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Building Requirements Nearby source of Horses or Ivory
Production Cost 75
Maintenance 0
Unlocked at Trapping

The Circus is a building available in the Ancient Era.

Game Info[]

Building a Circus requires a source of Horses or Ivory near the city.

  • +2 Happy Happiness


A circus is a company of performers that often includes clowns, acrobats, jugglers, high-wire acts, trapeze artists, musicians, and animal trainers. Most circuses are traveling companies which move from city to city over the course of a season, while some remain in a single location year-round. In ancient Rome the circus was the name of a building where chariot racing, staged battles, jugglers, and other entertainments were held. The first Roman circus was the Circus Maximus, which at its largest could seat some 250,000 screaming citizens - roughly 25% of the city's population.

Unique Building Replacements[]

Icon Building Civilization Yields
Ashé The Crow (Joe Medicine Crow)
  • Requires no resources.
  • +20% Production Production towards land Units during a WLTKD.
  • Whenever a unit becomes a Pipe Carrier, cities with an Ashé enter a WLTKD, length determined by the number of promotions the unit has.
Bora Ring


Australia (Windradyne) Wiradjuri (Windradyne)
  • Provides the benefit of a new random Pantheon Belief each turn.
  • Does not require Horse or Ivory - instead, requires the City to follow a Pantheon or Religion.
Grape Arbor The Uyghurs (Bayanchur Khan)
  • Does not require Horses or Ivory
  • +2 Food Food
  • Available at Calendar
Hippodrome Byzantium (Justinian I)
  • +15 XP for land units.
  • Earn Gold Gold when a unit is trained (not purchased) in this city, equal to their starting experience.
  • Consumes 1 Horses Horse resource, but does not require Horse or Ivory nearby.
Hivernant Icon
Hivernant The Metis (Louis Riel)
  • No Resource Requirements
  • +2 FaithIcon Faith.
  • +1 FaithIcon Faith from Camps.
  • Defeating enemy Units nearby may reveal a source of Bison. If Bison is revealed, claims adjacent tiles.
Kente Loom The Ashanti (Osei Tutu I) (LastSword)
  • Available at Calendar
  • No terrain requirement
  • +2 Gold Gold per Tourism Influenced Civ
Kiiz Uy The Kazakhs (Ablai Khan) (DuskJockey)
  • Has no resource requirement.
  • Pasture resources claimed by this city are immediately improved.
  • Mounted units and Greatperson Great People born in this city contribute to its border expansion.
Kïiz Üy The Kazakhs (Ablai Khan) (DJSHenninger)
  • No Resource requirement
  • Provides a free Stable
  • Mounted Units receive +15% Strength Combat Strength in Open Terrain
Mead Hall Greenland (Erik Thorvaldsson)
  • Units born in cities with a Mead Hall that work Walrus gain additional Movement near Traderoute Naval Trade Route.
  • WLTKD in this city whenever a city is founded on a continent different from the Capital.
  • No requirements.
Medialuna Chile (Bernardo O'Higgins)
  • +1 CultureIcon Culture on Pastures
  • Requires 1 Horses Horse, Sheep, Cattle or Bison
Naaba Court The Mossi (Yennenga)
  • +33% Production Production cost (100 vs 75)
  • Unlocked at Horseback Riding
  • No resource requirement
  • +1 Happy Happiness per luxury resource and Horses Horses (instead of base +2 Happy Happiness)
  • +10% Production Production towards Mounted units
Ngudangu The Murrinh-Patha (Nemarluk)
  • Can be built without resource requirements in Cities with a garrisoned Great General.
  • +1 Local Happiness from each type of resource worked.
Zharques Australia Holt Surf Club
Surf Club Australia (Harold Holt)
  • Must be built in a city on the coast
  • Does not require Horses or Ivory
  • Civilian and ranged naval units built in a city with this building receive double movement on coasts.
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