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Chagos led by Louis Olivier Bancoult is a custom civilization mod by Grant, with contributions from Chrisy15 and Leugi.

This mod requires Brave New World.



Chagos was first discovered by the Maldivan Sultanates to the north, where sailors would come adrift on the tropical shores of the Great Chagos Bank, naming the land Folhavahi. In the great Age of Exploration, Portuguese seafarers named the archipelago Bassas de Chagas, a name referring to the Holy Wounds of Jesus's Crucifixion. However, the islands were economically unprofitable compared to the richer islands to the north and east, and so it remained bare for years to come. In 1771, the French Empire laid a claim to the islands, establishing cocunut oil plantations. This attracted the attention of the British, who claimed the islands in 1786, eventually taking control of them afer Napoleon's defeat in 1814. The islands remained a subject of the British Empire for well over a hundred years, absorbed into the administrative territory of Mauritius. Descendents of slaves who had worked the coconut plantations inhabited the islands peacefully, living Spartan lives on the beaches and jungles. However, in 1965 with Mauritius being granted self-government, the UK purchased the archipelago with the intent to remove the plantations, installing a United States Military Base. Between 1967 and 1973, the entire population of Chagos was forcibly moved to either the Seychells or Mauritius, often ending up to sleep in rough housing and withstand poor living conditions. This situation remained, and in 2010, the UK delcared that the Chagos Archipelago would become a marine reserve, despite unanimous statements from the Court of Arbitration that held that the move violated international law. Many former residents and descendents of residents of Chagos have challenged the UK parliament on this, demanding the right to return home to re-establish their way of life. The principal group spearheading this, the Chagos Refugee Group, is led by the campaigner Louis Oliver Bancoult, who was removed from Chagos at the age of 4.

The Chagos group is a combination of different coralline rock structures topping a submarine ridge running southwards across the centre of the Indian Ocean, formed by volcanoes above the Réunion hotspot. Unlike the Maldives, there is no clearly discernible pattern in the atoll arrangement, which makes the whole archipelago look somewhat chaotic. Most of the coralline structures of the Chagos are submerged reefs. The Chagos contain the world's largest coral atoll, The Great Chagos Bank, which supports half the total area of good quality reefs in the Indian Ocean. As a result, the ecosystems of the Chagos have so far proven resilient to climate change and environmental disruptions. The Chagos Archipelago has a tropical oceanic climate; hot and humid but moderated by trade winds. Climate is characterised by plenty of sunshine, warm temperatures, showers and light breezes. December through February is considered the rainy season (summer monsoon); typical weather conditions include light west-northwesterly winds and warmer temperatures with more rainfall. June to September is considered the drier season (winter), characterised by moderate south-easterly winds, slightly cooler temperatures and less rainfall. The annual mean rainfall is 2600 mm (100 inches), varying from 105 mm (4 inches) during August to 350 mm (14 inches) during January.

Louis Olivier Bancoult[]

Louis Olivier Bancoult was four when he left his homeland, a palm-covered island in the middle of the Indian Ocean. He was exiled with the rest of the population of the Chagos archipelago, one of Britain's last colonial outposts. Dumped 1,900km away in Mauritius, Bancoult and his compatriots were left in abject poverty, without shelter, food or jobs. Today, Olivier Bancoult is President and co-founder of the Chagos Refugees Group (CRG). Under Bancoult’s leadership, for more than thirty years the CRG has promoted the welfare, interests, and rights of the exiled Chagossian people living in Mauritius, the Seychelles, and the UK. Bancoult, a fifty-year-old electrician by training, has gained international acclaim for fighting for Chagossians’ right to return to their homeland and for leading his people to victories in three lawsuits against the British government, which controls Diego Garcia. In 2000, 2006, and 2007, the British High Court ruled that the removal of Bancoult’s people from their homeland was illegal; however, the victories were overturned in 2008 by a 3-2 decision in the House of Lords.

