be randomly claimed and gain +1 Food and +1 Production.

Cree (Poundmaker)
The Iron Confederacy

Founded Cities belong to one of six Cree Nations, based on surrounding terrain. Each Cree Nation receives unique City Names and a specific combat promotion for newly trained units.

Gunstock Warrior (Longswordsman)

Unlocked at Physics. -3 Combat Strength. +15%  Combat Strength if HP is less than 50. +25%  Combat Strength vs. Gunpowder units. Can permanently steal* Horses from a tile containing Horses, allowing the unit to mount up (identical to a Knight, plus the Gunstock Warrior's two abilities.)

Sabtuan (Caravansary)

Each trade route with a major civilization provides +1 Food and +3 XP for units trained in this city. +17%  Production Cost.

Afghanistan (Mirwais Hotak)
Graveyard of Empires

Outgoing Caravans provide Great Writer points in the Capital and if from a city adjacent to a mountain, gain increased range and extra Gold. Units next to mountains gain +25% Combat Strength.

Zamburak (Gatling Gun)

-11% Production Cost. Has 5 movement points and can move after attacking.


 Requires Mathematics. Can be built on any land tile. +1 Gold, +1 Food. Yields doubled if adjacent to a mountain. Trade routes that pass over a Kalle generate Great Writer points in the Capital.

Zapotecs (Cosijoeza)
Wonders of the Cloud Kingdom

Receive Faith from discovering Technologies. Over time, if the empire is Happy, Holy Sites built upon Hill tiles may spawn Battle Priests.

Battle Priest (Inquisitor)

When it ends its turn next to an enemy unit below 50% health, the enemy may be converted into a Barbarian.

Pecogo (Walls)

+1 Science, +1 Happiness. During Golden Ages, all worked hill tiles provide +1 Faith. 2 Maintenance.

Pridelands (Simba)
The Circle of Life

 All land combat units are replaced by Lions. Working sources of Animals provides points towards Great Musicians. Always start near sources of Animals.

Ghost of Mufasa (Great Writer)

Creates unique Great Works of Literature that yield additional Golden Age points. 

Pride Rock (Palace)

Adds Great Work of Music slots to your empire and gives you Production based on your great works.