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The Civilization Modding Monthly, sometimes known informally as 'The Ladgazine', was a series of e-magazines written and released amongst members of the Civ modding community between 2018 and 2021. It featured articles on a variety of topics, from spotlights on released mods to general interest and thought pieces.

Released Issues[]

Issue 1 - Nov 2018

In this first issue, we take a look at some of the community's mod releases, as well as some of our fellow modders' thoughts on their on-going struggles and accomplishments in the modding world.

Issue 2 - Dec 2018

In this second issue, we look back on 2018 and its highlights, as well as on some of the overarching design decisions that go into a Civ game by the developers.

Issue 3 - Jan 2019

In this third issue, we look at some of this month's civ releases, as well as ponder what it means to choose a good Leader for your modded Civilization. We also take a brief look at some of Civ V modding's earliest days, and continue on with last issue's Reflections for 2018.

Issue 4 - Feb 2019

In this fourth issue, we look at some of the recent Civ releases, as well as consider what it means to pick the Civs and designs we do. We also take a critical lens to modding with a more academic scope; something that will run through the next several issues.

Issue 5 - Mar 2019

In this fifth issue, we consider the civs from the recently released Gathering Storm expansion for Civ VI. We also contemplate one of the oft-overlooked areas of modding - music. And we take a look at one of the modding community's most popular mods: Zimbabwe.

Issue 6 - Apr 2019

In this sixth issue, we bring in new voices to lend their insight into issues of balance when designing a civ mod. Leugi also returns to give his perspective on some of the community's best artwork. And we ask of our modders to give their thoughts and experiences with the notorious steam comments section.

Issue 7 - May 2019

In this seventh issue, we celebrate the beginning of Reiwa with an extended spotlight on the community's Japanese civs. LeeS also tells the tale of a noob and his perilous journey through modding. And Bantha Food discusses the good techniques behind map-making for Civ V.

Issue 8 - Jun 2019

In this eighth issue, we reflect upon Homusubi's extensive catalogue of Japanese civs across Civ V and Civ VI. Also, M1sf1r3 considers some of the key differences in designing the same civilizations across different games. And for this special month, several modders consider what the modding community means to them.

Issue 9 - Jul 2019

In this ninth issue, we take a special look at a few things American: starting with Uighur_Caesar's reflections on his James K. Polk mod. We also speak with Deliverator about his work on creating Wonder mods for Civ VI. And Leugi, Lime, and Enigma have worked hard to bring you their concept for a hypothetical third expansion to Civ VI.

Issue 10 - Aug 2019

In this tenth issue, we focus on the brief modding period spent focusing on Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth. We also speak with Gedemon about the woes and frustrations of being a veteran Civ VI modder. And not to be outdone by Civ VI, some of Civ V's modders present their thoughts on a hypothetical third expansion for Civ V.

Issue 11 - Sep 2019

In this eleventh issue, we take an extended and self-reflective look at some of the recent civ mods to have been released. Deliverator also embarks on his first part in a series aiming to look at the way in which the natural world is depicted in the civ series. And we speak with the modders that made the 12 Days of Africa about their experiences.

Issue 12 - Oct 2019

In this belated twelfth issue, JFD considers the design philosophy at play when it comes to designing a fallen monarch. Rawsasquatch speaks about the creative process behind designing for fictional civs. And Lime concludes his What Makes a Good Design series by reflecting upon it as a whole.

Issue 13 - Aug 2020

In this special issue, ExplosiveWatermelon talks about one of JFD's strangest civs: The Germans. Lime takes a look at one of CIVITAS' most popular creations. And Leugi reflects on the joys to be had in becoming a modder.

Issue 14 - Nov 2021

In this final issue, JFD talks about the challenges of designing the Ayutthaya. Chrisy proposes reworks for the Prora and Kremlin wonders. And SilverFoxG reviews Leugi's Monopolies++ Mod.


Chief Editor and Producer: JFD

Editor: TopHatPaladin

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