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New Releases

  • 6 April 2020: Jarcast released The Etruscans under Tyrrhenus.
  • 6 April 2020: Homosubi released The Japan under Tokugawa Yoshimune.
  • 5 April 2020: Curlysnail released Ecuador under Juan Jose Flores.
  • 31 March 2020: JFD released Malta under Jean Valette.
  • 31 March 2020: DMS released Saba under Karib'il Watar.
  • 28 March 2020: JFD released England under Richard I.
  • 26 March 2020: DuskJockey released Lithuania under Mindaugas.
  • 25 March 2020: Homusubi released Shetland under Brusi Sigurdsson.
  • 24 March 2020: JFD released New Zealand under Keith Holyoake.
  • 24 March 2020: DMS released the Lusitanians under Viriathus.
  • 17 March 2020: DMS released the Illyrians under Teuta.

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