Undeterred, Bancoult has continued to lead the Chagossians’ legal and political struggle to return to their homeland and gain proper reparations for their expulsion. Bancoult has represented the Chagossians in London and Washington, DC, at the United Nations and the Vatican, and at numerous international forums in Europe, Africa, and Asia. With a newly published British government study finding no legal barriers to a return and the renewal of US/UK negotiations over the Diego Garcia base agreement, Bancoult visited the United States in 2015, to call on the Obama Administration and United Nations delegations to support Chagossians’ right to return, resettlement assistance, and justice for the Chagossians, and has challenged the UK Parliament as recently as December 2016, in 2019, 2020 and 2021 on their right to return.

Dawn of Man[]

Welcome, Louis Olivier Bancoult, hero of the Chagossian People! At the age of four years old, you were swept from your idyllic home, forced into a life of poverty and desparation on the British colony of Mauritius. Despite the tremendous odds, you triumphed, finding a life in the United Kingdom for you and your people. You founded the Chagos Refugees Group, spearheading a campaign to achieve sovereignity for the people of the Chagos Islands. Your tireless efforts have brought many achievements, bringing your people to the precipice of victory.


Leaderscreen by Grant

Esteemed leader, your people look to you to challenge the unshakeable courts, to return to them their way life which was so cruelly taken from them. Can you achieve the goal of independence? Can you build a civilization that can stand the test of time?

Introduction: "Bonzur, and welcome to Chagos. My people have fought hard to establish their right to call this home. Do you accept this, or seek to take it away from us?"

Defeat: "Your weapons may have defeated us, but the soul of the ilois remains unbreakable. Our people do not give in so easily."

Unique Attributes[]

Chagos (Louis Olivier Bancoult)

Art by Grant

Motherland of the Ilois

Atolls and Sea Resources provide CultureIcon Culture based on the number of Greatwork Great Works in your empire. Expending cultural Greatperson Great People removes all naval units within the limits of coastal cities with Greatwork Great Works.

Segatye SMALL

Art by Grant

Segatye (Great Musician)
  • Claims Atolls and Crab Resources it moves into while embarked during a Goldenage Golden Age.
  • Has Custom Great Works.

Art by Grant

Kalu Brewery (Garden)
  • +1 Food Food on Atolls.
  • +5 Goldenage Golden Age Points per embarked civilian unit within the city radius.
  • Units on Plantations within the city radius heal twice as fast.
City List
  1. Diego Garcia
  2. Boddam
  3. Takamaka
  4. Grande Soeur
  5. Anglaise
  6. Yeye
  7. Fouquet
  8. Poule
  9. Mapou
  10. Bois Mangue
  11. Sepulture
  12. Pierre
  13. Jacobin
  14. Diable
  15. Tattamucca
  16. Minni Minni
  17. Carre Pate
  18. Sipaille
  19. Lubine
  20. Vache Marine
  21. Coquillage
  22. La Passe
  23. Aigle
  24. Barachois Maurice
  25. Barachois la Paille Sec
  26. Monpatre
  27. Gabrielle
  28. Horsburgh
  29. Parasol
  30. Manoel
  31. Anse David
  32. Finon
  33. Legour
  34. Manon
  35. La Morte Femme
  36. Barachois Sylvain
  37. Saint-Brandon
  38. Pointe Leconte
  39. Pointe Trois Brisant
  40. Pointe d'Eclipse
Spy List
  • Jaffar
  • Ton Vié
  • Samson
  • Leonide
  • Charlesia
  • Alexandrine
  • Lisette
  • Aurelie
  • Allen
  • Mimose



Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop Downloader
Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 7
Last Updated: 15 Jul 2021
  • Grant: SQL, Text, Art, Mod Support, lua
  • Chrisy15 : Lua Help
  • Leugi: Template for making Custom Great Works
  • Claude Lafoudre: Music
  • JMC Sega: Music
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